Nakchadi Ch 4 (SwaRagini)


“One” said Ragini. “Maa” screamed Ranjit from his room. “Two” said Ragini chuckling. “Maa” screamed Ravi. “And three” said Ragini and Nikit screamed “Maa” Ragini started dancing and jumping over her bed. “Kya hua?” said Supriya coming out of kitchen. “Don’t know jiji” said Simi confused. “What happened?” asked Rajesh coming to hall and standing beside them. They just brushed their shoulders confused. They looked forward and found Ravi, Ranjit and Nikit drenched in water and were walking like zombies and wiped their eyes lashes which were dipping water. Supriya, Simi and Rajesh burst out laughing looking at them and they glared them. Swara stood beside Ranjit lowering her head pouting. “You helped her na chipkali” said Ravi annoyed looking at Swara. Swara pouted sad and said “Do I have any option?” “Naku ki bachi” screamed Ravi. “Kya hai bandar” said Ragini coming out of her room like nothing happened. She looked at all three of them and burst out laughing holding her stomach. All three of them glared her. “My target was so precise I did not know” said she controlling her laugh. “Matlab. You did this” said Supriya glaring Ragini. “Who do you think is naughtier than her in this house” said Simi hitting her head playfully. Ragini hugged her and drooled happy. “Gudiya” said Rajesh a bit strict. “You know na chachu If I don’t take revenge I cannot sleep peacefully” said Ragini making puppy eyes. “Then fine” said Rajesh smiling. Ragini hugged him and he patted her head smiling. “Haaw” said Ravi Ranjit and Nikit opening their mouth shocked. “Excuse me we are victims not she” said Ravi. “Abbey Nalayako go have bath don’t argue” said Rajesh warning them. “This is not fair dad” said Nikit stamping his foot. “Abbey fair ke bache. Go take bath. One more word lal peela bana dunga” said Rajesh glaring Nikit. All three of them headed in pouting and lowering their heads. Ragini always had the advantage as she was the first and only girl child from last 3 generations in their family. She was pampered by everyone. And as a result she had become so naughty. And for Rajesh she was his world. She never saw her dad as he left them to pursue his career to foreign and never returned as he formed his own family there. Rajesh brought her up as his own kid. Not only her but also Ranjit. But Ragini always had a special place in his life. Ragini never asked her mom about her dad as she never felt him necessary in her life as Rajesh filled that place so nicely. She did not needed anyone in his place. Supriya forgot her pain in Rajesh and Simi’s support. Ravi and Nikit were no different than Ragini and Ranjit for her. All the kids were equal for Simi Rajesh and Supriya. But Ragini was everyone’s soul. Swara was Supriya’s brother’s daughter who left the world in accident along with his wife leaving behind little Swara. Swara stayed with her dadi until her death few months back which left her all alone and Supriya arranged Ranjit and Swara’s marriage as per the promise she gave to her brother. Swara was young enough to handle the household responsibilities so they just treated her like Ragini. And Swara and Ragini were childhood best buddies more than cousins. Swara was her partner in her pranks. More than partner it could be said that Ragini threatened Swara to be her partner.

“Who kept it here?” asked Ranjit looking at his laptop which was on his side table as he came out of washroom after taking bath. “Ladoo” said Swara and handed him the dress. “But chachu told her to use it na” said Ranjith. “She doesn’t need all this you know na. She just needs her revenge. She took the revenge na so she returned it” said Swara and headed out. “Pagal” said Ranjit smiling and turned to get ready. Though she tortured them like Yamraj Ravi, Ranjit and Nikit could not live without her. Specially Ravi. He had spent maximum time of his life with her as in school also they were in same class. Ravi was just 15 days elder to her and Ranjit was 7 years old when she was born. Nikit was youngest. As Ragini was in Commerce section and Ravi in Science section and Ragini was not there to help him with studies he repeated every year in college. Though Ragini was bright student she chose commerce section as she was career oriented. She did not wanted to depend on a male for her life like her mom. Getting a job in Khanna Group of Industries was her dream. Swara continued her Masters after marriage as she wanted to be a lecturer and Ranjit gave her full freedom to pursue her dreams. He did not wanted any girl in fact to kill her dreams for someone else as his mom did for their dad and got nothing in return.
“She did not come today also” said Rajbeer under his breath hitting the steering wheel. “What happened?” asked Suni placing her hand on his shoulder. “Nothing maa” said Rajbeer trying to smile. But Suni could sense something wrong. Surprisingly he was waking up early from past week and insisted that he will accompany her to Mandir shocking Sanjay who could not believe his luck. Rajbeer himself was surprised with his behavior. He never even thought in his wildest dreams that he will be so desperate to meet a girl whose only voice he had heard. That magical voice was not letting him to live peacefully. He badly needed to see her.
“Arrey wah for one complete week your Nalayak son got up early and also accompanied you to Mandir not bad” said Sanjay to Suni who was fixing his tie. Suni glared him and hit him on his chest playfully. “If he woke up also problem and if he doesn’t wake up also problem for you. Seriously he says right making you happy is next to impossible” said Suni nodding her head. “Common Suni you know he never behaved this way and you want me to believe him so easily?” asked Sanjay. “I’m worried for him Sanjay. He is behaving so weird from past week.” said Suni worried. “All thanks to Miss Gadodia” said Sanjay smiling. “Who?” asked Suni confused. “Arrey his new secretary. I’m so glad he got equal competitor this time. She is just awesome” said Sanjay smiling. Suni was surprised as she never had witnessed Sanjay appreciating a female employee. Because he always had a belief that female employees can’t be as efficient as male employees but as it was impossible to get male candidates for certain posts he had appointed female employees in his industry unwillingly. She wondered who was that woman who changed her husband’s perception of so many years. “Sanjay she must be very special, I’m seeing you appreciating a female employee for the first time” said Suni. “She is just the best Suni. She just changed my assumptions about females really. I will tell you” said Sanjay and started narrating one of the incident in office.

“Raj. Get the client details I told you to prepare yesterday” said Sanjay to Rajbeer as soon as he entered office. Rajbeer bit his tongue as he forgot about it completely. “Don’t tell me you forgot” said Sanjay folding his hands. “Actually wo dad” said Rajbeer trying to explain. “You are impossible Rajbeer. It was such small work and very important one. You know because of you how much loss we will incur now?” screamed Sanjay. “Excuse me sir” said Ragini interrupting him. Sanjay turned and looked at her. “Sir just give me half an hour I will prepare the details and give” said Ragini. “Okay I have no other option also. The client will be here in an hour. Something is better than nothing” said Sanjay glaring Rajbeer and headed to his cabin. Ragini looked at Rajbeer and turned. Raj held her hand and turned her angry and dragged her close to him. “Oye Nakchadi why are you trying to impress my dad. Remember I’m his son and you are nobody. If I want I can throw you out within seconds. Don’t try to act over smart” said Rajbeer looking in her eyes straight. Ragini smirked and said “I really wonder how can a Nalayak like you can be born to such great father. Yup you are right you are his son just his son who is dependent on him and has no identity of his own. And don’t worry about me. If you throw me out of this job also I have confidence to find some other job for my survival. Do you have confidence that you can survive without your Dad’s shadow Mr.?” Rajbeer’s grip loosened on her hand and she jerked his hand and walked to her desk. Sanjay who had come to Rajbeer’s cabin to give the client file witnessed it and was impressed with Ragini.

“Thank you Ms. Gadodia because of you only this deal got finalized” said Sanjay after the client meeting. Rajbeer got annoyed. She was like competitor for him. Her attitude was a challenge for him. He somehow wanted to break her confidence and he started taking things bit serious.

“Woow really impressive. I must say you got a gem this time” said Suni brushing his blazer. “Yup she is one” said Sanjay hugging Suni from side. “Did you meet that Bhajan song girl?” asked Sanjay. “No Sanjay. She did not come after that day only. And I feel Raj is restless to meet her. I somewhere feel that girl is meant for my son.” said Suni.

“Ladoo aaram se” said Rajesh concerned patting Ragini’s head when she choked. Swara made her drink water and she cooled down.

“Oh please Suni please think about that girl also why do you want to spoil that girl’s life by tying her to your son. Good for her if she doesn’t come at all. I feel she is very fragile” said Sanjay adjusting his hair and headed out. “I don’t know Sanjay she has some magic in her voice which drags our son to her. He might think he can hide it from me but I can sense his restlessness and changed behavior from the day he has heard her voice. I just wish she comes in my son’s life. I don’t know I feel she only can handle my son. And I will try all my luck to make her my bahu” said Suni smiling

“Isko aajkal ho kya gaya hai?” said Supriya rubbing Ragini’s back when she choked again. “She keeps troubling so many people. Gali ke kuthe se le ke Mandir ke pujari tak. Someone might be cursing” said Ravi biting the apple. Ragini threw the spoon at him while she was drinking water and glared him.

“Maa” screamed Raj bringing Suni out of her trance. She nodded her head and headed out. “Eat” said Suni forwarding the first byte to Raj. He smiled and had it and continued eating. “Really beta in this matter our Rajbeer is gem. He never eats breakfast unless Suni feeds him first byte” said Daadji caressing Raj’s hair. “Ha only in eating matter he is a gem” said Sanjay drinking the juice. Rajbeer who was smiling pouted sad. “Sanjay” said Dadaji and Suni at a time glaring him. “What I said truth only” said Sanjay as he got up to leave. “Aur haa you late lateef don’t be late today. I really wonder you drive car or bail gadi though you get up early you won’t reach office on time. Learn from Ms. Gadodia she depends on public transport still reaches on time” said Sanjay heading out of the house. “Learn from Ms. Gadodia” said Raj imitating Sanjay and huffed in anger. “I hate her” said Raj biting the chapati annoyed. Sanjay smiled as he heard Raj. He knew she was his hukum ka ikka whose name he can use to provoke Raj. “I feel she is apt choice for Raj. Within week she changed my nalayak son though little only but impressive. I just pray Suni doesn’t meet her Bhajan girl so that I can make Ms. Gadodia my Bahu” said Sanjay driving.

“Ragu bacha you are okay na?” asked Simi worried as Ragini choked again. “Now to which street dog did you throw stone?” asked Ravi as he came out of his room ready to go to college. “Must be that Kaala kutta. She just hates him and last time she tied pataka also to its tail on Deepavali. It must be cursing her still” said Ranjit holding his helmet. “Chachu” cried Ragini. “Again you people started troubling her” said Rajesh coming out with his bag. “Dad she is trouble maker not we” said Ravi. “Ravi come fast” said Ranjit calling him. “Aaya bhai. Bye Badi maa bye maa. Bye Chipkali Bye naku” said Ravi pulling Ragini’s nose. “Bandar get lost” screamed Ragini annoyed. She hated if someone touched her dear nose. And everyone used to call her Nakchadi due to it. And Ravi in short used to call her Naku. They used to fight more than twins. Everyone used to get confused that they are twins the way they used to behave. “Shall I drop you?” asked Swara standing in front of Ragini. “Shona. I told you na don’t drive for one more week” said Rajesh glaring Swara. Swara pouted and kept her helmet back on the table. “Now come I will drop you both. Amchi mumbai local train zindabad” said Rajesh dragging both of them with him. “Chachu local train no” said Ragini. “Haa chachu it will be so crowded” said Swara making faces. “Me and Swara will go by bus Chachu please” said Ragini. “Okay as you wish. But be careful while crossing road” said Rajesh. They both nodded their heads like small kids. “Now come I will take you till bus stop” said Rajesh heading out with them. Supriya and Simi looked at them and smiled. “Arrey Chotu did you get ready your school bus must be coming” said Simi heading inside. “Maa don’t call me that” screamed Nikit from room. Supriya smiled nodding her head. Her happy cute family. She just prayed it to remain like this always.

“Yes I reached before that Nakchadi today” said Rajbeer entering his cabin and not finding Ragini. Ragini who was just bent from her chair to take her pen sat straight and glared him. Rajbeer who was partying looked at her and his smile faded. “Fish” said Raj annoyed. Ragini got up from her chair and neared him and stood in front of him folding her hands. “Don’t you call me that” said Ragini rubbing her nose. “Nakchadi, Nakchadi, Nakchadi and Nakchadi” said Rajbeer teasing and pulled her nose. Ragini’s nostril flared due to anger and she huffed to cool her growing anger. She looked around and found a stapler on his table. She smirked and took it and hit it on Rajbeer’s head and stood smirking. “Ouch” said Rajbeer feeling the blow on his head and held his paining head. “How dare you? You hit me?” asked Raj fuming in anger. “This is your head only na or you got it for rent. Obviously I hit you only” said Ragini casually. “You” said Rajbeer pushing her and pinning her to the wall. Ragini was breathing heavily and Raj locked her with his both the hands. She looked up at Rajbeer who was looking at her angry. “Say Sorry” said Raj nearing her face. “Why should I?” said Ragini panting for breath. “You will say it or not?” asked Raj. “No” said Ragini turning her face and folding her hands. Raj held her shoulder and pressed it against the wall. Ragini looked at his hand which was on her shoulder and looked at Rajbeer whose eyes had turned red. “Say Sorry” said Raj again. “No” said Ragini and he pressed her shoulder with more force. “Maa” said Ragini as she could not tolerate the pain. Raj’s anger cooled as tears dropped from her eyes. He dragged his hand back and Ragini collapsed on floor leaning to the wall and started sobbing. “Fish what did I do?” said Raj pulling his hair. He got concerned looking at Ragini who was weeping like a kid. He rushed to his table and brought the water bottle and sat in front of her and held her shoulder to console her and said “I’m sorry. Don’t cry please. Take this water” Ragini got scared when he touched her shoulder and jerked his hand. He felt bad. “I’m sorry” said Raj shrinking his eyes. Ragini pushed him and headed out of the cabin furious. She came inside the cabin after washing her face and sat on her chair and concentrated on her work. Raj felt bad. He tried talking to her but she completely avoided him. He really felt restless due to her ignorance. He wondered how can she effect him so much. He never gave importance to any girl in his life so much. He kept observing her. As the time passed and evening arrived Ragini just headed out of the cabin without even looking at Raj once. He felt someone stabbed his heart. He hit the table annoyed.
“Naku… Naku….” said Ravi entering house. “She is in her room” said Supriya. “Kamal hai. She is at home and it is so peaceful Not happening” said Ravi surprised. “Naku” said Ravi entering Ragini’s room. Ragini who was lying on bed wiped her tears and face immediately. She got up from the bed and said “Kya hai bandar” Ravi who looked at her smiling his smile faded and he sat in front of her concerned and cupped her face. “Ragu. You cried Bacha? What happened” asked Ravi concerned. “No no why will I cry” said Ragini and smiled. She felt bad for Ravi. Even if she could hide her pain from her mom it was difficult to hide it from Ravi. “Are you sure?” said Ravi keeping his hand on her shoulder. “Ouch” screamed Ragini as his hands pressed her paining shoulder. “What happened?” asked Ravi concerned and held her shoulder and started analyzing it. As he slightly moved her night dress sleeve up he found her skin had turned a bit black. “How did this happened?” asked Ravi horrified. “I just hit the pillar as I was walking looking into my mobile” said Ragini holding his hands. “You are telling lie. Tell me who did this” asked Ravi furious. “I’m telling truth bhai” said Ragini. “You won’t tell me right. Wait I will call dad. You will tell him only” said Ravi and tried getting up from the bed Ragini held his hand stopping him. He looked at her and she nodded her head teary eyed. She hugged him and burst out crying. Ravi wiped his tears which flew from his eyes. Her pain was something intolerable for him. Ragini narrated him everything and he wiped his tears furious and stood up angry. “I will not leave him. What does he thinks of himself. How dare he touch my Naku” said Ravi closing his fist. “No no bhai please cool down. I will resign from the job only. I can’t tolerate his face anymore” said Ragini stopping Ravi. “But” said Ravi. “Please bhai. Don’t tell this to anyone. Promise on me and just leave he doesn’t deserve your time” said Ragini standing in front of Ravi and placing his hand on her head. He nodded his head uninterested. Ragini hugged him immediately to cool him. He looked at her painfully and caressed her hair. Ragini knew how bad Ravi’s anger was. He had beaten a boy black and blue who tried to rag Ragini in college. That boy was almost at the edge of losing his life. Somehow Rajesh had convinced their parents not to lodge the complaint. Ragini did not wanted to see Ravi’s that face again. Somewhere in her heart she doesn’t wanted Raj to be prey for Ravi’s anger. She was confused why she was feeling that way.
“Yeh le” said Ravi feeding Ragini her dinner. “Kamal hai. Today tom and Jerry are not fighting. Something is wrong” said Simi and she placed her hand on Ragini’s paining shoulder. “Ouch” said Ragini wincing in pain. “Maaa. Careful she is hurt. What are you doing” said Ravi holding Ragini and cupping her face. “What?” said Simi concerned. “How? What happened?” asked Rajesh leaving his food in the plate and sitting beside her concerned. Everyone left their food and surrounded her concerned. Ragini was controlling her tears due to everyone’s concern. “She just hit the pole while walking” said Ravi coming to Ragini’s rescue. “Gudiya. You should be careful bacha” said Rajesh. His eyes were tearing imagining Ragini’s pain. “Chachu I’m fine” said Ragini and wiped his tears. “She is fine dad I already applied ointment. She will be fine by morning. Now everyone have your food” said Ravi signing everyone to sit in their respective places. He fed Ragini. Ragini looked at him and blinked her eyes saying thanks as he hid the truth. Ravi blinked his eyes to sign her not to worry. Everyone had their food uninterested.
“Shona” called Ragini to Swara when they were sitting in hall after dinner. “Hmmm” said Swara. Ragini told something in Swara’s ears and Swara widened her eyes and smiled widely and nodded her head and they both went inside Ragini’s room.
“Ladies and Gentelemen and Chotu” announced Ragini. “Ragu dee don’t call me that” cried Nikit stamping his foot. “Abbey chup” said Swara glaring him. “Here we present today’s performance for our dearest family. Specially our cutiepie Chachu” said Ragini pulling Rajesh’s cheek.
“That’s not fair” screamed Supriya and Simi. Ragini and Swara showed their tongue to them hugging Rajesh who cupped their faces from both the hands.
Swara and Ragini held each other and stood at the middle of the hall and started singing their Chachu’s fav song which he sings always to cheer the family members when they are upset.
Ae zindagi gale laga le
Ae zindagi gale laga le
Humne bhi tere har ik gham ko
Gale se lagaya hai, hai na

Aye zindagi gale laga le
Aye zindagi..

Ravi, Ranjit and Nikit closed their ears as Ragini and Swara were really singing very bad.
“Like this Kali prasad also doesn’t bark” said Nikit as they finished singing. “Who Kali prasad? Why does he bark instead of speaking?” asked Swara. “Arrey he is our Naku’s boyfriend” said Ravi holding Swara’s shoulder. Ragini frowned and started chasing both Ravi and Nikit all over the house. “Kya hua?” asked Ranjit to Swara who was scratching her head. “Ragu never told me about her boyfriend” said Swara. “Hey Bhagvan. That is our street dog. She always keeps torturing it that’s why they call it her boyfriend” said Ranjit. “Is it? Kali Prasad and Ragini nice jodi” said Swara and burst out laughing. Ragini who was chasing Nikit and Ravi stopped and glared Swara and started chasing her. All were enjoying their cute fights.
“Jiji” said Simi holding Supriya who was wiping her tears smiling looking at her family. All the kids were running all over the house and Rajesh shouting on them to not to mess the house.
At last Rajesh got tired and sat on the sofa and all kids hugged him.
“Sometimes I get scared how these will manage without Lado” said Supriya. “They will learn jiji. Still much time is there for her marriage don’t worry” said Simi consoling Supriya. “Girls grow up so fast Simi. Still it looks like yesterday that Ragini was born” said Supriya looking at Ragini who was making faces and Rajesh laughing looking at her. “You know na Lado doesn’t like mentioning her birthday. Now don’t talk all this in front of her” said Simi and Supriya nodded her head and smiled at her.
“Raj beta? What happened?” asked Sunita caressing Raj’s hair when he was sitting on terrace in his fav place whenever he is upset. He turned and hugged Suni immediately. “Maa why does my life so messed up. Whatever I wish never happens” said Raj. Sunita smiled and said “Life is unpredictable Raj. You should always accept what it offers you rather than expecting” Raj looked up at her confused. “Now tell me what happened?” asked Sunita dragging him out of the hug and cupping his face. “I hurt someone” said Raj lowering his head. “Very badly. I couldn’t control my anger. I’m feeling really bad maa” said Raj sad. “Then ask sorry” said Sunita. “I asked but she is still angry” said Raj shrinking his eyes. “She?” asked Sunita raising her one eyebrow. “Ya” said Raj and pouted sad. “Then get her forgiveness. Not for her but for your peace of mind” said Sunita caressing his hair. Raj placed his head on Sunita’s shoulder and looked at the dark sky. Ragini’s painful face flashed in front of him and he closed his eyes. “I will get your forgiveness Ms. Gadodia. I will” said Raj to himself.

“Something is seriously wrong. I have to go to Doctor uncle this weakened” said Ragini patting her head when she was drinking water on her bed and chocked.
So how was it guys. Hope you enjoyed it. And I need your vote for someone opposite Ravi Dubey. You can choose from following
1. Jennifer Winget
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As I said earlier I will update this ff on Tuesdays from now onward. Thank you so much for your love and support guys. I hope you did not forget this ff

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