Nakchadi Ch 3 (SwaRagini)

“Ladooo. Come I will drop you” said Swara stopping her two wheeler in front of Ragini when she was walking fast to bus stop. Ragini complied and sat behind her. “Swara slow down” said Ragini closing her eyes and holding Swara tightly. “Madam this is deo not bail gadi” screamed Swara as she drove the two wheeler in between the vehicles swiftly. “Wuho” screamed Swara as she overtook a audi. “Shona you are married and still behaving like you are a teenage girl. Kanha ji please save me. At least for the sake of Arti I sang morning” prayed Ragini looking up. “Chillax Ladooo” screamed Swara smiling widely. “Hey Bhagvan Sare namoone (Sample pieces) meri hi life me rakhne hai apko” said Ragini looking up again pouting.
As they were crossing a signal. A car came and hit them and their two wheeler lost balance and fell with a thud. “Oh fish” said Rajbeer coming out of his car. He saw two girls who were on ground. Luckily his car was in speed limit and the impact was not severe. One girl who was wearing t-shirt and jeans stood up wiping her dress. She panicked and went to help the other girl. The other girl stood up with the help of first girl and her hair which was blocking her face cleared and Raj looked at her. It was the same girl he met few days back. His heart was fluttering with unknown joy. “Ahhh. I shouldn’t have come with you only” said Ragini. She rubbed her nose annoyed and walked from there. She went to the bus stop and got in bus and headed from there. Raj kept admiring her expressions. A small curve appeared on his lips when he remembered how she rubbed her nose angry and he lost himself in that beautiful moment. “All because of you. You idiot..” screamed Swara standing in front of Rajbeer. Her scream brought him to world and he looked at her confused. “Abbey bhaire( Oye dumb) cant you hear?” asked Swara screaming more. “Ahhh crazy woman Why are you screaming. It was your fault also” said Rajbeer rubbing his ear. “You are crazy, junglee everything” said Swara folding her hands. “See I have no free time to waste with you. Please clear my way” said Rajbeer annoyed. “Does that mean I have faltu ka time? Get my scooty repaired. Ask sorry. Otherwise I’m not leaving” said Swara proud folding her hands. “Sorry for what?” asked Raj frowning. “You jumped the signal Mr. Sorry tho you have to say” said Swara smirking. “Ahhh. Fine Sorry. And this is my address. Send me the bill I will pay it Now can you please clear the road. I’m getting late” said Rajbeer handing her his visiting card. He put his goggles back and headed to his car and drove off from there. “Mental” said Swara and pushed her scooty to side. “Now who will cool Ragu” said Swara pouting. “Of course my sweet Pati parmeshwar, but if I tell him now he will come running. I will tell him in the evening” said Swara and kept her phone back in her pocket and drove off her scooty.
Rajbeer smiled remembering the girl’s annoyed childish expressions. “What is wrong with me. Please God ji. She should not come in front of me again. Big panauti (bad news) she is” said Rajbeer looking up.

“Hello Ms. Gadodia. What are you doing here?” asked Sanjay as he spotted Ragini in waiting area. “Wo sir HR told me to wait here as what was his name ahh” said Ragini as she tried remembering a name told by HR. “Haa Mr. Rajbeer has not yet come to office as I’m assisting him so he only can guide me better about my work” said Ragini.

Rajbeer who was drinking water choked and patted his head consoling himself.

“When has that Nalayak come on time” said Sanjay to himself. “You said something sir?” asked Ragini curious. “No no nothing. Come with me I will tell Stella. She will guide you about your work” said Sanjay and Ragini complied and followed him.

“So this is your Boss’s cabin. He is always late. And that’s your table” said Stella showing her Raj’s cabin and showing Ragini’s table. “Can I sit there now?” asked Ragini. “Of course dear” said Stella smiling. Rajbeer was standing in front of the lift waiting it to open. Ragini looked around the cabin and neared her desk. She touched her table and sat on her chair happily. Finally the lift door opened and Rajbeer rushed into it. Ragini took a small Ganesh ji’s idle from her bag and placed it on the table and folded her hands praying. Rajbeer entered the office and passed the big Ganesh ji idol at the reception of their office. Ragini’s intercom ringed and she picked up with a jerk. “Hello Ragini please come to HR department. They want to introduce you to remaining staff as Rajbeer sir will take more time I think” said Stella from other side. Ragini said “Okay” and headed to door fixing her chunni and looking down. Rajbeer stood in front of the door of his cabin and held the knob. Before he could push the door Ragini pulled the door and he entered the cabin with a jerk and stumbled. Ragini looked up and Rajbeer held her waist for balance. She stumbled and both of them fell on the ground. Rajbeer’s hand touched her bare back and both of them looked at each other shocked. “Get up you moron” screamed Ragini trying to push him. Rajbeer was lost in her fragrance and was not moving at all. “Ahhh” screamed Ragini which brought him to reality. He tried removing his hand from her back in the process his hands brushed her back more and she felt goosebumps all over her body. For a moment she held his blazer tightly and closed her eyes breathing heavily. Raj again lost himself in her face. Ragini opened her eyes and found him staring her. “Will you get up?” asked Ragini and pushed him with all her force. Raj turned and rested his head with help of his hand like Venkat Ramana and smiled looking at her. Ragini straightened her hair and stood up. “Are you blind? Can’t you see?” said Ragini furious. Raj kept staring her. “Hello Mr. I’m talking to you” said Ragini leaning a bit. Raj held her hand and pulled her. She stumbled and sat beside him with a thud. “Actually mistake was yours” said Raj still smiling. Ragini frowned at his behavior. She got up and rubbed her nose and walked out as she did not wanted to waste her time. “Nakchadi” said Rajbeer and leaned back to the floor stretching his hands. “What the hell is wrong with me” said Rajbeer and got up with a jerk. “What is she doing here?” thought Raj and sat on his chair thinking. After 10 minutes Stella entered Rajbeer’s cabin. Raj stood up and welcomed her smiling. “Raj sir…” before she could complete Raj stopped her by placing his finger on her lips and said “Shhh Stella. Call me Raj just Raj” and smiled. Ragini who was standing behind Stella opened her mouth shocked looking at the way Rajbeer was behaving with Stella. Stella blushed and said “Okay Raj. This is Ms. Ragini Gadodia. Your new secretary” and she moved aside making way for Rajbeer and Ragini to come face to face. “This nakchadi is my new secretary? Are you kidding me?” asked Raj. “How dare you call me that?” said Ragini rubbing her nose. “I have much dare Ms. Ragini. Don’t you talk to me like that” said Raj nearing her. Ragini stepped a bit back as he approached her more. “I will talk” said Ragini not budging. “You…” shouted Raj but he was stopped by Sanjay who screamed entering his cabin “What is happening here?” Raj jerked and lowered his finger scared. Ragini looked at his flushed face and smirked. “You called me Nakchadi. Just wait n watch Mr. Blind driver what I will do” thought Ragini. “Sir. Can you please change my designation I cannot work with this person” said Ragini acting like sobbing. “What happened Ragini?” asked Sanjay concerned. “Sir he is shouting at me without my mistake. He said which idiot selected me as his secretary. I’m behenji, nakchadi it seems he wants some hot chic it seems” said Ragini sobbing (better say she was acting) Sanjay fumed listening to her. “Raj you call your dad idiot? Didn’t I give her profile last week only to study?” asked Sanjay standing in front of Raj. Raj who was shocked looking at Ragini looked at Sanjay and shivered with fear. “But dad” said Raj but was interrupted by Sanjay who screamed “And I’m making her job permanent and she only will be your secretary” Raj jerked due to his voice and his eyes shrank. Ragini who was smirking looking at Raj changed her face expression suddenly to bechari look as soon as Sanjay turned to her. “Feel free to tell me if he troubles you ok?” said Sanjay and headed out of the cabin when Ragini nodded her head innocently. Raj fumed looking at her. Ragini raised her chin and shoulders up feeling proud. She looked straight in Raj’s eyes and rubbed her nose and walked to her desk with attitude. Stella was controlling her laugh looking at Raj who was frowning looking at Ragini. “Abhi palle padi takkar wali( Now he came face to face with a girl who can compete with him)” thought Stella and headed out of his cabin smiling. Raj looked at Ragini who was reading the files carefully. He fumed and went and sat on his chair.
As the day set Ragini looked at the watch and found the time was 6 and looked at Raj who was sleeping on his chair. “Akdu…” said Ragini heading out of cabin and banged the door. Raj got up with a jerk and looked around to realize where he was. He looked at Ragini’s desk which was empty. “Thank god chali gayi. Such big dramebaaz. Gosh” said Raj and caressed his hair. As he remembered her acting in front of Sanjay a smile appeared on his face and he caressed his neck. “Control Raj” he said to himself and sat straightening himself.

“Maa… maa….” screamed Ragini as she entered her house. As Supriya came out she ran and hugged her and twirled her happily. “What happened? Aaj kiski band bajayi?” asked Supriya stopping her. “How you know?” asked Ragini excited. “I’m your mom. I know you better than you know yourself” said Supriya holding her nose. “Maa…” screamed Ragini. “You know na I hate if someone pulls my nose” said Ragini pouting angry. “Acha acha I’m sorry” said Supriya holding her ears. Ragini smiled and hugged her. “Now tell me” said Supriya and Ragini narrated her everything. “Bechara” said Supriya feeling bad for her daughter’s prey. “Bechara vechara kuch nahi hai wo maa. No.1 Akdu flirt hai” said Ragini huffing. “How can you be so careless Swara” they heard Ranjit screaming. “Now what did this girl do?” said Supriya hitting her palm on her forehead. “Oh fish. Now time for my band baja” said Ragini biting her tongue as she knew why was Ranjit screaming. “Okay maa I’m going to lake side. Happy convincing time between your son and daughter in law” said Ragini and walked out with her phone and headphone. Supriya looked at her confused and headed to Ranjit’s room nodding her head.
“Kya hua Ranju?” asked Supriya entering Ranjit’s room. “Ask your ladli bahu. Morning again she drove rashly and met with an accident. And she did not feel like informing me then only” said Ranjit with anger filled voice. “Hey bhagwan Accident? Shona are you okay?” asked Supriya nearing Swara who was pouting and standing with tears in her eyes like a small kid. She examined Swara for any injuries. “Pagal Ladki. Can’t you be careful ha?” asked Supriya scared. “She wasn’t alone. Ragu was with her” said Ranjit. “What? That’s why she ran away as soon as she heard you screaming. Let her come home” said Supriya angry. “Shona beta. How many times should I tell you to drive carefully” said Supriya caressing Swara’s hair. “Maa wo Ragu was getting late and it wasn’t my mistake that car wala broke the signal” said Swara pouting. Supriya dragged her and hugged her and caressed her hair to console her. She signed Ranjit to cool down and he complied.
“Where is our Naku” asked Ravi coming home. “She is gone to lake” said Supriya. “Ohho yeh ladki bhi na. At this time who told her to go there?” said Nikit hitting his head. Everyone glared him keeping their hands on their waist. “I was just saving mumma’s energy” said Nikit nervous looking at everyone. “Badmash” said Simi hitting his head playfully. “Chal chotu. We will get our Naku” said Ravi picking Nikit in his arms. “Bhai don’t call me chotu I’m big boy” cried Nikit. “Ha be chal” said Ravi heading out. Ranjit followed them. “If she is not there in house for one minute also these three can’t stay. When her dulha will come to take her I don’t know how to console these three” said Supriya smiling. “Jiji more than these three how will you console your devar first” said Simi and chuckled and hugged Supriya.

Raj choked when he was drinking tea at home. Sunita patted his head and said “What happened Raj” “He keeps irritating so many people. Someone might be cursing him” said Sanjay drinking his tea. “Shut up Sanjay” said Sunita and patted Raj’s head.

“Naku oye Naku” called Ravi. But Ragini was walking with headphones in her ears so she could not hear. “Wait” said Ranjit stopping him. “Kya hai Bhai” said Ravi. Ranjit told something in Ravi’s ear and he smirked listening the plan. Those three gave high five to each other and approached Ragini slowly. “One two three Booom” screamed all three of them near Ragini. She jerked and screamed. She stumbled and fell down in the lake. “Ahhh Bachavo bachavo I don’t know swimming” screamed Ragini.
“Oye Naku it is just knee length of water. Dramebaz you can stand” said Ravi laughing holding his stomach. Ranjit gave him high five and both of them burst out laughing holding their stomach. Nikit clapped his hands and jumped happy. Ragini looked at people who were staring her. She looked at three of them and huffed in anger. She came out of the lake and wiped her face and walked angry. “Oh teri. Yeh tho naraz hogayi” said Ravi biting his tongue. “Chachu” said Ranjit. “Papa” said Ravi and Nikit at a time looking at each other pouting.

“Aakchu….” sneezed Ragini and rubbed her pink nose. She was covered with a thick blanket. Simi was rubbing her hand worried. And Supriya gave her milk mixed with turmeric. Ragini made her face yuck and refused to drink it. Swara was standing at a corner like a small kid.

All the boys were standing at the other corner and Rajesh was walking in front of them folding his hands back. All of them were biting their nails nervous. “Morning chipkali prank. Then evening pushed her to the lake” said Rajesh looking at them. “Papa we did not push her she herself fell” said Ravi. “You made her fall” said Rajesh showing his index finger to Ravi. He lowered his head and continued biting his nails. “Ragu now onwards Ravi’s phone is yours and Ranjit’s laptop also and Nikit’s video game also” said Rajesh smirking. All of them looked at him shocked. “Sachi?” screeched Ragini. “Muchi” said Rajesh smiling. “This is not fair” said all three of them at a time. “Lafa padega ek ek sabko. Either give your gadgets or get ready to eat lafas(slaps) from me” said Rajesh showing his hand. All of them kept their right hand on their cheek and said “Okay” pouting. “My chachu is the bestest” screamed Ragini and hugged him as she ran out of her bed. She showed her tongue to all three of them. They made crying face and headed out. Swara clapped like a small kid. Supriya glared her and she stood quietly. “Now drink this milk” said Supriya pleading. “Chachu…” cried Ragini pouting. “Ladoo drink beta otherwise your cold will not reduce. I will get your favorite headphones tomorrow” said Rajesh. Ragini smiled widely and drank the milk in Supriya’s hand. And she stood smiling in front of Rajesh. He wiped her milk mustache with his thumb finger and caressed her hair and hugged her. “Me me” said Swara and stood in front of him and Rajesh signed her to join the hug. He kissed both Ragini and Swara’s forehead smiling. Simi and Supriya looked at them smiling.
“Maan ja na” said Swara pleading Ragini. “No ways” said Ragini twisting her lips. “It wasn’t mistake. That mental skipped the signal” said Swara complaining. “But why did you drive so rashly. You know how scared I was. My heart was in my mouth. You know I don’t like speed” said Ragini horrified. “Please Ragu. Please” said Swara and hugged Ragini encircling her hands around Ragini’s neck. “Fine on one condition” said Ragini. “I’m okay with every condition” said Swara jumping and hugging Ragini. “Listen to me first” said Ragini. “Okay” said Swara controlling her excitement. “Mission torture” said Ragini smirking. “What?” asked Swara shocked. “Yup” said Ragini smiling. “This is not fair” said Swara pouting. “When I’m punishing then punishment also I will decide na” said Ragini looking at Swara. “Fine. Do have any option?” asked Swara giving up. “My cutie pie” said Ragini and encircled hands around Swara and drooled happy. Swara held her hand and smiled.

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