Nakchadi Ch 2 (SwaRagini)


Hello Guys. I think most of the readers are confused with the title. Let me clear you. Nakchadi had different meaning in Hindi. Like it means girl with attitude or a girl who rubs her nose always as a habit whenever she gets angry or a girl who is short tempered. In my ff it is a girl who rubs her nose always she gets angry. It doesnt have any deep meaning. It is just kind of pet name

“Lado. Get up beta. You told me to wake you up early na. Today is your first day at office. You wanted to go to Mandir also” said Supriya entering Ragini’s room. “Maa Please. Just 5 minutes” said Ragini pouting and hugging her pillow. “Hey bhagwan yeh ladki bhi na” said Supriya arranging her table which was messed up. “Why you irritate me everyday when I want to wake you” said Supriya sitting beside her on bed. She dragged Ragini and made her sit. “Maa” screamed Ragini. “What happened maa?” asked Ranjit entering Ragini’s room. “Dekh na. She is irritating me. She only said to wake her up and now doing so much nakhra. On top of that she is screaming” said Supriya still holding Ragini with her hands. Ragini was sitting closing her eyes and pouting and a spit drop was escaping her lip. And her hair was fully messed up. Ragini bent her hand from her mom’s hold and rubbed her nose. Ranjit looked at her and burst out laughing. “Ranju” said Supriya glaring him. “Look at her how cute she is looking” said Ranjit and sat on the bed.

He held her nose and shook it left and right. “Bhai” screamed Ragini still closing her hand. “Ouch badi maa. Why is she screaming?” said Ravi entering Ragini’s room rubbing his ears. He looked at Ragini and burst out laughing holding his stomach. “Yeh chidiya ka ghosla kahase ban gaya iss nakchadi ke sar pe( From where did this bird nest came on this girl’s head). Oye hoye. Its crow nest” said Ravi laughing. Ranjit laughed more and both of them gave high five. “Kya hua badi maa” said Nikit entering rubbing his eyes. Supriya who was glaring Ravi and Ranjit looked at door and found Nikit. “Hey Bhagwan. Everybody got up in the process of waking this Kumbkaran. Ladoo ab to ut jaa” said Supriya shaking Ragini. Ragini smiled with closed eyes like she got some chocolate. Ravi and Ranjit winked at each other and got up from the bed. They both screamed in Ragini’s ear “Ladooo. Chipkali tere bed pe”.

Ragini opened her eyes with jerk and stood up immediately and started jumping on the bed screaming “Maa chipkali… chipkali… Bachavo…. Bachavo….” Supriya stood up and hit her head with her palm looking at jumping Ragini and laughing Ranjit and Ravi. Nikit clapped his hands and laughed looking at Ragini. “Kya hua” said Simi entering Ragini’s room. Ragini jumped from bed to ground and ran to Simi and jumped behind her hiding and screaming “Chachi chipkali” Ranjit suddenly controlled his laugh and became serious and said “Ladoo. How can you call chachi as chipkali. Bad manners. This is what you give her for her love. Very bad” Simi looked at Ragini confused. “No. Chachi. Chipkali….” before Ragini could complete Ravi screamed “Bas Lado bas. I cannot hear more about maa. What if she looks like one but you have no rights to call her chipkali okay” and acted like he is Dileep Kumar. “Nahi chachi chipkali…” said Ragini and this time Nikit stopped her and said “Bas Ragu di bas.

One more time you called my maa chipkali. Ap uthoge nahi uth javoge” He showed his index finger like he is Sunny Deol and bit his lower lip with full on attitude. Simi was looking at all of them confused. “Chup karo nalayako( shut up useless people) screamed Rajesh (played by Suraj Thapar; He is one of my fav actor in television. Lovable) entering the room. All the boys lowered their head. “Chachu” cried Ragini ran hugged Rajesh. “Gudiya what happened beta?” asked Rajesh cupping her face. “Chachu chipkali….” said Ragini and was again Ravi interrupted “Ladoo gender, gender beta. Papa is not chipkali he is chipkala” Everyone gave him weird look. “Shut up Nalayak” said Rajesh and he turned to Ragini and said “You continue bacha” Ragini sobbed and said “Chachu mere bed pe chipkali hai” Rajesh glared Ravi and Ranjit as he understood it was their prank. They both lowered their head and bit the nails of their fingers nervous.

Rajesh caressed Ragini’s hair and said “Gudiya. Kuch nahi hai beta. Dekh. We had done pest control last week only na. There are no chipkala… I mean chipkalis in the house” Everybody controlled their laugh for Rajesh tongue slip. “Sachi?” asked Ragini innocently. “Muchi” said Rajesh caressing her cheek. “Chachu that means these people fooled me?” said Ragini and started crying like a small kid. “Awwww mela bacha. You just wait. I will teach them a lesson” said Rajesh consoling her. Before he could look them all of them ran out of the room. “Where are they?” said Rajesh looking around. “Bhag gaye” said Supriya controlling her laugh. “Mera shona bacha. We will see them later. Now you get ready. Mandir jaana hai na. Pandit ji will be waiting” said Rajesh cupping Ragini’s face. “Ok Chachu” said Ragini like a kid and headed to her wash room. Supriya nodded her head in disbelief. Simi headed to kitchen smiling. “Only you can cool her” said Supriya caressing Rajesh’s hair. He smiled at her and side hugged her.

“Has he woken up?” asked Sanjay to Sunita who was helping him with his tie. She nodded her head. “Everyday same story, will he ever wake up early in the morning?” asked Sanjay irritated. “Sanjay. Relax” said Sunita cupping his face. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek. “Sanjay….” screamed Sunita rubbing her cheek and glaring him. “What? You are my officially wedded wife” said Sanjay resting his hand on her shoulder. “Look at your age? Dada banne ki umar me romance kar rahe ho( In the age of becoming grandfather you are romancing)” said Sunita shaking his nose. “See once your son gets married. You will be alone again. Why don’t we plan for a second child before your daughter in law enters this house” said Sanjay winking at her.
Ragini who was drinking water choked. “Ho kya gaya hai tujhe aajkal. Why do you choke so much” asked Supriya caressing her hair. “How will I know?” cried Ragini in between her struggle

“Sanjay… Stop it” said Sunita widening her eyes and shocked. She hit him playfully on his shoulder and headed out of the room.
“Suni please take your nalayak son today to Mandir. I have a early morning conference call today” screamed Sanjay heading out of the house. “Hey Bhagvan. Now who will wake up this Kumbakaran” said Sunita worried. She headed to Raj’s room. “Raj beta uthna. See only for today take me to Kanha ji’s mandir. See your dad also went to office” said Sunita pleading Raj sitting beside him on the bed. “Maa please. So soon anybody gets up oh what? Please let me sleep” said Raj pulling his blanket. Sunita got annoyed. She got an idea and smirked. “Ha ha. Sleep. My son has grown up na. Now he doesn’t need me and doesn’t love me at all. Now only you are avoiding me. After marriage tho you will forget me” said Sunita acting as if she is crying. “Maa please don’t start your emotional drama. Fine I’m getting up. Gosh grow up mom. Aren’t you tired of this emotional drama?” asked Raj getting up. “That is the only thing works with you” said Sunita brushing his hair. “Now go get ready fast and come down. We are already late. We will miss aarti” said Sunita dragging him out of the bed and pushing him inside the washroom.
“Let’s leave mom” said Raj heading down the stairs from his room after getting ready. Sunita happily followed him.

“This is different Mandir na mom. You never came here before” said Raj when he stopped the car outside a Mandir. “Beta this is Kanha ji Mandir. My friend said here Arti is very special” said Sunita smiling. “Whatever. Get going your Kanha ji might be waiting” said Raj giving up. “You also come beta” said Sunita. “No thank you maa. You know I don’t like going to Mandir” said Raj waving his hands in air. “Fine” said Sunita and got down from the car and headed to Mandir

“Man mohana…… Man mohana…….”
“Arrey what a beautiful voice” said Sunita heading inside the Mandir after banging the bell. She was spell bound to the voice
Man Mohana Man mohana Kanha sunona aaa Tum bin paun kaise chaina
“Ahh this phone. What happened to it Suddenly” said Raj inside his car. He came out to get the signal.
Man Mohana Man mohana Kanha sunona aaa Tum bin paun kaise chaina
His heart started beating very fast listening to the divine voice. He looked up at Mandir and lost himself in that beautiful voice. He moved towards the Mandir unknowingly. It seemed like his soul was waiting for this moment from ages. As he climbed the steps one by one like he is bound to some magic his heart beat was raising with excitement.

The cool air blew his hair and made his senses cool. He went and stood inside the Mandir folding his hands like he is hypnotized due to that beautiful voice. As the song finished. Sunita turned smiling and found Raj standing beside her smiling like a idiot and folding his hands. She couldn’t believe her eyes for what she saw. She shook Raj who was still not in his senses. She hit him hard on his shoulder and he came to real world. “Ouch” said he and looked at Sunita who was looking at him with one eyebrow raised. Then he suddenly realized and dragged his hands back which were forming a namaste and looked at Sunita nervous. “You know na I don’t like going to Mandir” said Sunita imitating him. “Wo maa. I was just worried.

You did not come from long time na? You did not have your breakfast also yet so I… I was just worried ok” said Raj. “So why did you folded your hands?” asked Sunita smirking. “Wo…. Wo… I was not folding my hand. Haa It is so chill na that’s why I was just rubbing them” said Raj and tried escaping. “Ohho is it?” said Sunita. “Come mom we are getting late. Otherwise your Khadoos husband will have to search a new for me” said Raj. “Wait a minute” said Sunita and went to Pandit ji. “Pandit ji. I’m new here. Can you please tell me who sang Arti today. I’m just curious, it was such beautiful voice” said Sunita. “Acha wo. Lado sang the arti song today.

She occassionally sings. It is good that you are new and you heard her voice” said Pandit smiling. “Where is she?” asked Sunita curious. Pandit ji looked around but did not find Ragini. “Maa” screeched Raj standing beside her. “Arrey Where did she go? Supriya ji? Where is your daughter?” asked Pandit ji as he spotted Supriya in the crowd. “Arrey Pandit ji. Today is her first day in office so she was in a hurry so she went” said Supriya smiling. “You need to tell her anything? Tell me I will convey it” said Supriya. “Arrey she is new here and she hear Ladoo for the first time. So she just wanted to meet her” said Pandit ji. “Ladoo” said Raj making weird face, Sunita glared him and he composed himself. “I will tell her ji. Next time you can meet her” said Supriya smiling. “Ohhh that’s so sweet of you.

Thank you so much” said Sunita smiling. “Arrey no need to say thanks and all” said Supriya nodding her head. “Namaste My name is Sunita Khurana and he is my son Rajbeer” said Sunita smiling. “Namaste Aunty” said Raj folding his hands in Namaste and bending a bit. “Kush Raho beta” said Supriya caressing his hair. Raj felt an instant connection with her and smiled. He was confused why he was remembering the girl he met that day. He brushed his thoughts and smiled. “Namaste ji. My name is Supriya. We live here only nearby. Someday come home. Acha I will take your leave. I will meet you next time. Acha beta Namaste” said Supriya and bid them bye. “Can we leave now. I don’t know what my Janmdaata has thought a new name for me” said Raj and looked up. “Badmash” said Sunita hitting him on his shoulder playfully. He side hugged her and smiled. They headed back to home.

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    Woaaahh…so already the eternal bond started huh? Hayeeeeee….dey r gona make a super cute pair….

    What an update my dear…m already in love wid dis ff….take care my rockstar…

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      See I did not make you cry….

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  5. Superb episode. So much fun nd happiness in Ragu’s life. All her Bhai’s are so cool nd funny.. Each time Raj parents speak of their DIL Ragu’s gets choking. Nice… Both of them are super cool. Loved this update. Take care

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you da kutty

  6. Dharani

    awesome the chipkali scene is superb

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  7. Jazzy

    hahahahaah i love the xonnection whenever everyone talks abt bahu then the reaction is seen in ragini and always she is eating something and waiting for their face off again

    1. Sally_blr

      That drained all of my creativity. Glad u liked it jazzy

  8. Sorry dear I didn’t comment for your first part….
    It’s just awesome…
    Really interesting

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      Ohho don’t be sorry Abi. Its ok I understand everyone have their own commitments. You read it whenever you r free no problem

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    1. Fairy

      N one last thing i forgot to tell u …dat title ws damnnnnn fantastic 😉 😉 jst loved it yaaar 😉

    2. Sally_blr

      Haay Allah. I’m just dancing reading your comment. Thanks a ton sweet heart for such beautiful comment

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    ragini’s family is full of life and all family members are dramebaaz. oh so there is a cosmic connection in between ragbeer. awesome update

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    I love this.❤ Two crazy good-looking leads. Amazing families. Kismet connection. What more does a fanfic need!
    It’s happy and just perfect. Exactly what I expected from you, Sally.
    You just manage to touch my heart every single time, don’t you???
    All my love and positive vibes to you,
    Sham. <3

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much sweety. Thank you for your immense love.

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