Nakchadi Ch 18 (SwaRagini)

Raj entered the kitchen where Simi was working with Niya. She gave him a faint smile in return to his wide grin. “Maa.. Niya what are you people doing here? I told na he will be cooking from today? And Ni you are helping him just today” Ravi warned Niya and dragged Simi along with him.

Raj who was just observing everything gave a sweet smile to Niya. “You have to light the burner” she said handing him the lighter. He looked at it and analyzed how to use it. Niya chuckled looking at his expressions. He clicked it and when it sparked a bit he was surprised.

“This is so cool but it isn’t burning” he pouted and Niya burst out laughing. “Niya ki bachi. You are laughing” Ragini knocked her head lightly. “Hawww Ragu, he is being so funny what can I do” she pouted. Ragini nodded her head and grabbed the lighter from Raj’s hand when he was still looking at his hands which held the lighter just few seconds ago and now it wasn’t there.

Ragini lit the burner and placed the vessel over it and poured the water and adjusted flame and added some tea powder and sighed. She felt Raj’s gaze on her and turned to him and found him smiling at her.

She asked what and he just nodded his head smiling. “Concentrate from tomorrow Niya also won’t be here to help you. And if Ravi and Maa were not so addicted to the morning tea they wouldn’t have let Ni help you also” said she. He held her finger and dragged her and encircled his hands across her waist.

Niya opened her mouth wide open and Ragini was shocked due to his act. She released herself from his hold. “And if you do all this even I’m not gonna help” she walked away from him. “That’s not fair Nakchadi” he cried and she showed her tongue and walked out. He looked at Niya pouting who looked away feeling awkward.

Later she guided him to make the tea and finally the tea was ready. He poured the tea in the cups and walked out placing them in a tray. Rajesh smiled as he received the tea but hid his smile when Simi looked at him. She pointed her look suspiciously but Rajesh avoided her gaze and Raj walked to Ravi who sipped it. He was waiting to find any loop holes in his work but to his surprise the tea was awesome.

Supriya gave him a serious stare before taking the cup. She sipped it and her eyes shown the appreciation it had for the tea as it tasted good which she did not expected at all. Raj who was nervous smiled when he saw her expression.

“Hmmm teekh tha” she said with still stiffness on his face and Raj was about to jump in his place but controlled his excitement when Ravi looked at him. “So what about my nek?” asked he when Supriya got up after finishing her tea. She looked at him confused.

“It was my first Rasoi and I’m supposed to get some nek” he gave her the reason. She sighed and took her purse. She took out 100 and one rupee and placed it on his palm. He smiled looking at it. He had a light tear dropped in his eye. “Raj” Ragini walked to him.

“You know Dadaji used to say the first rupee we earn will be the best earning of our life. Though this nek and shagun but it is special very special” he smiled through his tears looking up at Supriya. “Thank you MIL. You gave me this happiness. Thank you so much” and his tears pricked her emotions.

How can someone be so positive. He is living a life which has so many hurdles but he is still smiling and is grateful for every little thing in his life. Her heart was melting without her knowledge. She did not wanted to show it anyone so she walked to her room.

Ragini placed her hand on his shoulder. “You know something?” he asked her. “What?” she asked with glassy eyes. “You are the best thing happened in my life. The best” he pursed his lips looking at her emotionally. She couldn’t help but admire her stupid husband who is happy even in such situation.

Raj managed to do all the work struggling. Ravi yelled at him so many times and even he got scoldings from Supriya for many reasons. Ragini just watched him helplessly not able to help him.

Niya and Simi felt pity on his condition and Rajesh and Ranjit helped in some ways. At last the hectic day ended and Raj let a sigh as he walked to his room.

He was damn tired and collapsed on the bed. Ragini who came to his room looked at him and tears tripped her eyes. She sat near his face and caressed his hair lovingly and admired his calm face which was soothing.

She found his eyes brows knitting as he moved his legs in sleep. She walked to his feet and pressed them to make him relaxed. Raj felt her hand and his sleep was disturbed. He got up with a jerk and found Ragini near his legs. He sat and dragged his legs away from her.

“Ragu” he cupped her face as he touched her forehead with his. She burst into a cry. “I can’t see you like this” she whispered. “And I can’t imagine my life without you” he smiled through his tears and she closed her eyes with pain.

“Can’t we just go away Raj. I promise I will come with you take me wherever you want to but I can’t see you like this” she looked at him with her tear smeared face. “Shhh” he placed his finger on her lips.

“I want to take you away but as a legally wedded wife. I want you to be mine in presence of our elders who will bless us smiling. I want to see that happiness on Sasu mom’s face when she will realize that I am the best choice for you. I want her to have peaceful sleep as she will you are safe with me” she couldn’t help but smile at his thoughts which just looked like a dream.

“You know dreams don’t come true” she smiled. “It isn’t true” he brought her up and made her sit beside him. She placed her head on his shoulder and locked her fingers with his fingers. “Maa says if we dream and have that faith and determination to make our dream come true it will surely happen” he said while looking down at her. She just smiled as she dragged him more near to herself.

“You did not had any dreams? When it fulfilled the happiness you felt” he said and felt her grip tightening on his shoulder. “I…” she struggled to say. “It’s okay if you don’t want to share. I will wait” he smiled kissing her hair.

“I had only one dream Raj” she spoke. “A dream to see my father with my mother” a tear tripped her eye and he felt it on his chest. He cupped her face and wiped her tears with his thumb. “And I know it will never be fulfilled” she said smiling sadly.

He dragged her into a warm hug. “Shhh shhh. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have reminded you of all that. I’m really sorry” he rocked her trying to console her.

She encircled her hands across him and felt the solace she craved all this years. The solace his presence brought along. He kissed her head and she felt peace.

“Wiase where is Meeshu?” he asked as he stroked her hair. “He is sleeping. Destiny plays such games sometimes. I never had that dad’s love. Bhai also never felt that love and he knows how it feels but then he is doing same mistake with Mishu. And poor soul lost his mother and his dad is around him but doesn’t feel any love for him” she spoke emotionally.

“Don’t worry everything will be fine” he closed his eyes dragging her more close to himself. And she felt so good in his embrace that there was no other place which made her feel so peaceful.

Ranjit who heard Ragini at the door walked to her room. Mishal was sleeping innocently. He walked to his little son and knelt beside him. He so much looked like Swara. Her innocence and cute antics replayed in his mind and he let out a small chuckle. “I’m sorry Shona I abandoned our son when he needed me the most. I at least have your memories to live but he is all alone” he kissed Mishal’s forehead and a tear tripped his eye.


“Meechu…” Ragini walked inside her room and panicked when she did not find him. “Meechu…” she screamed like crazy as she walked to the hall. “Ragu bacha what happened?” Rajesh came out of his room asking.

“Chachu… Chachu… Meechu isn’t in his room. I searched him everywhere” she cried looking at him. “Oye Naku what happened?” Ravi asked as he came out of his room. “Bhai Meechu patha nai kidhar hai” she walked to him crying. “Arrey where he will go? He will be here only” said Ravi confused and searched the whole house.

“Meechu mera meechu” Ragini collapsed on the ground crying. “Ragu” Supriya panicked looking at Ragini who was on her knees crying. Niya and Simi looked at her worried. “Maa mera Meechu. Maa he is not in house. Morning I went back to room to get him bathed but he wasn’t there” said she holding Supriya’s hands.

She tried consoling her but failed. She was continuously cried. All searched around the house and also in the neighboring places but he wasn’t there.

After some time Ragini who was sitting covering her face with her knees heard Mishal’s chuckle. She felt her heart beat returned. She looked up and found Mishal who was chuckling in Raj’s hand. “Meechu” she ran to him and grabbed him in her hold.

She kissed him all over and cried more holding him and squeezing him. “Heyya Ragu you know we had been to park with Meechu today and….” before he could say further Raj felt a sharp pain on his cheek. He held his cheek and looked at Supriya who slapped him.

“What do you think of yourself? I just gave you place here in the house to stay. Whenever I think that you will not make my daughter cry you fail me. You crush my trust more” she said fuming.

“But MIL…” “Don’t you call me that again” she warned him. Ragini was too busy to understand her surrounding as she was still consoling herself hugging Mishal. “She just has not given birth to him but she is her mom more than Swara” Supriya looked at her daughter painfully.

“How dare you take my grandson without letting us know?” she fumed looking at Raj. “Maa” Ranjit stopped her. “I took him out” said he and walked inside the home.

Supriya looked at him confused. “I lately realized my mistake. I always hated my father saying that he abandoned us and what was I doing. I was becoming like him” he said painfully.

“Raj saw me taking Mishal so he just accompanied me. I was just parking the two wheeler and he brought him in” said he and Supriya looked at Raj who was staring ground. She did not knew what to say. “You always misunderstand him maa” Ranjit spoke and Supriya still looked at Raj.

“I’m… I… sorry” she said and folded her hands. Raj immediately grabbed her hands. “No no MIL. Don’t be sorry. I’m happy that you felt that I’m worthy of your slap” he pouted cutely and rubbed his cheek. She chuckled through her tears.

She lifted her hand and he jerked scared but was surprised when she caressed his cheek. He smiled widely holding her hand. Her eyes moved to Ragini who was still caring for Mishal lost in her own world.

He smiled at her assuring he bring her out of the shock.

“Ohho Nakchadi look at your nose has become red. You look like langoorni” he laughed and Ragini touched her nose hearing him and realized what he said and fumed looking at him.

“And now like a joker” he said and laughed more. “You called me Joker you… you….” she searched for the right word. “Waise what I used to call you?” she scratched her head cutely.

“Blind driver” Niya said and got glares from Ravi in return. “Haa blind driver kahi ke” she rubbed her nose and walked away from there and Raj smiled lost looking at her cute antics. “She only told me” Niya pointed at Ragini. Ravi sighed and walked to his room.

Supriya nodded her head and walked to her room. Rajesh patted Raj’s shoulder and side hugged him.


Days passed and Raj had become an integral part of Ragini’s family. Supriya started melting towards him. Though Ravi felt annoyed around him but couldn’t help but agree that he was the best choice for his Naku.

The struggles of Raj were ending and finally Supriya decided to forgive Raj and accept Ragini and Raj’s marriage.

When she was walking in the market with Raj she collided with someone and when she looked up her world seemed it has turned upside.

She stumbled and Raj held her on time. She stared at the person.

“Sasu mom” he looked at her confused. She started walking from there furious and Raj followed her confused.

She behaved strange all day which confused all in the home.

“Bhabi” Rajesh placed his hand on her shoulder.

“He came back Rajesh. He came back” she hyperventilated as she spoke.

“Who?” he asked confused.

“Rajeev” his eyes went wide when he heard the name.

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  4. It’s awesome and wonderful
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