Nakchadi Ch 17 (SwaRagini)

I know this took a lot of time. Sorry for that. Hope you enjoy the chapter.  Thank you and happy Diwali. Be happy and be safe.

“Splash!!!!!!” the water landed on Raj’s face so beautifully not letting an inch of his face dry. “OMG I fell asleep in the pool? Someone save me” he screamed panicking. After some amount of time he finally realized that he wasn’t actually inside the pool but on a bed. He wiped the water on his face and opened his eyes which had turned red due to the excessive water.

Ravi was smirking holding the glass jug in his hand. “Fish…. I’m not drowning” he looked around. “Sadly no” Ravi gave him apologetic look. “Saale saab you here?” Raj asked getting out of the bed. “Is this what you learned in your maika?” he heard Supriya’s voice. Ravi turned and made way for Raj to look at her who was walking inside with a smirk on her face.

“Ma… what?” he asked confused. “Maika as in mother’s home” Ravi smiled widely. “Oh that’s actually a weird word but can we call as Khurana Mansion. It sounds better and catchy” Raj smiled at Ravi who gave him unbelievable look.

“There ain’t not much time for jokes” Supriya looked at both of  them. “I’m dead serious” Raj made a serious face which made someone chuckle. “Heyya Behen” Raj waved his hand to Nia who was at the door of his room with a tea tray in her hand. “Did I asked to get him tea?” Ravi glared her and she composed herself and turned. “Sissy wait” Raj fast walked to her and took the tea cup from the tray and thanked her smiling. Nia smiled at him and her smile faded when she found Ravi glaring her folding his hands.

She turned and walked out when finally Raj placed back the tea cup in the tray. “So?” Raj looked at both of them. They looked at each other with a winning smile. “Usually girls get married and go to their Sasural but in your case sadly you have to come to your sasural” Ravi walked across him and Raj’s gaze followed him.

“In that case he has to work like a bahu isn’t it?” Supriya said. Raj who was smiling looked at her horrified. “Kyu Jamata ji hawa udd gayi?” she asked smirking. “Jamata? MIL wo Jai Mata ji ki hota hai (It is Jai Mata ji ki)” he said as if correcting her. “Ravi first thing first; buy him a hindi to english dictionary. And instruct him what an all he has to do” she walked.

“Sasu mom I have a request please” he pleaded like a small kid. She turned and waited for his demand. “As I’m working here you will give me food for that but what about the salary?” asked he. “I did not get you” she said looking at him confused.

“Ohho MIL you are as innocent as your daughter. I mean in return can I meet my wife as a husband?” he bent his head cutely. She so much wanted to smile at him but composed herself and nodded her head saying “Just for 10 minutes” she walked away not waiting for his reply. But he screamed “You are so sweet MIL” This made her smile but she wore back her serious face before anyone can notice.

Ravi patted his shoulder and Raj turned to him. “So first thing is you have to get up at 5 o clock….” “Oh five. So it isn’t 5 yet let me sleep” said he walking to the bed. “Oh hello I said morning five” said Ravi stopping. “You are joking aren’t you?” Raj smiled at him. “Do I look so” Ravi crossed his arms. He nodded his head and said “Oh no”

“Now the next thing you have to clean the veranda and then pick the milk and paper. Paper on the tea table where chachu needs it every morning as soon as he gets up” Ravi said and Raj looked at him without blinking his eyes.

“And then clean the puja thal and arrange it as badi maa goes to mandir after freshening up. Then comes the kitchen part. You have to first clean it and then only you can cook the tea” “Tea cooking me…” asked Raj. “Yup” Ravi nodded his head.

“OMG” he widened his eyes. “Then break fast. In that Niya will help you. I repeat she will just help.” said Ravi and Raj pouted. “Then you have to clean the house after all the men leave for office works” said Ravi. He looked at Raj who was still looking horrified and smirked.

“Then prepare for lunch and you have to supply the lunch to their work places” Raj gulped in hearing.

“Then come back and prepare for evening snacks and tea and then broom the house once again and prepare night food. And you have to clean all the vessels then after that you can go to your room” said Ravi and looked at Raj.

“Now go freshen up. You have to prepare the breakfast” said Ravi and walked out of the room. “Bada aaya Jamai banne wala. Now will see how you will survive” said Ravi walking to his room. Ragini who was looking at them hiding sadly entered the room and looked at Raj who was still shocked.

“Raj get up. Pack your bag. I don’t want you to be here for a moment also” she shook him and went to the cup board to pack his stuff. He stopped her and she looked at him painfully. He took the bag and placed it in the cup board and took her to the dressing table. He opened the small box which he had brought.

There was a small sindhoor box in it. He opened it and took a pinch of it and placed the sindhoor in her hairline. He took the mangalsutra which she had hid out and admired her when she closed her eyes. A tear dropped her eye. He wiped it and turned her to face the mirror.

“See” he showed her the Sindhoor on her nose. “Mom says if the Sindhoor falls on the nose then the husband loves the wife immensely.” she smiled through her tears. “I love you” he whispered in her ear and she buried herself in his embrace.

“I don’t want to run away this time. I want to fight for my love. My life. For you” he said patting her head. “Even if I have to go through anything I will go through but promise me” she nodded her head and said “Promise” “First listen what I’m gonna ask” he said. “I trust you with my life Raj” she said hugging him more tightly and he kissed her hair.

“You will be always stay beside me” “I will be” she smiled. “Now chalo I’m getting late. I have to prepare the breakfast” he said dragging her out of the hug and smiling at her. “You know cooking?” she asked innocently.

“Wish I knew” he said sadly. She looked at him confused. “You tube wale uncle” he showed her the phone.

“God save my family today” she said looking up and he held her close to him. His moving face increased her heart beat and she placed her hand on his chest.

As she closed her eyes he rubbed his nose against her and she opened her eyes wide. “Subah subah romance ka expectations Mrs. Khurana not bad. You have become romantic after our first kiss I must say” he teased her and she pushed him and ran from there blushing.


“Ravi” Nia complained when he teased her hugging from back and kissed her cheek. “Saale saab” he stumbled due to Raj’s scream. “What is his problem Kabab me haddi kahi ka” he said annoyed and Nia chuckled.  “Like you are in his love story” she pulled his cheek. “Ya ya” he said casually.

“Go see what happened” she pushed him and he walked out annoyed. He reached Raj’s room  and stood folding his hands.

“This water is so cold” Raj complained. “No Solar power at this time so obviously water will be cold” Ravi looked at him. “Then how am I gonna take bath?” he asked. “That isn’t my problem. In half an hour you should be in kitchen” said he and left him thinking. Raj sat on the bed pouting.

“Early morning splash the cold water and now expecting me to have cold water bath. Uff” he said and walked inside the washroom.

He came out shivering and searched something to cover himself. His teeth shivered due to the cold. He felt a warm cloth covering him. Ragini hugged him covering him in the warm shawl and placed her head on his back. He smiled at her.

“B…biwi ji…. you are the best” he said feeling bit relaxed. “Not more than you” she smiled with the closed eyes.

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