Nakchadi Ch 10 (SwaRagini)

Ithni Mohabbat Karo na Mai doob na javu kahi
“Ravi kumbkaran ki avlad uth bhi jaa(son of kumbkaran get up fast)” Rajesh kicked Ravi and woke him up from his deep somber. “Dad don’t call yourself kumbkaran, he will commit suicide” Raj got up with annoyance on his face and with still closed eyes. “Ya right he knew one day hitler will compare himself to Kumbkaran so he died before handed.” Rajesh threw a pillow on his face. “Ouch dad” he held the pillow. “Today is Roka you idiot get up fast and help me with arrangements” Nikit stood beside Rajesh and spoke. Ravi and Rajesh looked at him with the raised eye brow. “That’s what dad wanted to speak” he smiled sheepishly and ran out when Ravi scared him and tried getting up. “Oye fast” Rajesh screamed and walked out. “Gosh this Naku’s roka is getting on my nerves seriously. But that’s okay I can do anything for my Naku’s smile” he ruffled his hair and jumped off the bed and walked to the bathroom

“Ranju” screamed Swara and glared Ranjit who winked at her and threw the next flower. She blushed turning other side. “Look at these love sick puppies started again” Ravi’s voice jerked Ranjit who stood straight and acted as if fixing the flower strand. “Bhai stop doing that. I have already seen you people kissing. What are you hiding more from me?” he placed his hand around Ranjit’s neck who gave him death glares. “Haaw Ranju bhai kissed Shona Bhabi” Nikit closed his mouth and ran from there screaming “Maa” Swara hit her head with her palm. “Oh no news reporter heard us” Ravi bit his tongue and Ranjit hit his head and ran behind Nikit to stop him.

“Maa. Maa” Nikit searched Simi but he did not find her in the crowd. “Badi maa” his face glowed like a bulb and he approached Supriya smiling. “Oh no now tho news went to Doordarshan” Ravi bit his nails nervous. “Ale chotu” said Supriya hugging him. “Badi maa don’t call me that” he pouted and crossed his little hands. “Aww. I’m cho chorry baba. Hmm tell me Nikit the big boy” she pulled his cheeks. He smiled widely and looked at her. “Maa” screamed Ranjit approaching them. Supriya jerked to his voice. “What happened? I can hear. Why are you screaming” she rubbed her ears. “wo wo maa. That whistle was about to blow so just as the precaution I screamed so that you don’t miss my voice” he smiled at her nervously.

“Whistle but we are cooking in big vessels” she looked at him confused. He nodded his head not finding ways to answer her. “Who badi maa. Neighbor house whistle” said Ravi standing beside Ranjit. “Hei?” she looked at him confused. “Ohho badi maa why do you concentrate so much on whistle?” asked Ravi and grabbed Nikit from her arms and she looked at both of them confused. “Where are you taking him?” asked she. “Wo na he wet his pants so have to give him bath again” said Ravi and closed Nikit’s mouth who was struggling to get out of his hold. Ranjit controlled his laugh. “Kya?” she asked shocked. “Haa maa. That is why I screamed. See now you also have to take bath for the second time” he gave her sorry look. She looked at her Saree annoyed. “But” she was about to speak. “But wut kuch nai maa. Come you have to take bath again” Swara dragged her. “Thank god” sighed Ranjit and Ravi. Nikit bit Ravi’s hand who winced in pain.

“Awww chotu” he screamed. He dragged his hand back and bit again. “Why was this for?” asked he waving his hand in air. “For calling me chotu” he smirked. “Shaitan” said Ravi and was about to hit him but Ranjit stopped him and picked him in his arms. “Chotu.. I’m sorry Nikit. See Ravi bhayya is very bad but…” Ranjits tried consoling him but Ravi interrupted “Haaw Ranju bhai you are such a dal badlu” He pouted. Ranjit sighed as he could not handle two dramebaazs at a time. “Ravi” he gave him a helpless look and signed him to be quite. Ravi huffed and stood. “But Nikit you also should not listen to elders talk and gossip right?” asked Ranjit. “Wow bhai must say now a days this love dose is working on you and you are growing smarter with time” Ravi grinned at Ranjit. Ranjit nodded his head and turned to Nikit and continued “I know Nikit is very good boy not at all like Ravi so he will not say what he heard to anyone hai na” Ranjit smiled at Nikit and he nodded his small head.

“But I’m not buddhu like Ravi bhai” Nikit smirked folding his hands. Ravi and Ranji looked at him confused. “I won’t tell this to anyone and you have to give me Dairy Milk silk in return what say?” he asked bending his head. “Bhai he is no lesser than any Don. I’m sure he will join Mafia when he will grow up” Ravi widened his eyes shocked. “Manzur hai tho bolo warna you know I have other ways to get it” he grinned. Ravi and Ranjit gulped scared. “And what is that other way?” asked Ravi. “Gossip queen our mom” he encircled his little hand across Ravi’s neck who looked at him horrified and Nikit winked at him. “Baaba re he will be the famous don for sure” Ravi nodded his head scared of the little devil. “Okay fine” said Ranjit and made him stand down and Nikit walked with swag. “And why are you so desperate for a silk chocolate usually girls cry over it” asked Ravi keeping his finger on his lips. “For my girl” he caressed his hair in style and walked leaving Ranjit and Ravi shocked with open mouth. “Yeh Pakka Kabali banga.(He will become Kabali). Neruppu da” Ravi acted as Rajnikant but failed and Ranjit dragged him inside with him.
“Ahhh mom I’m so damn nervous” Raj screamed as he walked inside his room nervous. “Raj relax” Sunita held him by his shoulder and stopped him. She kept her one hand on his cheek and smiled. “I want a promise from you” she looked into his eyes. He shrank his eyes not understanding. “You will always keep her happy and whatever may be the situation you will think about her before you” she forwarded her palm. “Maa I love her and without your promise also I will do all this” he said casually. “I know beta. But you know love will not be same always. You will have ups and downs in your relationship. Then also you have to do this and for that you have to be bound by a promise because I know my son might forget anything but not his promise” she smiled and he placed his palm on her palm and smiled and hugged her and she smiled cupping his face.

“Suni. We will get late” Sanjay entered the room and stopped when he looked at Raj who was all ready in his sherwani. Raj stood nervous thinking now what will his dad say. Sanjay approached him and held his cheek and shocked Raj who looked up at him instantly. “You are giving me the best thing today Raj. My bahu. I know I need not tell you because I have full trust on my son that he will take care of his wife. I don’t need your promise as I trust your mom and her upbringing that you will not disappoint me. She might not have taught you everything but she had taught you to respect a girl and her opinions and I know you will take care of your life partner very well” as Sanjay spoke a tear tripped from Raj’s eye. First time his dad trusted him and believed in him. He hugged Sanjay and Sunita looked at them with happiness in her eyes. This day couldn’t have turned better than this. Only if he knew it will turn out worst.

“Arrey Sanjay beta we will get late” Dadaji entered and saw Raj and Sanjay hugging and stopped. He entered and hugged them from either of his side. “New bahu has this aura in her before entering only she has started fixing the relations. Suni you chose the best girl for this house” Dadaji looked at Suni with gratitude in his eyes. Raj blushed to his remark.

“Ladoo bacha” Simi patted Ragini’s head when she choked while drinking water. “Hey bhagwan what is wrong with this girl always will be choking” Simi rubbed her back. “Don’t worry chachi soon RB will stop remembering her all the time and she will stop choking like this way as she will be with him forever” Swara entered Ragini’s room. Ragini blushed and chased her all over the room. “Stop it both of you” Supriya screamed entering the room with a thal. Both of them stood pouting and placing their finger on lips. Supriya dragged and made Ragini sit on the chair near the dressing table and made her wear the ornaments.

“Ladoo” she took a small amount of Kajal from her eye and placed a kaala teeka behind her ear. Ragini hugged her smiling and Supriya controlled her emotions. She dragged Ragini out of the hug and cupped her face with one hand. “Now your priorities change beta. Though today is your Roka it is the first stage of your marriage rituals. And soon you will become their family. You have to place the family needs before you. Husband and wife relationship is very fragile at the same time very strong” Ragini looked at her confused. “I know it is confusing but that’s the fact. Fragile because sometimes small thing can break it and if it survives small things and remains same it can survive the biggest storm also. Only thing is you have to believe in your relationship” Ragini nodded her head smiling as she understood what her mom meant to say.

“Gudiya” Rajesh entered and Ragini ran to him and hugged him. “Aww meli Gudiya no rona dhona today” he warned her from dropping a single tear from her eye. She smiled at him and nodded her head. “Oye Naku” said Ravi standing beside Rajesh and pulled her nose. “Bhai” she cried and Ranjit hit Ravi’s head. “Ravi bhai don’t pull her nose today at least” complained Nikit. “I have very less time to pull her nose. I will not get to do it like before” Ravi looked at her emotionally. Ragini hugged him and he rubbed her shoulder. “Ahhh stop spoiling her make up for god sake” said Simi taking Ragini back to the dressing table and fixing her make up. “Ya ya do it mom. Otherwise if her would be husband watches her without make up he will run away looking at this bhootni” Ravi ran out of the room and Ragini tried chasing him but Rajesh stopped her and signed he will take care.

“Raj” Sunita consoled him when he choked. “Relax beta” she patted his back. “Don’t worry Suni soon this hiccups will stop after his marriage as his wife will scold him right here” Sanjay controlled his laugh. “He he very funny” huffed Raj and walked out of the house and everyone chuckled and followed him.
“Namaste Namaste ji” Rajesh, Ravi and Ranjit welcomed Raj and his family. Raj looked around to find Swara. “Ohho Dulhe raja have patience. She is getting ready for you only” Suni placed her hand on Raj’s shoulder and he blushed at her remark and nodded his head. Ravi and Ranjit helped him to settle at the platform made for Roka ceremony. He sat nervous. He closed his eyes for a second to take a deep breath.

He opened his eyes shocked when he saw Ragini’s smiling face in front of him. “What the hell” he placed his hand on his chest to relax his thumping heart. “Why am I remembering that nakchadi now” he brushed his thoughts. Suni looked at him confused. He sat near him and whispered “What happened Raj?” He looked at her helplessly and she got confused. “Maa I don’t know why I’m feeling strange” said he. “Say it clearly Raj” she asked. “I don’t know why I’m feeling like this is not what I wanted. Like I don’t” he paused. “I don’t what?” asked she confused. “Like I don’t love her” she looked at him horrified.

“Raj have you gone mad. In next minute is your Roka and how can you say this now?” she pleaded him. “Mom I don’t know I’m feeling this strange” he looked at her nervously. “But suddenly why?” asked she. “Because” he was interrupted when Ravi exclaimed “Yeh lo aagayi Nakchadi oops sorry my Naku” Everyone’s attention turned to stairs where Ragini was descending the stairs and Raj was just numb. He could not understand his feelings. Was he happy. Was he sad or was he hallucinating. His heart jumped and he felt it will come out of his mouth.

Suni whose eyes moved to Ragini looked at her helplessly. What will she do now? Should she stop this or let it happen. She was fighting a battle within.

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