Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 9 )

Hey friends !  The picnic fun is gonna end soon with nairan and meghnal romance. After that will come many problems in nairan’s happy life. Keep enjoying my posts and don’t forget to like and comment. 

Episode 9

Meghna: Yes.. us..

Khyati: BTW what r u both doing here ?

Karan: We hv come to do the darshan

Naina:I wanted to come so…

Kunal teasingly: U both came all alone ?

All understood what he was talking about. Nairan blushed while others giggled.

Karan: Shut up bhai !

Kunal chuckled.

Meghna: OK… stop teasing them.. Naina karan we were searching for u.. we will play some adventure games.. come !

Naina: Ya ! Let’s go..

Everyone went near the camp.

Khyati: So what will we play ?

Kunal: So me and vishal hv put a family photo in the middle of the forest. All of us will go in different directions and hv to find the painting.

Naina: But it won’t be safe ?

Meghna: Wild animals and all.

Khyati: If we r in danger, how would we get help.

Meghna: We can go in groups

Kunal: No we will go single

Karan: But ur would be dangerous

Kunal: here, take these whistles… blow them when u r in danger.

All took their whistles and went in different directions.

Meghna was going when she felt someone following her. As she was about to turn someone pulled her and pinned her to the tree.

Meghna: Kunal?

Kunal: Yes

Meghna: What r u doing here ?

Kunal: Are topper ! Thoda jungle romance…

Meghna blushed. Kunal lip kissed meghna and they were romancing.

Here while naina was going she tripped on a stone and was about to fall when someone grabbed her and pulled her. She landed on his chest.

Naina: Karan?

Karan: Yes

Naina: thanks but what r u doing here ?

Karan: Me.. oooo…woh.. I.. u know..u

Naina: What ?

karan: I came to help u..

Naina: Ya but how did u know I was about to fall ? I didn’t even shout or something !

Karan: Oh… woh.. ohoo naina, u r taking my interview or what.. ? So many questions..

Naina: But…ka…

Karan: Shh!

Karan then looked at her and to they had an eyelock. Karan pulled naina more closer. They could fell their breathe. Karan was about to kiss her when naina put her hands between their lips. Karan seemed disturbed.

Naina: Wait ! U didn’t tell me how u knew I will fall?

Karan: Ohoo… ok baba ok.. I admit.. I had come to see u…

Naina: Why ?

Karan: Because…Hmm… I wish to.. now can’t I come to see u ? after all u r my wife..

Naina smiled.

Karan: U look very beautiful !

Naina blushed.

Karan: Thanks..

Naina: I hv to go to find the photo..

Karan: I will come with u..

Naina: But..

Karan: pls…

Naina: OK.

Karan was about to lift naina in bridal style.

Naina: Wait wait wait… what r u doing?

Karan: Lifting u !

Naina: But why ?

Karan: R u mad ? ur leg is hurt !

Naina: But I can walk..

Karan: No u can’t… let me help u…

Naina: I can walk..

karan: U can’t…

Naina started to walk but was about to fall when karan saved her and her towards him so close allowing no space to pass between them.

Karan: Why r u so stubborn ?

Karan lifted her up in bridal style. Naina was blushing.

Naina: Karan..

Karan: Hmmm ?

Naina: Nothing…

Karan and naina smiled at each other and had eyelock. Then suddenly they heard the whistle, everyone ran there. It was khyati. 

Kunal:What happened khyati ?

Khyati: I got the photo…

Kunal: So?  only for that u called us…

wait what ? U got the photo ! Oh ! Good ! U won..

Khyati: Ya…

Naina: Karan let me down…

Karan: But naina…

Naina:Karan pls…

Karan let naina down and nairan and meghnal had come together. 

Khyati: BTW what were u two doing with my bhabis ?

Kunal: Aa…woh…me..we..

Karan: I… me..woh… we..

Khyati: What ? Romancing? 

Nairan and meghnal blushed.

Khyati: It’s okay…now next game..

They went to the camp place.

Kunal: Next game will be that who will reach the top go that hill.

Khyati: single ?

Kunal: No couples as it is very difficult to reach alone.  

Meghna: OK. ..

Khyati: We will win

Karan: We will win

Kunal: We will win 

Karan: Let’s start…

All left. Nairan were going.

Naina: Sorry! 

Karan: Why naina ?

Naina: bcz of me I can’t win… I am sorry…

Karan: No naina…. we will win.. don’t u remember how I was confirmed that we won’t win but u encouraged me…. it is just a game.. it doesn’t matter to win or lose..

it is just for fun..

Naina smiled at how karan hasmiled changed.

Karan: So let’s go otherwise we will surely lose.

They smiled and holding hands moved towards the pick. Nairan reached the pick first and won the game. They were very happy and hugged each other. Then they realised what they were doing and let go of each other. Then reached meghnal and then vishyati.

Kunal: We were second 

Kunal was sad but happy for nairan

Meghna: It’s okay..

Kunal: Ya..but for the first time karan won from me…

Meghna: Cheeku also won from me the first time.

She hugged naina and karan.

Meghnal: congo !

Nairan: thanks !

Khyati: We were third…. we lost..

Naina: It’s okay..

Vishyati: Congo….

Nairan: Thanks..

They all went to the camp and nairan told the elders about their win. They were excited and the elders blessed them to be happy together forever. 

Kunal: OK guys!  Let’s sleep.. we will leave tmrw morning.

They all slept in their tents. They woke up next morning and left. They played a bit in their journey.They reached Chauhan house and went straight to their rooms as they were tired.

Hope u all enjoyed ! The picnic ended and hope u liked this part.

Soon coming the next part where there will be problems in nairan’s happy life. Keep enjoying and reading ! Do like and comment… Posting soon…

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  1. Meronmioneh

    I am very sorry, There r so many mistakes.
    -After karan said naina is looking beautiful ‘naina’ will say thanks not ‘karan’.
    -When kunal said about the second game, it would be top ‘of’ the hill not ‘go’.
    -when naina will say sorry it would be bcz of me ‘you’ can’t win not ‘I’.
    – When karan will talk about how naina encouraged him, he would be talking about the couple competition.
    – After karan told about how naina encouraged him, Naina smiled at how karan ‘has’ changed not ‘hasmiled’.

  2. Aafiya

    Superb.. Amazing..

    1. Meronmioneh

      Thanks dear…..Keep reading,enjoying, commenting and liking my posts. A twist in nairan’s life that is gonna change everything…

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