Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 8 )

Hey friends!  I am back here…So, the picnic will be kind of fun with loads of nairan romance…meghnal romance too… After this picnic, something will happen that will change nairan’s life.. 

Episode 8

Precap- Danger and Nairan Romance

All the couples were in the arms of each other feeling each others warmth. Naina was very happy seeing karan’s care for her. As all the couples were romancing gazing at each other, suddenly their fast vehicle was put on a break by the driver with a sudden thud which moved everyone inside.

Naina: Ouch !

Khyati: Ah !

meghna: Ohh…!

Karan: Naina, R u okay ?

Naina nodded.

Kunal to the driver: What happened ? Why did u stop the vehicle with a sudden break ? If something would hv happened to us ? Then ?

Driver: I am sorry Sir but suddenly A  large rock rolled from the cliff. So, I had to put a break otherwise we would hv hit the rock…

Karan: Now what do we do ?

Kunal: We hv to see what has happened outside and hv to move the rock… Com’on let’s go..

Karan, Vishal and Kunal were moving out. Naina suddenly held karan’s hand. She was tensed.

Karan: It’s okay dear… I will be back after moving the rock.

Karan smiled and removed naina’s hand from his hands. Karan, Vishal and Kunal were trying hard to move the rock but they couldn’t. So, they decided to call the driver to help them. The driver came and they were moving the rock.



Karan turned back to find the vehicle moving down the slanting road to the end of the turning where it will fall down the hill. Driver had actually forgot to put the handbrake.Kunal, vishal and karan panicked and ran towards the vehicle. It was going to roll down the hill.

Karan: NAINAAA !


Then due to God’s grace, the vehicle’s tyre got stuck in a rock and hence did not fall but it was slowly slipping down the hill. So, they had to be quick before the vehicle fell down the hill.

Kunal: Everyone come out…

Nirmala: Bauji, u go out first !

One by one everyone came out and naina was the last one.

Karan: Naina, Come out fast…

Naina was trying to reach karan’s hand but couldn’t. Nairan were trying hard to hold each other’s hand but couldn’t. Naina reached karan’s hand. But suddenly the vehicle fell down.

Meghna: CHEEKUUU !

But karan had pulled naina. Naina got up and nairan hugged tightly.Naina was in tears. She hugged karan very tightly.

Karan: Naina…

Naina: Karan…

They broke the hug.

Meghna came running and hugged naina.

Meghna: Chiku, U r okay ?

Naina nodded.

Naina: Yes di.. now don’t get worried.

Kunal: My beautiful salli is very brave. Right ?

Naina smiled and nodded. Naina then looked at karan who was fuming in anger and was glaring at the driver. He went to the driver.

Karan to the driver: How can u be so careless ?? Haan ? If something would hv happened to naina then ?

Karan held the collar of the driver and was about to beat him. Naina came and stopped karan.

Naina: Karan stop… Stop.. Don’t beat him. See, now I am okay.

Karan: But naina if anything would hv happened to u then ?

Naina: Karan.. pls..

Karan nodded and left him.

Karan: Naina is telling that is why I am leaving u otherwise..

Again he was going to beat him.

Naina: Karan.. stop..pls

Karan left him but was glaring at him.

Driver: I..I am very sorry madam..

Naina: It’s okay.. just be careful from the next time…

Driver nodded.

Kunal: Okay.. now from her how do we go ?

Driver: U hv to go by walking from here… The mandir is 2-3 kms away from here. But be careful about wild animals. They r very dangerous. And ghosts too…

Kunal: Hmm..okay…Let’s go.. The adventure starts now..

All started heading towards the mandir. All the couples were together. Karan was holding naina and Kunal was holding meghna. They had embraced their wives in their arms. Meghnal were moving ahead. Nairan were moving bedside vishyati.

Khyati: Karan bhai is so caring towards naina bhabi !

Naina blushed.

Karan: Khyati..

Khyati: What bhai ? Did I say something wrong ? And btw why did u deny the truth question (how much did u love naina) ?

Nairan blushed.

Karan: Shut up khyati !

Vishyati giggled.

The chauhan brothers were still holding their wives. Soon, they reached the temple. It was evening then.

Karan: We will set the camping behind the temple. There !

He pointed towards a place.

Kunal: Hmm… right.

Dadu: U all go, I will do the darshan.

Vishal: Come Dadu,  I will go with u..

They both went to the temple while all others went towards camping setup. After everything,  the 3 young couples sat down around the bonfire near the lake to play something while the elders went to their camps to sleep.

Meghna: Let’s play dare or dare !

Naina: What’s that ?

Kunal: That’s a unique game where the 2 husbands will give a dare to the wife of the 3rd husband to do for her husband like karan and vishal can give a dare to meghna to do with me. And it will be the same for wives.

Khyati: Hmm… I see… It will be a nice game..

Nairan had understood that they will give nairan some romantic dares knowingly.They started to play. They decided that they will give the same dares to all. All will hv to dance in the songs they had sang during the antakshari with their partners.

Naina: But karan sang two songs…

Meghna: So u hv to dance in both of them..

She winked at naina. Naina glared at meghna. After all danced in the romantic mood. It was nairan’s chance. They danced in lae dooba, tose naina and tum mile very very very romantically. They were in their own romantic world. They had totally forgot about others and were very close. After their dance their they were still gazing at each other but moved away when they heard the claps, hooting and cheering of others. They were very shy and sat down.

Kunal: U both danced very romantically. Amazing yaar…

Nairan blushed as all others teased them. Then they played something else and discussing. But then Karan realised that naina was tired and had slept on their shoulders. After sometime, karan also slept on naina’s head. After sometime, Meghnal and vishyati noticed nairan sleeping and adored them. They were looking super cute together.

Kunal: They look so cute together…. Now they r so happy together after facing so many hurdles in their life….I wish they stay like this always….

Meghna: They r made for each other… but I don’t know how I had decided to separate them….

Meghna was upset but kunal consoled her.

Kunal: That’s past… now forget it.. they r now together..

Meghna nodded and meghnal had an eyelock but was interrupted by coughs of vishyati. After sometime, they had stopped playing. Kunal woke karan and said him to take naina.

Karan: Oh yeah ! I had just took a nap..

Meghna: BTW karan, U both look very cute together… U both r made for each other. Always stay like this.

Karan blushed and smiled. He nodded in a yes and lifted naina in bridal style in his arms and took her to their tent. He kept her gently in her place, covered her with blanket and went inside the blanket near her. He slept peacefully.

In the midnight, naina woke up to find herself sleeping in the tent and wondered what had happened. She suddenly saw a shadow and went outside. Then SPLASH !

Karan heard the splash and went outside near the lake to find naina drowning in the lake. He quickly jumped into the lake and took naina out and took her to their tent.

Karan: Naina…

He was calling her.

Naina: Karan..

Naina was calling his name but was not opening her eyes.

Karan: Naina open ur eyes…

Karan touched her to find her shivering. It was obvious as she was in the cold water in the chill winter night. He was shaking her to wake her up but she was not responding. Suddenly, karan touched her to find she had become cold very cold like a dead body. Anyone would hv thought she was dead. Karan panicked.

Karan: Naina.. naina… open ur eyes naina…wake up… talk to me naina.. naina pls wake up for me…Naina

He was very scared. He could not lose Naina. He rubbed her hands and feet to produce heat but she was not responding. He tried everything to produce heat but she was not responding. Her breathing rate was being less. Karan was terrified. He was in tears. He was shaking naina to wake up. Then, suddenly an idea struck to his mind but he was reluctant to use it.

Karan ( in mind ): Karan, U r her husband, u hv the right… but without her permission.. U r doing it for her only…to save her.. u can’t lose her.. no u can’t.. she is ur life.. u hv to be quick.very quick.. do it.. it is okay..

Karan: I will do it.

He went outside and blew off the fire near his tent so that something happening in the tent is not seen outside the tent.

He went inside and unbuttoned his shirt and took it out. He then went closer to naina, opened her nightsuit knot and unjacketed her. He hugged her and rubbed her back. He moved his hands on her bare belly. He kissed her neck passionately. He was moving his hands from her bare belly to her back. He pulled her more closer to give her his body warmth. Slowly, naina regained consciousness. She felt something warm around her body. She felt karan kissing her neck. She suddenly moved away from karan. Karan was startled by her sudden move.Naina saw karan shirtless and found herself unjacketed. She remembered karan caressing her belly and back.

Naina: What….what… what just happened now ? What were u doing ?

Karan: Naina, Actually woh… I… I was giving u my body heat… and why had u gone outside ?U had become totally cold… I thought u… Why had u gone outside ?

Naina: Karan, I saw some shadow and followed it… and then fell into the lake….th… thanks

Karan: Welcome naina… I am sorry I did it without ur permission but I had to do it…

Naina smiled: I understand.. it’s okay.

Karan grinning: BTW I am ur husband… I hv rights on u..I could have done anything with u… but I just don’t want to force u into anything without ur permission.

Naina smiled. Then she hugged karan. Karan hugged her back. After sometime, they broke the hug and naina snuggled into karan and slept on his bare chest. She was first shy but then she was comfortable.

Next morning, Naina woke up on karan’s chest. She woke up, wore her jacket and was about to go when karan pulled her and she fell on karan’s bare chest.Karan gazed at her and quickly kissed her on her lips. Naina blushed and quickly got up.

Naina: U hv become very naughty !

She then quickly went out. Karan wore his shirt and went to get fresh. After getting fresh, nairan noticed that everyone was busy.

Naina: Karan, Let’s go to the temple.

Karan: U really wanna go ?

Naina nodded.

Karan: Then come

He held her hands and they went up. They reached the temple. Naina went inside, folded her hands and prayed to God.  Karan prayed and then he was gazing at naina. Naina opened her eyes and found karan gazing at her. They had an eyelock.

Voice: Naina ! Karan !

Nairan turned back and were surprised.

Naina: You ?

Precap: Whose voice ????

I know this was superlong. So ended it here. Hope u enjoyed and  not bored. Do like and comment ! Posting soon…tc
















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