Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 5 )

Hey friends! I am very happy that u all are enjoying my ff. I will try to post it as soon as possible. I hope I keep u happy with ff.

Episode 5

Meghna: ok….. hv u done the preparations?

Naina: Ya di just that packet was about to be kept.

Meghna: OK good.

Nairan kept the packets. Kunal and vishal left. But khyati and meghna were still there smiling. Nairan noticed it.

Naina: What happened to u both ? Do you need something ??

Meghna: No no..

Naina: Then?

Khyati smiling teasingly: We were wondering what u both were doing under the shelf falling on top of each other close no very close for such a long time…

Nairan blushed hard. Naina became very shy.

Meghna: To try that with vishal. Right khyati ?

Khyati blushed. Meghna smiled while karan smirked.

Khyati smirking: Bhabi why don’t u along with kunal bhai give us young couples some cheesy romantic moments ?

Karan: Ya bhabi why not?

Meghna blushing: Tum log bhi na!

Meghna blushed and went. Karan and khyati hified. Naina was just smiling watching their teasing drama.

Khyati smirking : So, what were u doing tell !

Naina blushed very hard and karan ran to beat khyati but khyati ran. Nairan looked at each other and looked away as they were shy. Nairan went downstairs. All were present in the hall.

Meghna: Sorry all hv done the preparations. Now let’s tally the checklist. Me , Khyati and vishal will go for basement items checking. Kunal, karan and naina will go for basement items checking. Papa and maa rest with Dadu.

Kunal was upset.

Kunal: Meghna can’t we stay together ? Let khyati and vishal romance.They r newly married couples. Meghna u don’t want to be kabab mein haddi in their romance haan.

Meghna: But if they start to romance like nairan by rolling down the desk and staying so close under a desk for a long time then?

Nairan blushed.

Kunal: Let’s hem romance how they want to. Why r u so worried ? And we hv not romanced since a long time…

Khyati: Bhabi ! We 4 need tuitions right ?

Nairan and meghna understood what khyati was speaking about. But others were confused.

Kunal: Let’s go !

All went towards their work.Nairan and meghnal had some romance. Then after dinner all went to their rooms.

In meghnal’s room

Kunal: I can’t wait for tmrw.

Meghna: Me too. Ithe would be so much fun.

Kunal: Ya…. but now let’s romance..

Meghna: Shut up and sleep..

They both snuggled onto the bed.

At nairan’s room

Naina was setting the bed while karan came out from washroom.He was looking at naina. Naina noticed it and smiled.

Naina: Karan ! I have made the bed… come and sleep.

Karan: Ya…but let’s romance… I know we had romance but all were teasing but now the door is locked and no one is there only u and only me… so..

Naina: So what karan ? I hv to wake up early and prepare for tmrw..

They both slept peacefully.

Hey ! I know u all had expected more from me but I could post this much. I am sorry. Posting soon. I had some problem with writing. Actually I had written more but it all got deleted by mistake so I had to writem again. Pls read all my posts and enjoy

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