Nairan’s everlasting love life ( episode 1 )

My ff ‘ Nairan’s everlasting love life ‘ is the story after swabhimaan’s happy ending. All characters are the same. My ff is mainly on nairan.

The brief synopsis- Naina and karan (nairan) would be forcefully married to save their siblings marriage( meghnal ). Karan would be having a skin disease. Naina would cure karan with many hurdles by the her father in law and sandhya (masi maa).Nairan would then fall in love and then their remarriage with many difficulties would be there. Then naina would be in trouble and then things will sort out and then happy ending.

I loved swabhimaan but due to some issues between the rajshri films and colors tv.The show ended.  I love swabhimaan and miss it. 

Now let’s start with the story….

Episode 1 

Naina woke up and find her in karan’s arms. She was happy looking at karan and that everything sorted out.She got ready and go to the hall and great everyone. Then, karan woke to find naina no where and got fresh and come down.He greeted all.

Then naina and meghna served all and sat beside their hubby and nairan and meghnal were continously smiling at each other  They wished to be together forever and ever.

Everyone : coughs..

Nairan and meghnal break the eye contact and eat.That day, karan went for music classes but kunal, meghna and naina had a official leave. Three of them were sitting in the hall.

Kunal: Hey ! My cute salli u look so beautiful..

Naina: Thanks jeeju 

Kunal:more than ur sister 

Meghna: Acha

Naina and kunal chuckled

Kunal: Really… she is more beautiful than u meghna

Meghna then hit kunal with a pillow…. Naina chuckled. Just then Karan entered.

Meghna:karan u hv to keep an eye on ur wife and brother.

Karan worriedly asked: why bhabi ?? What happened ?

Kunal and naina chuckled.

To be continued… 

Sorry for the small update… gonna continue soon…. till then.. stay happy n healthy 

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  1. Hi, seems interesting. I love and miss the show too.
    P.S. I don’t know whether it is a coincidence but I realised your username looks like Hermione.

    1. Meronmioneh

      Thanks. I am updayeing very soon. Do check all my aryicles. I hope u like all my articles. Me too love ess and miss it. I am Yashika. I am a potter head. My username goes like me_ron_mione (hermione)_h (harry). I was thinking of some username so made this.

      1. Cool! I’m a Potterhead too

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