NAIRAN – My Stupid Love Story (Episode 9)

Hi guys. Im back with new epi. Hope u will enjoy this….
Naina: ok then. As u wish.(all are confused with naina’s statement)but don’t u ever think that I will step back. Mein yeh shaadi har haal mein karvaakar hi rahoongi. Nothing will change if u disagree with this shaadi I will make them elope and will successfully do their marriage in front of everyone including the medias. U know na how shameful it will be for u. they will start badmouthing about u infact they will raise question on ur upbringing. Actually ur son is going against u so most often people will blame u right.i will not force u . the decision is upto u. but (with a smirk) this marriage will surely happen. U have 10 mins think about it and answer me. I’ll be waiting for ur decision inside

Saying this she about to leave but stopped by nk.
Nk: I agree
Naina: sry I didn’t hear u . can u repeat?
Nk: I agree with this marriage.
Naina: gud. So u know how to think wise. Not bad and ha I have a one more thing no one should interfere in my life.if anyone dared to do so….mein kya kar sakthi hoon aapne dekha hain. Toh mansoor?
He nodes s to her. She then holds kunal’s hand and walk toward meghna. She bring both of them to the mandap.

Naina: pandit ji start the marriage.
Saying this she went inside. She was getting ready when sharada enters there .
Sharada: u don’t have to do this marriage naina. He have agreed to their marriage right.
Naina: (hugs sharada) we should not fail some one that badly. We should also give a small victory to him. He is a hurted venomous snake. He can do anything with di after this marriage. I cant let that happen. I already had faced a lot of lose but not now. I should become her shield. For this I should be a part of that family. Aur haan yeh shaadi ho ya na ho mere liye ye koyi maayne nahi rakthe shaayad kabhi bhi nahi.

She smiles and both went to the mandap.karan was mesmerized to see her in bridal attire.their marriage is completed and they went back to jaipur. On the way back sandhya informs nirmala about karan’s marriage. And ask her to make arrangements for their grahapravesh.nk is still angry. They reaches chauhan house. Dadaji was shocked but yet happy to see naina again but as karan’s wife. They took his blessings and went to their respective rooms
Karan’s room
Naina took a blanket and pillow and was about to leave when dadaji comes there.he was shocked to see naina stading with a pillow and blanket in her hands.

Dadaji: what happened beta.
Naina: nothing dadaji. Bas mein use tang kar rahi thi. Aur kuch nahi.
Dadaji: anyways im happy to see u once again.i always go to that restaurant hoping that we will meet again and actually l also wanted u as my bahu.i was planning to ask ur hand for my karan but god had heard me and send u to me.(karan smiles at his statement.) u r meghna’s cousin right?
Naina: ss
Dadaji.: ok then u must be tired. Gud nit
Nairan: gud nit dadaji.

He wents out and closes the door. She locks the door and was coming to the bed but she accidentally steps on the blanket. She loses her balance and falls on karan and both laded on the bed with a thud. Their lips gently brush with each other. Both gets shocked and shares a cute eye lock. Naina got up and went to change. She then sleeps on the couch. Karan was staring her with a sweet smile. They he also falls asleep. Next morning, meghnain does the arthi. It was their pehli rasoi and naina was hell confused. She was siting with her right hand on her jaw.
Meghna: what happened nainu?

Naina: I don’t know how to prepare north Indian dishes.
She pouts. Meghna laughs at her. Dadaji was hearing the sisters’ conversation.
Dadaji: don’t worry choti bahu . we will love to have south Indian dishes. So prepare one. She smiles and nods. After cooking meghna went to call everyone for breakfast while naina was arranging the table.the door bell rang and khyathi went to open the door. The personholds her neck and enters.
Person: ( shouts) naina…..

Naina: raghav?
S guys it was raghav and his gang.
She releases his grip from khyathi’s neck and slaps him hard. He gets angry but then smirks.

Raghav: wow naina this much anger even after ur marriage .not bad.
Naina: I’ve warned u to stay away from my family, then y are u here?
Raghav: we are here to meet naina sry purani naina
Naina: (confused) what do u mean?
He throws a cover at her. She opens it and found a track suit.

Naina: what’s this
Raghav: purani naina’s fav dress.
Naina: ( a bit angry) come to the point raghav
Raghav: I have said right we are here to meet purani naina. So change ur saadi and come.
Naina: but y?
Raghav: do as I say otherwise. (he pulls khyathi towards him and places a knife on her neck. Naina tries to hold her hand but in vain. Khyathi cries in fear.)
Dadaji: plz do as he say
Naina: ok( she goes and changes) now what?

Raghav: (looks at her and smirks) my old naina doesn’t wear any mangalsootr or sindoor
Naina : (smirks) old naina doesn’t listen to loosers. She always do what she want.
Raghav gets angry and pushes khyathi .the knife gently cuts khathi’s neck and then holds her by her hair.
Naina: (yells) raghav

Raghav: come outside and fight with me. I want to take my revenge.
Naina: y should I ?
Raghav: ( smirks) I have only made a small cut on her . I can do whatever with her. U got me right.
Naina: I’ll come
They both comes outside. He was with six people. They start fighting. they had knife and some sword s with them. Someone scratches on her hand with knife. Her hand cuts. She sees the blood flowing out(in mind: ab to saala maar khakar hi jaayenge) she snatches the sword from 2 goons and roams it. Then she started attacking them. Atlast they ran away. She comes towards her everyone was staring at her as if she was an aliene.
Dadaji: r u ok beta and how did u do this with such an ease.

Naina: who dadaji.. mmm….actually dadaji im a champion ….in… boxing and vushu….wo there were just mom I and akka in chennai na so mom made me learn these.
Dadaji: acha but who was that? It seems that u know each other since years.
Naina(gets shocked and thinks for a while)actually when we were in Chennai, one night he came there and tried to attack us. I beat him that’s why he is trying to take revenge from me.
Her hand was cover with blood and blood drops are tripping from her hand. Karan notices it.
Karan: naina ur hand is bleeding.

Naina: its ok karan its just a small scar
Karan: small scar? Its bleeding very badly. Let me give first aid to u. no I should call doctor (he takes the phone but naina snatches it)
Naina: relax karan im not a child. I can take care of my self. Don’t even think about calling the doctor.
She then went upstair. Everyone gets impressed in naina.
Karan: naina…

He follows her to the room.she was trying to remove the blood. Karan helps her.
Karan: what was the need for fighting with them
Naina: what should I do then? Should I let him to do anything with khyathi?
He gets silent actually she shuts his mouth. he was applying ointment and naina gives a small scream. He blows on her wounds. she smiles at him. He looks up and they share a cute eye lock. Khyathi passes by and raabta song plays from her phone

So how was it guys. Plss do share ur thoughts. bye

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  1. Threemaimai

    cool….. i love your ff it shows different naina and i love her personality

  2. Shruthy

    Aww this was so cute.
    Naina the tezdhaar. Attitude is outstanding xD <3 Loving this different Naina. Letting everyone around shocked of her talent.
    Karan is so much in love with Naina. Always smiling, staring at her. <3 Hopefully she gets less aggressive with him. Poor boy! :p
    And btw, you have brought a South Indian wali Naina, and that too from Tamil Nadu. Are you also Tamil ? If so, hi yaa, I am also Tamil (but not Indian wali, Sri Lanka se).
    Post the next part soon. Will be waiting <3

  3. I like nairan scene and also brave naina. Keep writing and PASAP

  4. Pratha

    Amazing, wonderful
    Can’t think of words to describe todays episode

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