NAIRAN – My Stupid Love Story (Episode 4 & 5)

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so here we go

she was going to rply smtng when sharada holds her and sent her upstairs

sharada:u r here to see meghus dulhae so see him and dont interfere in nainas matters . we r here to look after her .ok.

she then goes leaving the relative angry. the chauhans arrives there and meets meghna.they fixes their marriage.they went back home leaving karan and kunal there .kunal went to talk to meghna.naina comes down. she was observing smtng when the chauhans were here.she then approaches relative 2.she begins to talk to her

naina:so u were talking about my family right.i agree thatmy akka did that she sacrificed her life for this familys respect. but she was not a theif like u
sharadha and r2:what
naian:dont u get me.ok aunty where is ur gold chain

she was shocked to find it missing

naina:its missing right i ll get it fr u.its in her bag
r2:badtameez kahin ke.i didnt do anything wrong(she was sweating)
naina: ok then let me check ur bag
she snatches her bagand searches it. she takes out the chainshe gives it to sharada.
naina:what rights do u have to talk about my one side its u who steal things from their own family members things and on the other side was my sister who never let this famils head DOWN.(she was crying while saying this).

she then goes out with karan at her heels.he finds her sitting on a bench in the field . tears were rolling down her face.he feels bad and sits with her.

karan:are u crying
naina:no i was laughing(she wipes her tears
karan:anyways u r just got u know that she stole it . tell me na
naina:its none of ur business
karan: how rude. i always wanted to be frnd with u .but ur shooing away me

he then gets a call

karan:wow u still remembers me right i thought that after being an acp u would have forgot about ur old frnds
naina looks at him and leaves frm there.karan hung up after smtym and finds naina going inside.

kara:ajeeb ladki hain.par….achi hain (he smiles)

Next day karan comes to meghnas house and informs them that the marriage is fixed in next week and gives a chart of the functoins and the things required. everyone gets shocked seeing the long list.karan tells them that he is here to help them and supervise them.he then goes upstairs to meet meghna.while naina comes down she slips and karan holds her by waist they shares a cute eye lock. meghna was watching them from upstairs and smiles.naina gets out of his hands and walks down.karan smiles.he then approaches meghna.
karan:congrates bhabhi
meghna:thank u karan
karan:acha bhabhi was naina like his frm her chilhood onwards
meghnas smile fades
meghna:no karan she was not like this.actually she was the jolliest and the most active one among us .come i ll show u smtng

meghna takes karan to her room.she searchesfor smtng and comes with some cds.she puts it in her laptop and was her cousin vishals marriage was showing the arrival of his it naina was shown dancing very happy.he was lost in her smile.she then plays vishals receptions cd.naina was singing with a girl.

meghna :that one is nainas elder sister Shivada
karan: where is she now?
meghna:she is no more.actually her death made naina like this. naina was very naughty and she used to play around .she was never like this,always happy ,active,cheerful,and she always makes every one happy. but shivadas death made her another person.the one who used to love everyone is now filled with hatred only.
karan:how did she die?

meanwhile naina enters there.
naina: di aunty is calling u

this made meghna leave ,leaving her talk incomplete.naina also leaves.karan takes all the cds with himhe then went was night and karan was watching nainas video.he was smiling meanwhile dadaji enters and he closes the laptop.

dadaji:beta.its some cash.u should give this to sharada and help her., also no one should know about this u should sleep .u have wake up early right
karan:ok dadaji.

he goes to day he went to sharadas house and searched fr naina but it was in vain.meanwhile naina was in apolice station to enqure about smtng.she then stands outside the police station.
naina(to herself)what will i do now.i have to find the secret.
she then reminds of karan talking to acp.

naina:lets call karan.but i dont have his number.oh shit. what will i do now. (she thinks fr smtym)let me ask meghu di.(she calls her)di do u have karans no:
meghna(smiles):ya but y?
naina:i have a work with him
meghna:ok i ll send it
she cuts the call and send the no:to her .naina calla him and ask him to meet her inxy restaurant.he was in ninth cloud. he reaches there.

karan:(places his hand on her forehead)are u ok?
naina :what do u mean?
karan:no the girl who never talked to me sweetly she have called me to meet her in a restaurant
naian:are u joking.well im not in that mood.i want ur help .no actually ur frnd acps help.
karan:whatitni handsome ladka tumhare sath hain aur tumhe uski frnd ki zaroorath hain
naina:(she becomes angry but controls).dekho mujhe uski help ki zaroorath hain aur woh mera aakhri umeed hain
karan:but fr what purpose?
naina:its none of ur business
karan:it is .ur my lo.. imean my relative sry would be relative and he is my frnd so it matters me. and ha if u want my help then u should become my that ok
naina:(thinks for smtym) ok
karan:then say
naina:not here i dont want any one around us.come i ll take u smother place

she holds his hand and and then gets into an rikshaw.she tells the rikshaw wala to take them to a plkace

karan:are u going to kill me
naina(in a sarcastic way):aahh,tumhe kaise patha chala.tumhare dimaag toh rocket hain .actually mujhe logon ke saath dosthi karne se allergy hain.agar tum mar gaya toh acp sir enquiry ke liye,nahi atleast tumhaari laash dekhne keliye toh aayengi main aaram se unse baath karloongi.isse tumhaare sath dosthi bhi nahi karna hain aur mera kaam bhi ho jaayenge
karan:u r kidding right
rikshawalla:be aware if its about her family then she will do it.
naina:did u hear it now keep ur mouth shut
karan:no she will her frnd .she will not kill her frnd right

they reaches the re. she goes and sits on a bench.karan also sits there.
karan:now tell
naina:ha bolthi hoon

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