NAIRAN – My Stupid Love Story (Episode 2 & 3)

Karan:naina my dadaji is coming. agar woh ham sab ko dekh liya toh sab gadbad ho jaayenge .plz do smthng
naina:what can i do in it.its your dadaji and u should handle him.and by the way badtameez log kisi ke help nahi karthe.[she smirks at him]
karan:its not time for fight naina plz help us atleast for ur di

Naina thinks for a while and then she got up from her seat .she called a waiterand said smtng in his ears .meanwhile dadaji enters and kunal sees him.the waiter walks towards dadaji wih naina behind him.he intentionally hits dadaji and he was going to fall when naina holds him.she signs thanks to the waiter
naina:are u ok dadaji
dadaji:ya im alright.thanku beta
he touches her head and was going when naina turns him around.karan gets impressed
naina:yahan beite hena

she forcefully makes him sit there .now dadaji was siting facing naina and his back towards karan .karan was sitting 5 tables behind dadaji.she signs him to take meghnal out. he was taking them when naina intentionally falls a spoon towards dadaji and came to take it thus blocking his that time the trio gets outside.meanwhile inside the restaurant
naina:dadaji i hink i should leave now

she touches his feet and went out
dadaji to himself: sanskaari hain

she gets out angrily and took an auto whichwas stoped by kunal. he makes her descent and sent the auto
naina(angrily) :now what?
kunal:arey naina if you goalone then they will surely enquireabout plzstay some more time

she agrees. they all sit in kunals car .meghna beside kunal and nairan in the backseat.they roam around for smtime and all the time karan was looking at naina who got impressedin her andaaz/attitude.kunal then dropped the 2 sisters at their home .naina was very angry and for the whole day she was not uttering a single word to her .meghna felt sad and she apologised to her Next day also meghna convinced naina to come with her. thay met up in the same restaurant

naina: are u mad guys.kum se kum restaurant toh badlo
they agrees to her that next time they will change the restaurant.this time they made nauran stand outside to nform them whetherdadaji was coming or not. dadaji came

karan:u go and stop him
naina:pagal ho gaye ho kya . agara tumhe mere sath dekh liya toh
karan :gadbad ho gayenge then wat will we do now
naina:you just message them ill handle this

he messagesto them .naina pull karan to a side.when dadaji was approching the door naina pulls karan closer and now they were in a kissing posture (but they were not).karan gets shocked but at the same time he was karans back was facing dadaji and was covering nainas face.dadaji saw them but didnt recognise and was angry to see that scene. meghnal escapes from there. he angrily enters the restaurant.seing him entering the restaurant naina pulls karan away and goes.karan had a sweet smile on his face .they went to meghnal
naina: aur kya kya karvavungi hamse?kalse mein nahi aane waali

karan becomes sad

meghna:naina plz next time there will be nothing like thi .im promising u.and also we r going to present our relation to our family.atleast tab tak keliye aavo na

naina didnt replied

naina:(in a irritated tone )ok! i will .but u should present this as fast as u can .is it ok
meghna:haaan baba. will .now every thing is set right?
naina nods yes. karan gets happy .they went back to their home.
at night in chauhan house

karan was in his room he was smiling thinking about naina when kunal enters and he didnt notices him .kunal see him smiling. he pats on his back .he comes to realty.
kunal:wow bai ur smiling.what happend
karan: nothing
kunal: acha ur lieing to me

karan explains everything to kunal.kunal taunts him then phones meghna .he tells everything to meghna

meghna: is karan mad.if naina came to know about his feelings na she will no spare him;
they then laughs .kunal tellls what meghna had told him karan goes out in anger .meghnal talked for some more time.and then they hung up

next day kunal takes meghna shopping along with nairan.there kunal and karan was looking at some shirts with meghna in another shop looking at some bags. naina was standing besides herwhen she gets a call and goes away.some boys came and began commenting meghna. kunal and karan se them . 1 boy holds meghnas hand. karan and kunal wasc approching her when some one pushes him and slaps him.the trio gets shocked on seeing the was naina and she was burning in anger.

naina:raghav i have told u many times that stay away frm my family.
raghav(which was the name of that by):tumhari itna himmat

he raises hand on her.she holds his hand and twists it. everyone began to laugh at him .she leaves his hand.

rahav:i will not spare u

he went frm there. karan and kunal was shocked and naina continued on her call.kunal comfortes meghna. they then went back home.meghnal told about their relation to their family and they agreed with them.but nk and sandhya was not happy with that relation but didnt react as they know that it will benefit them. kunals family decides to go to meghnas house that sunday.they informed her family.some of her relatives came ther that day to attend it.while they were sitting there naina passes by .

relative1:beta are u naina
r1:nice to see u again beta .is this your vacatoins
naina:no i have just completed my course
r1:which course
relative2:tum ussi ki beti hain na jiski pehli betine suicide kiya dha

naian nods yes angrily

r2:its gud that they are no more .they destroyed our respect

so guys how was it . sry for not uploading yesterday .i have uploaded two epis

and plz do cmmnt

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