NAIRAN – My Stupid Love Story (Episode 13)

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Naina:who is she?
Sonakshi-she is….
There was the sound of gunshot in the air. Naina runs towards sonakshi and shielded her. The door swung open. There a womn was standing holding a gun with an evil smile on her filthy face. It’s none other than
Naina&nk – maasi maa/ sandhya ji
Sonakshi hides behind naina holding her son tightly to her chest.-she gave me the money
Naian with a blood shot eyes-how dare you do such dirty plays
Sandhya-y only nk have the right to play with others.l also have the right coz he ditched me?
Naina-are u insane masi maa. What are u saying
Sandhya-Ss he diched me. I was madly I love with him. I had even confessed it to him. But he ..he just rejected me and hold that bl**dy nirmalas hand.
Naina-masi maa mind ur language.

Sandhya-u just shut up. That was not enough for him he took me with him saying tht I need help as I’m an orphan. S I’m orphan but that doesn’t mean that he play with my emotions. I was trying to adjust with the situation but then he done my marriage to Mr. singaniya. The dirtiest person in the world. (cries). My pillows were all wet in every night. There was always blood marks on my body.I tried adjust but one day it was enough for me he tried to sell me to another person. I was fed up with that. I killed him. S I killed him. And tried to put the aligation on him.
Nk-but i didnt done it intentionally. I didnt knew that he was such a person. Im sorry

Sandhya- l dont need ur sorry. May be u didnt done it intensionally. But u made my life a hell.i tried to kill u.But it all went in vain. I didn’t gave up. I once again made my place in that plan started from there.i didn’t left any chance to hurt nk. And I was always successful in it. That day I suggested him to tell ur truth to dadaji and he did so. That day I saw hatred in everyone’s eyes so I planed this. I was cen percent sure that they will abandon him. But u… U floped my plan. Sso its time to clear u from the ground baby. Get ready
She pulls the trigger. Naina jumps from there and lands in front of sandhya she pushes her and holds nk hand. She runs out of there. Sandhya follows her. They hides in a place naina calls the police.
Naina-I should shift her concentration from u until the police come. So I’m going

Saying this she goes. Nk gries to hold her but she jerks her hand. She goes towards sandhya. She tries to shoot her but naina always sved from it. At last a bullet penetrates through her right hand(aah) the bullets were over in the gun. Then the police came there. They arrested sandhya and took naina to hospital along with nk. Naina hand over her phone to the police. She had recorded their conversation and it was enough for the police to give her death sentence. The whole family reached the hospital all were happy for nk at the same time were worried for naina.they reached their home……at night….. All were present in the dining room . Naina was struggling to eat as she feels pain while moving her hand . Nk began to feed her. Nk took a bit of food and forward it towards her mouth. She was going to eat it when he retreats his hand and places it in his mouth. He gives her a victory smile. She glares at him. She leans on the chair.

He was going to put another bit in his mouth when she hits it hand and the food piece hits his eyes. He screams . She smirks at him. He glares at her. Her smile slowly fades she slowly gets up from her seat and run. Nk also runs behind her. The whole family was laughing at the latest tom and Jerry. Then nirmala went towards them. She hides behind her. Nk come towards her and naina pushes her tobnk. She lands nk’s chest. They shares an eye lock which was broken by the burst of laughter. Nk tightly holds nirmala towards his chest and pecks her forehead. Nirmala blushes. Naina teases them. Nk and nirmala bugs her and pecks her both cheeks. The whole family was admiring the small family. It was sleep time karan was sitting on his chair watching movie on his laptop. Naina was lying on the bed trying to sleep but sleep was miles away from her. She left her bed and approached her drawer. She took a folded paper from her side bag and sat near the window trying to find peace there. She slowly unfold the paper and began reading it. Karan was watching her every actions. It was her akka’s letter. …..

15-April 2014

Amma I’m sorry. I’m have never gave u an occasion to feel proud on me. But Amma I really don’t want to lower your head in front of people. I had done a grave mistake for which u can’t even think to forgive me. S Amma I betrayed u I betrayed my swargast appa I betrays my tangachi. I’m a bad akka for her. I am mislead Amma. I forgot ur lessons I forgot to be a good daughter. I forgot to be a good akka. Amma I …lost my…virginity Amma. I’m I month pregnant. But I will not tell u his name. I don’t want to destroys his life too. So I’m going Amma forever. Sorry Amma. Mudinjal enne mannichidu. Njan poren( pls forgive me if you can. I’m leaving)
. 2c/ pa.appa

She was looking sad on reading the letter. Karan saw it.
Karan- naina where were u in channa
Naian- channa?( she laughs) karan woh channa nahi Chennai…
Looks back to the letter astonished . She begin to jump of joy.
Karan- what happen naina
Naina- I got it karan . Why didn’t it strike my brain before. I can’t believe this.
She again jumps of joy. Karan smiles and comes towards her. She hugs him and pecks his cheek. He was awestruck by her action. But naina was not in sense . She runs out of the room saying him to meet her in the study. She runs towards the study. She peeks onto the room. Nk was sitting there . She silently enters there took his specs off his face and holds both her behind and places her chin on his head. He playfully holds her both ears and then make her sit beside him.
Nk – what happens. Y is my daughter this much happy.
Naina- wait karan is coming.( he enters the room) here he is
Nk-( karan sat beside them) now tell
Naina- appa akka is alive
Nk- what.
Karan- how u knew it
Nk- did she phoned u
Karan.- u met her
Naina-( was frustrated with these questions)nillunge.. Sollere ille( stop I’m telling it na)
Karan& nk- what
She hits her forehead

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  1. Minerva

    Absolutely stunning and awesomely amazing. The masterplan conceived by nandkishore and naina which led to the downfall of sandhya and revelation of her evil motives was wondeful and flawless in every aspect. The anteceding lines or to say the very first section of this wonderful episode was truly intriguing amd hugely interesting. In all, it was a great relief and source of joy for every chauhan amd every reader.
    The subsequent parts were just too good to be true. Nandkishore and naina’s acts and words were supremely cute and adorable. Its really astounding to set eyes upon a nandkishore like this. The conception and presentation of the scenes was marvellous.
    The latter part of the episode was indeed stupendous. Naina’s melancholy and karan’s mention of channa to give her a key out of her dark room was wonderfully depicted. The scene in the study was humorous and spread good vibes for sure. Awaiting the revelations to be made by naina’s sharp intellect and karan’s unconditional help to every move of hers..

    1. AbrahamEzra

      Thanku Minerva. Ur cmnnt made my day. Ur cmnt always brings a big waala smile on my face. Once again thanx for cmnting . Love u

  2. What…epissode end??????i know you are busy..but plz post next chapter..only next..then you take time…superb fantastic..naina -nk bond wow.nairan?

  3. Are you from kerala???i asked you because of your dp

    1. AbrahamEzra

      Ss are a malayali. Hai chunke

      1. AbrahamEzra

        Sry are u a malayali

      2. hi.Yes dear..iam also from kerala..

  4. the epi was nice,chechi,if u allow me to call then

    1. AbrahamEzra

      Ss u can. But I don’t know whether iam elder or younger. Iam turning to 16

      1. then call me chechi,coz yesterday was my 17th borthday…

  5. if u like then only???

  6. AbrahamEzra

    I would love to

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