NAIRAN – My Stupid Love Story (Episode 12)

Hi guys. I know I’m super late. But I don’t know whether I will be able update it regularly. But I will try my best. Ok let’s start

They then went to sleep. It was about 6 pm. Naina woke up and was passing by the study room. Suddenly something caught her eyes. Nk was sleeping in chair. There were marks of tears on his face. Naina feels sad on him. She went to dadaji
Naina: gm dadaji
Dadaji: gm beta.what happened. Why are u here this early.
Naina: dadaji I want discuss something with u.
Dadaji: ok say

Naina: dadaji,there is a person who was very bad and I just hate him. He also hate me but something happened and he changed. Now there is no one with him. Now he says that he loves me.And I tthink I can help him but don’t know whether he will change after the matter got sort out. Or whether he is acting. So what should I do
Dadaji: beta if someone is loving from his heart then it will reflect in his eyes.and if he is acting u can see his hatred for u. so tell me what u saw in his eyes.
Naina: (smiles)love. Thanku dadaji. I have got my answer.
She runs into the study room.she looks at nk. Naina(in mind: I think he needs me. But what about akka. No I consider him as my appa so I should make him happy. But akka… no naina now u should become ur appa’s daughter ratherthan ur akka’s sister. But how can I forget her. Naina first sort out this matter may beappa can also help u in finding akka . im so sorry akka I should do this) she caresses nk’s hair. nk woke up and saw naina starimg at him with a cute smile.
Naina: appa go and get ready. And take a leave. We have to go out. Ok
Nk: but where?

Naina: it’s a surprise. Now gooooo
She goes out. Nk smiles at his new cute daughter.he get ready and come down. He sat for breakfast. Everyone gets up and leaves. Nk gets sad.Then naina comes there.
Naina: u don’t have to leave the table he will leave
She takes 2 plates full of food and guesters nk to come upstairs. They leave.
Naina: just leave them appa u have a beautiful cute daughter na . so eat with her.
Nk took a piece and forwards it to her mouth. naina gets teary eyed. She eats it.
Nk: my children didn’t believed me. But u even after being my bahu even after having hatred for me, believed me. U became my daughter when my own daughter abandoned me. Thank u beta
Naina: uffo don’t be so senti. Now finish ur bf

They finish their food and comes down. Karan and kunal were standing in a corner discussing smtng. Naina cleans the utensils and come back
Naina: chale?
Nk: but where?
Naina: ill tell u now come. Come…
Saying this naina drags him out . nk was following her with a smile. Karan and kunal was confused seeing naina this much happy with nk. They reaches a park. they sits on a bench there. They see a man selling some oranges there. Nk buys it and they start to eat.

Naina: appa pls remove the glasses na it does not suit u.
Nk: ok my daughter.
He removes it and continues eating. He was looking down. Naina calls him and he looks up. She squeses the orange peel near his eyes. And the fluid in it enters his eyes. His eyes gets burning sensation.she laughs at him . he rubs his eyes and slowly opens his eyes.
Nk: (fake anger) tunhe to main .
He begins to chase her. They were laughing while running. Their eyes caught children playing lagori. She drags him and joins them. They plays a lot. They got tired. They rests for sometime. naina then tells him about her past and her aim of coming back to bundi. She also told him about what acp said. He was crying after hearing her past. So to make her mood up he takes her to a movie. They enjoys a lot. It was night and they returnrd to home. They had dinner and went to sleep.

Nairan room
Naina takes pillow and blanket and was heading out.
Karan: naina? What happened
Naina: I cant stay with a man who abandoned his father because of the saying of a unknown lady. How can I believe that u will not abandon me
Karan: naina what are u saying?
Karam: he was with u for years and u doubted him and abandoned him for a single issue without even knowing the truth. Sry karan whether u believe him or not I believe him and he is now my appa., so I want to stay with him. Sry if I hurt u . gn
She left the room and went into the study room. Nk was amazed to see her there with with blanket and pillow.
Nk: what happened. Why are u here.
Naina: nothing happened . im here to sleep withu . no arguments and that’s final . gud nit.
She lies on the sofa. Nk smiles and kisses her forehead. It was late night and both were not getting sleep.
Naina: appa . lets go out na
Nk: what are u mad ?
Nk : pls appa
Nk: ok come

They went outside. They stops in front of a pani puri stall. They were eating pani puri when they saw sonakshi. Talking with someone. They follows them and reaches her house. They were listening to them from window but nk accidently hits a talc and the 2 looks out of the house. They hides. They silently left from there. They reaches their house. Sleep was miles away from them. They decides to meet her the next day.
Next day they went to meet sonakshi. By seeing them sonakshi tries to shut the door but they forcefully get inside and locked the door. The boy comes out and he was scared to see them. Nk goes towards him and hugs him . she was sweating
Nk: im sry sonakshi. I did a great mistake. Im ready to accept u . I know u r very angry with me. But plz not part me from my taking him. When u change ur mind come with me I will trat u as a queen. Let me take my son with me. come beta

He holds his hand and was heading out when sonakshi comes and holds his hand
Sonakshi: where are u taking my son
Nk: its not ur son sona. Its our son
Sonakshi: no its my son . u don’t have any right on him
Nk: u said right he is my blood. I have equal rights on him so im taking him(he was leaving)
Sonakshi: (shouts) no its not ur son .its mine and my husbands son. U don’t have any right on him. Wait I will call him

She was dialing the no: when she realizes that her game is over. Her hands begin to shake. She looks at them. They were looking at her with blood shot eyes. Naina crosses her hand against her chest. She moves to wards her and sonakshi moves back. At last she was stopped by the wall.
Sonakshi: plz leave me. Plz don’t do anything to me
Naina: y u did this?
Sonakshi: I was asked to do. She also gave me money
Naina:who is she?
Sonakshi: she is ……………….
So how was it guys. Plz cmnt. Bye……………………..

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  1. Very nice…cute naina??nk-naina bond is nice…i loved it..missed nairan scenes..plz update next chptr soon

  2. AbrahamEzra

    I don’t know yaar when I will be able to post next one. But I will try my best. Till then bye

  3. I think the lady is sandhya….nicee update waiting for the next part .be back soon sweety..

  4. Threemaimai

    let’s fight papa… nice one 😉

  5. Minerva

    The storyline is in reality something beyond the ordinary and a prose-piece which is enriched with beautiful words and phrases. Its a greatly fantastic concept and very intriguing. Naina’s past has been presented in a meticulous way and is truly exceptional. Reading this story has been one of the best things to have ever happened to me and I am glad for this occurence.
    Feeling blessed to have caught sight of such a masterpiece as this. All the episodes up till now have been indeed superb and fantastic. The episode was high on emotional quotients and beautiful feelings. This side of naina’s appa is just magical and truly endearing. Extremely grateful for the revelation of sonakshi’s truth amd the subsequent relief to the father-daughter duo. Naina’s attitude and dialogues were truly great and adorable. Her conversation with karan has left me in deep thoughts and great admiration of her character.


  7. Hi…….. sorry for not commenting on previous chapters. …… wow…. I loved the chapter keep updating the chapters love it yaar . Please post next chapter as soon as possible. Eager to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and loved nk and nainas bounding love it. Please post next chapter soon

  8. Sweet and fantastic story line. I really enjoying keep writing and please post as soon as possible

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