NAIRAN – My Stupid Love Story (Episode 11)

Hi guys back with new we go……………………

Naina: (shouts) what do u think ill never get to know about ur dirty tricks.
Nk: (tensed) what…..what do u mean?
Naina: don’t act as a fool nk. U are the one who sent raghav here right?
Nk; what are u ….saying? and is it a way to teat ur f.i.l
Naina: and is it a way to treat ur bhahus.I can sense ur tension f.i.l
Nk: I didn’t do anything.
Naina: u don’t have to explain. Ill show ur real face.
She takes her phone and plays a video. In it raghav is shown beaten up badly. He says that nk had told him to do so. He was asked to hurt meghna but mistakenly he hurts khathi. His aim was on naina and meghna.everyone gets shocked.
Nirmala: how can u do this nk ji.they are like our daughters right ?
Nk: they are not like my daughters and ill will never consider them so.
He walks out. Naina follows him and stops him.
Naina: dekha. I’ve already told u not to interfere in my life,but u did so. Now see what I have done to u. if u r planning to do smtng again. Then erase it. This is just a trailer. Picture abhi bhaki hain meri father in law.
Nk: ill not spare. Wait for ur return gift.
Naina: im waiting

She goes inside.night…. karan was talking to naina when he receives a call. He attends it and hung up.
Klaran: it was ACP . he want to meet us tmrw.
Naina: great.when will we go there.
Naina: 10 am. But tmrw is our party na what will we say to them . I am sure they will not let us go.
Naina: uffo karan don’t be stressed. Leave it to me. I’ll manage it.
They then went to sleep. next day they get ready to go.they were leaving when dadaji stops them and ask where they were going.
Dadaji: today is pongal so I want to go to mandir.
Dadaji: pongal? What is that?
Naina: it’s a festival of we tamils. on that day all women assemble outside maariyamman kovil and makes pongal in pots by making firewood stove. These are seen as the Prasad and that day whole Tamilnadu will be celebrating pogal
Dadaji: ok then go. But come back soon.
She nods s and they took his blessings. they come outside.
Karan: is it ur festival today.
Naina: it was in previous month and I have celebrated if whole heartedly.
Karan smiles at her. They then went to ACP’s office

ACP: I carefully observed this autopsy report and also searched the shelf in the police quarters. I’ve got something.(he put some reports on able. She takes it)u were right naina . it’s a fake report. I got the original one.its written that the girl was pregnant from 3 months , her height is 5.2 and also that… she….was brutally raped.(Naina was very angry and she balls her palm. Karan holds it for comforting her.) and the shocking part is it doesn’t match ur dna. Naina becomes very happy. Karan was also happy to see her like that.
Naina: (excited) so its not my akka right?… but where is she now?
ACP: no its not ur sister. I don’t know but maybe she was kidnapped and they might want u to believe that she is no more. And I cant assure u whether she is alive or not.
Naina gets disappointed by that statement but was also very happy to hear the happy news.they thanked him and went back…… was their party. Naina wear a blood red coloured gown and was struggling to wear the neckless. Karan comes there. She was looking breathtaking and karan was lost in her beauty. She see him in the mirror and calls him to help her. He comes back to sense. He make her wear it and was trying to tight it. He gently bites its lock and his lips touch her neck. She feels butterflies in her stomach. They then went downstairs. Dadaji introduces the newlywed couple to the people and invites them for a dance. Nairan were dancing and both lost in their eyes. Suddenly a lady with a boy of around 16 enters there and shouts nk’s name. she grabs everyone’s attention.everyone were looking confused at her.

Nk: who are u?
Lady: don’t u remember me nk . im sonakshi with whom u satisfied ur lust 17 years ago.
Kunal: what the hell are u talking?
Karan: how can u freely blame someone like this. Do u have any proof.
Sonakshi: ss I have. (She shows some photos with nk) . is this enough for u?
Nirmala was broken and runs upstairs kunal , karan khathi and meghna followed her.everyone dispers
Dadaji: I didn’t expected this from u nk.
He and sandhya then goes. Nk was crying and runs to the garden . naina was feeling something fishy in that lady.she goes to change and peeps from window. She saw nk sitting alone there. She went to garden
Nk: ( to himself, aloud) I didn’t do anything wrong. But they do not believe me. Y are they not supporting me.y is no one with me?
Voice: im with u
Nk turns and find naina there. She comes and sit beside him. Nk was crying. She wipes his tears. He totally break down and hugs her. A lone tear comes from naina’s eyes. She wipes it and breaks the hug.
Nk: what should I do now?

Naina: don’t worry I can understand u. I never considered u as a father.but now u remind me of my father. Do u know one thing he loved us so much and we also did so . but one day everything changed . a lady blamed my father that they have illegal relation. My father was shattered. Everyone left his hand but we both hold it. It was not enough for my appa to stay alive.he does suicide in front of us.( tears were flowing from both their eyes) and one day my appa proved to be innocent. But it was too late. U r in the same situation I cant let that happen with another person.
Nk: (hugs her) im sry naina. I shouldn’t have done wrong with u . plz forgive me.
Naina: its ok. Now tell me do u know her?
Nk : no I don’t even met her before.
Naina: so it is going to be difficult. Will u be my crime partner(smiles at him)
Nk: (he laughs a little)of course I will. Can I ask u smtng
Naina: mmm
Na: can u call me app.. app.. what u call ur father
Naina(laughs) : appa
Nk: han . can u?
Naina nodes. A tear rolls down her cheek. He wipes it and hugs her. He gently pats her head. She smiles.a pair of eye were watching this.
Lady: no u cant spoil my game naina.
The lady is revealed as sandhya . she smirks.

So how was it guys . hope u enjoyed it. Plzz do cmnt and byeeee  

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