NAIRAN – My Stupid Love Story (Episode 10)

Hello my dear dhosthom. Im happ that u all like my thoughts and stories thanx for ur support…..
Karan unknowingly touches her wound. She screams. their eye lock broke.
Karan: imsry
Naina: its ok. I think we should go down. Let me change first.
Karan: ok
Naina: toh jaavo
Karan: we can go together na
Naina: I have to change this
Karan: ya can take ur own time.
Naina: oye ullu ke can I change in front of u
Karan: (hits his head) sry ill go.(He went outside)
Naina: (closes the door) iska mein kya karu bhagwan.(she then reminds of their moments and smiles.)
The duo reaches the dining table. Everyone present there.
Dadaji:take a seat naina.
Naina: no dadaji I don’t eat bf this much early.
Dadaji: this much early? It’s almost 10 beta. Come a eat beta.
Naina: no dadaji. As I was alone in Chennai and have to work with studies I always ate late and now it’s a part of my life. If I ate early then I would start vomiting. So….
Dadaji: ok. But u should eat later and look after ur health. U will certainly need some energy as u have fought with them.
Naina : ok dadaji.

She then went to garden. karan finishes his food and went to her. She was in deep thoughts. karan closes her eyes from behind.
Karan: find me
Naina: subhu just stop this.
Karan: subhu? ( removes his hand and comes in front of her.)
Naina(comes to reality): sry I was just thinking about my days in Chennai and how we both enjoyed it.(karan gets sad) did ACP call?
Karan: mm? nomay be he is still working on it.

At night. All went to sleep. Karan was carrying one heavy box to his room. Naina helps him. He ask her to leave.there occurs a small argument. At last, being angry,leaves it and it falls on karan’s leg. He screams holding his leg. naina closes his as everyone went sleep.
Naina: dheere. Anyways someone telling me that. Carrying this bag is just a small job for him. Do u know him.
He pouts. She laughs at him. He smiles seeing her laugh for the first time. She takes the pillow and blanket. Karan holds her hand and asks her to sleep on bed.
Naina: it’s ok karan. U r the son of family and u should comfortably. U know when I was in Kerala I don’t even had a house. I stayed in my shop and always slept on a torn matter. Compared to that this is a luxury for me. And ha I don’t want any fight on this.
khyathi was listening to their convo and she informs it to nk. He smirks….naina closes the door and was going to sleep on couch when….
Karan: naina I wanted to show u smtng. That’s y I bought this box here. Its my childhood pics and clothes.
Naina: but y karan?
Karan: arey u r my frnd so u have the right to..Come
He hold her hand and they both sat down. He shows her some pics and clothes. She was smiling at the pics and he was staring at her. She feels some intense gaze and looks at him. He looks back into the album. Time went by and she was sleeping. Suddenly she falls on karan’s shoulder. He caresses her cheek and gently kisses her forehead. Then he also fell asleep. Next day naina woke up and found herself sitting with karan. She then went to shower. Karan wakes up meanwhile naina comes out of the washroom. Water drops were tripping from her hair. Karan was mesmerized to see her. He walks slowly to her. He hugs her. He kisses on her eyes then cheeks and then lips. She pushes him and runs towards the table. There was shy in her eyes. She was breathing heavy. Karan walks towards her.he places his hand on her shoulder. She turns and ……splash.she threw water on his face.
Karan: (shouts) naina..
Naina(who was sitting in front of mirror turns and walk towards him) what happened karan?
Karan: y did u splash water on me?
Naina: are u insane karan? Y should I splash water on u ?and if I had done so u would have been drenched right? See u r perfectly alright.
Karan: (checks himself) u r saying right but… was I dreaming.
Naina: exactly. Now go and take a bath. Go…
Nk call everyone to hall. He asked naina to sign some papers.
Naina: what r these? And y should I sign them?
Nk: its ur divorce paper. As u r not happy with this marriage u should break this relation

Nairan gets shocked and angry.
Dadaji: not happy? What do u mean?
Nk : actually she is not happy with this marriage and also khyathi saw naina going to sleep on the couch.
Dadaji recalls their marriage night.he gets angry and was leaving when naina called him. He didn’t stop. She holds his hand and stands in front of him.
Naina: dadaji as u have already knew about the half truth pls listen to the full truth.sss I was not happy with this marriage but yet I married karan. Papa is responsible for this.
She explains everything to dadaji. He becomes shocked and nk becomes tensed
Dadaji: beta then break this relation u will never be happy with this.
Naina: no dadaji aunty ji want me to give another chance to this relation. She wants me to spend time with karan and know more about him. After that decide what is correct for me. I never objected her as she is like my mom. I want to give some time to this relation.
Dadaji becomes happy and blesses her. He goes from there. She glares at nk and walk towards him. Thud …the sound was echoing in the chauhan house. Everyone becomes shocked. Nk’s cheek hand the print of naina’s hand
So guys im done. Hope u will enjoy this . bye and pls do cmnt. tata

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