NAIRAN – My Stupid Love Story (Episode 1)

Hai guys i am pooja radhakrishnan and i am a malayaali.I AM A BIG FAN OF NAIRAN. so im writing an ff on their story and im a new writer .there may be some mistakes so plz forgive and plz do cmmnt my ff

so guys in my story naina is a cousin of meghna .mohan is her chachu who is a widower .there vis only meghna sharadha and mohan in their home.meghna and naina used to be great frndz but now…….

Meghnas house
it was around 8 am and meghna got up a bit late.she came down and saw her chachu reading newspaper there.

meghna:gud mrng chachu
mohan; gud mrng meghu
meghna ; where is mom?
mohan ; she is in the kitchen

then their bell rang and meghna opened the door .she was surpriised to see her best frnd cum best cousin -NAINA


she was going to hug herbut naina stops her

naina:oh plz! no need of hugging me
then she went upstairs

meghna(in mind ):khadus

*guys in my story naina is a tough and stubborn girl who had to become like this due to her past incidents and she is here for smthng related rto her past it will be revealed in the coming episodes.*

meghna goes upstairs

meghna:nainu i want to share smthng wirth u

naina : what?
meghna;actually i just want u to meet ur jeeju
naina; wat do u mean
meghna :arey budu im talking aboyt my lover
naina : lover? r u mad di . im telling u it its just a waste of time and it will become a problem for u
meghna : i dont want ur advice .i just want u to come with me
naina: i m not coming with u
meghna : nainu plzz for me
naina: (thinks for smtime ) ok but i will not talk to any one
meghna : as ur wish .so be ready we are going at 10 am ok

Meanwhile in Chauhan house
kunal ;yaar plz come with me i promiset hat i will buy u whatever u want
karan: pakka
kunal:ha pakka so ur coming right
karan; if it is like that i will defenitly come
kunal; ohh! my sweet brother

they met up in a restaurant at around 10:15

meghna: kunal this is my cousin naina]

kara was mesmerised seeing her

kunal: hai naina

he streches his hasnd towards her she was feeling uneasy in that grup . she turns her face away and was going to leave but meghna held her hand and made puppy face .she agrees to stay and shook hand with him unwillingly.karan felt bad wih her behaviour

kunal: anyways meghna, this is my younger brother karan
karan: hai bhabhi
kunal; come lets sit .karan tum aur naina kahin aur jaakar beit lena .i want to spend some time with her alone

meghna blushes naina: what . oh god . di im leaving
meghna ; naina ?
naina : di par
meghna : plzzzzzz
naina (in an angry tone ) fine

they sit kunal and meghna start chatting while naina was busy in her phone with karan looking at her mesmerised .accidently naina stamps on his feet
karan : ah

naina looked at him and then back to her phone
karan(knocks on the table) :oh hello .tumhare yahan sry nahi bolte hai kya?
naina: why should i say sry
karan: for ur kind information u stamped on my feet
naina: so what?
karan:so what?badtameez kahin ke

naina gets angry but controls

naina(in her mind ) akdu

naina looks back into her phone while karan notices his dadaji entering the restaurant .he gets tensed

so how was it guys .if you liked it plz do cmmnt .ur comment means a lot to me. bye

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  1. Titli

    Unique one, i must say.. u should go on dear.. loved it.. post soon.. welcome to this family..

    1. Agree with u titli…indeed ur ff is unique

  2. Aarzu

    Nyc…. New concept…. I luv it keep writing

  3. Manvinahar

    nice idea
    hope your story is loved by all and eager to know naina’s past
    post next chapter soon

  4. Hepsibha

    Very nice. ..its more different frm original bt I loved it. ..keep writing.. .bt plz quickly change naina’s character to lovely girl…

  5. Thank u guys sry i wasnt able to reply to anyone happy that everyone liked it

    1. Sreenandana.suresh

      Me 2 z a malayali…….

  6. Sry guys may not be able to post tomorrow as there is a powercut issue in my locality so sry

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