Nairan – “I promise to be ur bodyguard 4ever ” Episode 1

– [ ] Hi guys . So today will be my first episode of ” I promise to be ur bodyguard 4ever ” title is a bit long 😝. Hope u like the starting. Thank u all for the Love n Support πŸ€—.So here it goes
– [ ] Episode-1
– [ ] A girl around 6 year old is seen playing with her doll in a park suddenly someone takes her doll from her hand that is her cousin Kriti . Naina ( she is that 6 year old girl ) . So naina then speaks up
– [ ] Naina – Di .Pls give me my doll back .
– [ ] Kriti – No I won’t give it . I will play with it
– [ ] Naina – But its mine . ( after saying this she started crying )
– [ ] Then a boy takes the doll from Kriti’s hand ( you all may have guessed who it is 😜) Kriti shouts at that boy for taking the doll from her hand The boy then replies that the doll is that girl’s ri8 pointing towards naina .
– [ ] Kriti – she is my cousin so what is ur problem if I take her doll to play
– [ ] Karan- But she is crying. My parents have said me to respect girls and never make them cry n if I see them crying I should help them. So that what I am doing .
– [ ] Karan goes n gives the doll to Naina. Naina becomes happy m goes from there. Kriti leaves from there in anger. When Naina said about what happened with her in the park , her mom was happy that someone helped her daughter.
– [ ] Sharda (Naina’s mom )- What was the boy’s name .
– [ ] Naina then makes a puppy face and says I didn’t ask his name .I am sorry I forgot .
– [ ] Sharda- it’s ok nice time when u meet him don’t forget to ask . Ok
– [ ] Naina – ok
– [ ] Kriti hears all this and becomes angry that naina complained about her to her mom n she planned to do something with naina .

– [ ] Next day when Naina was running to go n play outside she didn’t notice that there where marbles on the ground she was going to fall but again our Hero saves her . When she opened her eyes she saw him again . When he made her stand n was leaving (btw Karan n naina are neighbors leaving in same flat ) Naina stopped him and asked him for his name .
– [ ] Naina – Can I know ur name when u saved me at first I forgot to ask .
– [ ] Karan- aa.. my name is….k
– [ ] Suddenly naina spoke up
– [ ] Naina – Can I call u bodyguard because u saved me twice na that’s y
– [ ] Karan- yeah ok as ur wish .
– [ ] Day by day Karan n naina became close friends but still naina never knew Karan ‘s name .
– [ ] Naina – bodyguard promise me that u will be my bodyguard 4ever
– [ ] Karan-“I promise to be ur bodyguard 4ever”.
– [ ] After 2 weeks
– [ ] Karan – Naina actually me n my family is shifting some where else so good bye .
– [ ] Naina – But bodyguard how can u go like this then who will save me if am in danger.U promised me that u will be my bodyguard 4ever.
– [ ] Karan- but I have to go. See u soon i wish we meet again n I will save u again if ur in danger . I wish I could keep my promise but….. sorry .
– [ ] Karan went n got settled in some other town there . They never met again .
– [ ] Precap -Naina loves someone n wants to purpose.

So hope u all like my starting I know it’s i bit boring I guess but I will make sure that my upcoming episode will be interesting. If u liked my first episode so Plss do comment


  1. Jiya09


    |Registered Member

    Hi sumayya! ( will call u by name as u r smaller then me ). Today’s episode was really cute. Nairan’s childhood!! Wanna know who is the boy whom Naina loves!?! Waiting for it. Update soon with a little longer one.😜

  2. Resh


    |Registered Member

    Wow Sumayya! This was awesome! Please try an and make the epi a bit longer! I loved the start.. the innocence in children.. the promises.. the contradictory circumstances ! All that was just a beautiful mix ! Thoroughly enjoyed! Love for your wonderful work!❀️😘

    • Sumayya.shaik



      Thank u . Actually this is the first time I am writing a story I don’t have now that much scenes in my mind I am making . I would make sure my upcoming episode will be longer

      • Resh


        |Registered Member

        No problem… starting trouble.. I get it.. just do it the way u want it to be like! Just a stupid suggestion from a person who wants to read more of that story.. it’s interesting so it’s driving me crazy!

  3. |Registered Member

    Its good. Keep going Sumaiyya and don’t worry if its a bit haywire cuz everyone makes mistakes on their first go. Keep going yaar and update soon. Eagerly waiting 4 the proposal.😊

  4. |Registered Member

    Its good yaar. Keep going and update soon. Dont worry if its a bit haywire. 😊

  5. Your K.S.

    Hey Summu!!! awesome episode. Write a little longer next epi onwards. Such a cute intro.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.