Nairan – “I promise to be ur bodyguard 4ever ” Episode 1

– [ ] Hi guys . So today will be my first episode of ” I promise to be ur bodyguard 4ever ” title is a bit long ?. Hope u like the starting. Thank u all for the Love n Support ?.So here it goes
– [ ] Episode-1
– [ ] A girl around 6 year old is seen playing with her doll in a park suddenly someone takes her doll from her hand that is her cousin Kriti . Naina ( she is that 6 year old girl ) . So naina then speaks up
– [ ] Naina – Di .Pls give me my doll back .
– [ ] Kriti – No I won’t give it . I will play with it
– [ ] Naina – But its mine . ( after saying this she started crying )
– [ ] Then a boy takes the doll from Kriti’s hand ( you all may have guessed who it is ?) Kriti shouts at that boy for taking the doll from her hand The boy then replies that the doll is that girl’s ri8 pointing towards naina .
– [ ] Kriti – she is my cousin so what is ur problem if I take her doll to play
– [ ] Karan- But she is crying. My parents have said me to respect girls and never make them cry n if I see them crying I should help them. So that what I am doing .
– [ ] Karan goes n gives the doll to Naina. Naina becomes happy m goes from there. Kriti leaves from there in anger. When Naina said about what happened with her in the park , her mom was happy that someone helped her daughter.
– [ ] Sharda (Naina’s mom )- What was the boy’s name .
– [ ] Naina then makes a puppy face and says I didn’t ask his name .I am sorry I forgot .
– [ ] Sharda- it’s ok nice time when u meet him don’t forget to ask . Ok
– [ ] Naina – ok
– [ ] Kriti hears all this and becomes angry that naina complained about her to her mom n she planned to do something with naina .

– [ ] Next day when Naina was running to go n play outside she didn’t notice that there where marbles on the ground she was going to fall but again our Hero saves her . When she opened her eyes she saw him again . When he made her stand n was leaving (btw Karan n naina are neighbors leaving in same flat ) Naina stopped him and asked him for his name .
– [ ] Naina – Can I know ur name when u saved me at first I forgot to ask .
– [ ] Karan- aa.. my name is….k
– [ ] Suddenly naina spoke up
– [ ] Naina – Can I call u bodyguard because u saved me twice na that’s y
– [ ] Karan- yeah ok as ur wish .
– [ ] Day by day Karan n naina became close friends but still naina never knew Karan ‘s name .
– [ ] Naina – bodyguard promise me that u will be my bodyguard 4ever
– [ ] Karan-“I promise to be ur bodyguard 4ever”.
– [ ] After 2 weeks
– [ ] Karan – Naina actually me n my family is shifting some where else so good bye .
– [ ] Naina – But bodyguard how can u go like this then who will save me if am in danger.U promised me that u will be my bodyguard 4ever.
– [ ] Karan- but I have to go. See u soon i wish we meet again n I will save u again if ur in danger . I wish I could keep my promise but….. sorry .
– [ ] Karan went n got settled in some other town there . They never met again .
– [ ] Precap -Naina loves someone n wants to purpose.

So hope u all like my starting I know it’s i bit boring I guess but I will make sure that my upcoming episode will be interesting. If u liked my first episode so Plss do comment

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  1. Jiya09

    Hi sumayya! ( will call u by name as u r smaller then me ). Today’s episode was really cute. Nairan’s childhood!! Wanna know who is the boy whom Naina loves!?! Waiting for it. Update soon with a little longer one.?

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Thank u . Yup I will post it soon ☺️

  2. It was great ?
    Keep it up??

  3. It was great ?
    Keep it up??

  4. I loved it awesomeeeeeeeeee

  5. Nice ya keep going

  6. Nice ya keep going

    Nice ya keep going

  7. Nice ya keep going

    Nice ya keep going

  8. Resh

    Wow Sumayya! This was awesome! Please try an and make the epi a bit longer! I loved the start.. the innocence in children.. the promises.. the contradictory circumstances ! All that was just a beautiful mix ! Thoroughly enjoyed! Love for your wonderful work!❤️?

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Thank u . Actually this is the first time I am writing a story I don’t have now that much scenes in my mind I am making . I would make sure my upcoming episode will be longer

      1. Resh

        No problem… starting trouble.. I get it.. just do it the way u want it to be like! Just a stupid suggestion from a person who wants to read more of that story.. it’s interesting so it’s driving me crazy!

  9. Sumayya.shaik

    Thank u for liking my story

  10. Its good. Keep going Sumaiyya and don’t worry if its a bit haywire cuz everyone makes mistakes on their first go. Keep going yaar and update soon. Eagerly waiting 4 the proposal.?

  11. Its good yaar. Keep going and update soon. Dont worry if its a bit haywire. ?

  12. Its good yaar. Keep going and update soon.

    1. Ooops. Sorry. I don’t know how that happened. ??

  13. Hey!!! awesome episode. Write a little longer next epi onwards. Such a cute intro.

  14. Hey Summu!!! awesome episode. Write a little longer next epi onwards. Such a cute intro.

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