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Nairan – “I promise to be ur bodyguard 4ever ” epi5


Hi guys really sorry again I know I am late sorry for that actually I felt lazy to write ( being honest 😜) So Today is my 5 epi can’t believe i wrote 5 epi ok no enough let’s start the epi

Episode 5

Rishab gets a call from his client he talks for a while ( btw the client is of a office client some other )

Rishab smirks n says ur work will be done

Rishab goes n throws some marbles on the way from where Naina was coming . Naina was about to falll but …… due to her slipper which broke but she balanced herself n doom sound came Naina looked at front n found that Karan fell due to the marbles ( sorry guys )

Naina was laughing so hard she couldn’t control Karan was again lost in her

Naina – Kya tum daik kar chal nahi sakte. 😂😂😂

Karan – mai daik kar hi chal raha tha

Naina -fir tum gir kaise gaye

Karan – tumhe bacha tai bacha tai ( Karan knew that there were marbles on the ground )

Naina – kya ???

Karan – mera matlab hai mai khud ko bacha tai bacha tai gir Gaya

Naina – what saying this she started laughing again

They get back to their classes Naina n Karan give their assignments n they get good grades .

Rishab was angry as his planned failed he wanted to save Naina if she falls but our hero was there na

Next week

Mehnah reaches her home she surprises Naina They all were very happy

Megnah- cheeku kal mera sath kunal se milne chalegi

Naina – Di par mai vaha chal kai kya karogi

Megnah- plss cheeku chal na

Naina – ok di

Megnah – thank u cheeku

At chauhan house

Kunal- Bhai merai sath kal megnah se milnai chalega

Karan – nahi bhai

Kunal – chal na bhai plss . Aapne bhai ke liye

Karan – dhik hai

Kunal – thank u bhai

Next day

Naina – Di jaldi chalo .

Megnah – wait cheeku

Naina n megnah leave for the cafe

Kunal n Karan also leave

At the cafe ( the cafe is that one in the show where Naina fell in the pool )

Megnah n Naina reach the place they go in search of Kunal

Naina – Di kunal jiju ko phone karo na

Megnah – Nahi yaar mujhe usse surprise dena hai

Naina – par …. itna bada cafe hai

Megnah – ek kaam kaar tu vaha pool ke pass dek

Naina – Nahi di agar mai pool mai kir gaye toh mujhe swimmer nahi ati

Megnah- nahi cheeku tu nahi giraigi

Naina – dik hai jati ho

Naina n megnah go separate ways

Naina – Yaar kaha par pas gayi

Naina was searching there

Rishab also reaches there he calls some kids n give them chocolates to do a work

Kids say ok n they run from there

Naina was passing from the pool kids came running towards her n they pushed her into the pool

Naina shouts for help

Rishab was going to help but our hero reached by the time

Karan jumped into the pool n saved his Naina again

Karan – Agar tumhe swimming ati nahi hai to tum nai jump kyu pari

Bye till now Karan didn’t notice that it is Naina has her hair was on her face

Poor Naina she was unconscious

Karan tries to wake her up she opens her eyes

Naina becomes conscious she removes her hair from her face

Karan & Naina both at the same time – Tum

Naina – Tum yaha kya kaar rahe ho

Karan – Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho

Naina – mera saval n Aaachu mera saval ka javab do tum

Karan – tum mahle

Megnah n Kunal reach by the time

Megnah – cheeku tu dik hai na

Kunal – ha Naina tum dik ho

Karan – Aap esse jante ho

Megnah – yeh meri Behen hai

Kunal – Aur meri saali

Naina & Karan – Saali!!!!!!

Naina – eska matlab Aap merai jiju ho

Karan – aur Aap meri bhabhi pointing towards Naina

Then Karan & Naian turn towards each other

Karan – iska matlab tum voh Naina ho

Naina – Karan tum

Karan – tumhara bodyguard

Naina & Karan were very happy they hugged each other

Megnah & Kunal were confused

Kunal – Bhai kya yeh vahi Naina hai jo tumhare college mai padti hai .

Megnah – Tum dono ek dusrai ko jante ho

Naina – ha di hum ek hi college mai padtai hai aur hum friends bhi hai

Karan – maine khabhi nahi socha tha ki mai tumse milugka

Naina – Maine bhi nahi socha tha

Karan – hum dono ek sath rahkar bhi ek dosre ko pehchaan nahi paye

Naina – vaise tumne apna promise raka

Karan – kaise

Naina – tumne mujhe kitni bar bacha ya hai

Karan – Ha vo tai ha

Naina – so strange mai etne dino se apne bodyguard ek sath thi Aur mujhe apne bodyguard se hi pyaar ho Gaya

Karan – kya???

Naina – Aaa voh kuch nahi

Megnah n Kunal were confused

Megnah – tum dono etne din sath rahkar ek dosre ok pehchaan kaise nahi paye??

Kunal – yeh ri8

Karan -Voh bhabhi bachpan mai mera naam bodyguard hi tha

Megnah – kya ??

Naina – Di uska matlab hai ki usne apna naam khabhi nahi bataya aur mai usse bodyguard hi bulati thi

Kunal – Ab mujhe samag mai aaya

They four have a good tim with each other Karan n Naina were shocked as well as happy as Naina found her bodyguard

Naina – Bodyguard toh tumhara naam Karan hai

Karan – Ha

Naina – to mai tumhe bodyguard hi bulau

Karan – as u wish

They all started laughing

Naina – ek min mai tumhe bodyguard to mukaruggi par tum mujhe guard karoge

Karan – jab se tum se mila ho vahi to kar raha ho

Naina – 😳ur ri8

Rishab was angry as his plan failed again

They all returned back to their places

Naina – Di mai bohot kush ho ki aap ko Kunal jiju se pyaar hogaya

Megnah – Acha ji

Naina – Hai di varna mujhe apna bodyguard khabhi nahi milta

Megnah – Tumhe toh voh phale hi milgaya tha na Aur tumhe usse pyaar bhi ho Gaya

Naina – Dii !!!!

Megnah teases Naina

At chauhan house

Kunal – van Karan tum ne Naina ko guard kiya itne din

Karan – Bhai par mujhe yeh nahi bata tha ki voh meri Naina hai

Kunal – Meri Naina 😏!!

Karan – aa mera matlab meri Naina bachpan ki

Kunal – Haaa meri Naina

Karan – Bhai

Kunal teases Karan n they have a cut bro fight

Btw guys I made a small vm on nairan very small with a Arabic song plss do watch it , it will be on my YouTube channel soon .But the video is there on my insta account – _Nairan_Vms
Pls do watch it

Sorry guys for the short epi I m sorry again next epi will be long promise . So I hope u liked today’s epi. Plss do comment.

  1. Resh

    Awww… so cute!! Yipee!!! They got to know each other!🎊🎉 “meri Naina”
    I was smiling throughout the scene! Loved that fight! I’m happy that they got to know that they were childhood friends!! PHEW 😅 feel so relaxed 😘❤️ Love Sumayya, for such a cute work!

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Thank you I m really happy that u like my ff

  2. Jiya09

    So cute !!! Karan fall down saving Naina 😂😂.. Really wanna know for whom this rishab is working !! Finally they got to know about the truth of bodyguard. Waiting for next. Update soon. Love ur ff❤❤

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      U will get to know soon . Thank u for loving my ff I m really happy

  3. Wow epic was waiting for this only
    finally nairan know abt eo

  4. Rosie25

    So cute I was smiling through all of it x

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Thank u for ur love ☺️

  5. Sorry 4 the late comment. This was absolutely Amazing!! I loved it!! Ur absolutely fantastic. Finally! Naina ne apna bodyguard ko pehchaan liya. Too good yaar. Ill definitely watch ur vm.

      1. Ur vm was really nice. Plz do make another one. 😊

  6. Awsm episd….. I loved it…… 😊😊😊😊😊

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