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Nairan – “I promise to be ur bodyguard 4ever ” epi4


Hi guys sorry I couldn’t post I was busy . I am really sorry. So here comes my next epi hope u like it . And I have a ques do u all want Karan n Naina to get married or no just comment below but however they will get married later but plss do comment.

Episode 4

Kunal – So Karan y did u help Naina

Karan – What do u mean bhai don’t create any misunderstandings she is ” just my project partner ”

Kunal – I asked because u never helped any girl before u didn’t even help Sona…….

Karan – Bhai stop it . I helped her just because I remembered my childhood promise

Kunal – What u never told me anything about this

Karan – Bhai remember our neighbors Naina n megnah

Kunal – Yeah so

Karan – I promised Naina that I will be her bodyguard 4 ever I couldn’t fulfill that so I did this . I didn’t keep the promise of that Naina so I helped this Naina

Kunal – Voh bhai actually even I have to tell u something I remember her sister megnah o love her we were in same college before n we r in contact now

Karan – Bhai u never me before but I m very happy for u . So did u propose her

Kunal – no yaar but I will purpose her coming week because she will come back from Bangalore next week

Karan – Aww so sad u have to wait for a week .

Kunal – stop teasing me Karan . When it’s ur turn I will also tease u

Karan becomes sad n leaves remembering his past .

In college

Rishab disturbs Naina he wants her to give him a chance

Naina – Rishab plss leave me I have to go to Karan n complete the project

Rishab – Naina Karan won’t make u his friend so y r going behind him

Naina – we r having project that’s it

Rishab – oh then it’s ok I can make u in my trap ( he says it slowly ) n smirks

He was leaving Naina stoped him

Naina – Btw he won’t me his friend ri8

Rishab – Yeah so

Naina – So I won’t be his friend

Rishab feels happy

Naina – kitna khush mat ho I meant I will not be his friend but his girlfriend ( Naina smirks m goes from there leaving Rishab angry n shocked )

In class

Naina – yaar Rishab ko bol to diya paar mai uski girlfriend kaise banoggi

Karan enters the class

Master – Good morning students since u have only 3 days to complete ur project so today I will give u free period to complete so plss sit with ur partners

Karan felt I bit uneasy but he had to sit with Naina

Naina n Karan started doing their work Karan was staring at Naina while she was discussing

Karan was lost in Naina

Naina – Karan Did u understand .

Karan was lost na

Naina – Karan .. Karan !

Karan came back to his senses

Karan – Aa… Yes I did

Naina n Karan finish their work for that given period.

Naina – Karan we have a bit more to do so can we tonight

Karan – Yeah

Naina – actually my sister is coming soon so I want to finish this work so on

Karan – Sams here my bro is going purpose his girlfriend who is coming next week so I need to help him

Naina- Strange leave it so should I come to ur home or u will come

Karan -A have an idea we will go to the library near the college

Naina – That’s better btw can I ask u something

Karan – yeah

Naina – Can we be friends

Karan – Actually I want to but I can’t due to …….

Naina – due to ? Plss just friends

Karan – Ok

At night

Naina – Oh shit I didn’t take his no how am I gonna call him I will ask him today at library I hope he has reached there

Karan reaches there then Naina also reaches they start doing their work

Naina – So the boarders for the pages will be flowers

Karan – Why do u girls only like flowers for boarders ( guys Karan is changing he tries fight now )

Naina angrily- What do u mean ha ? So what will u keep ha

Karan says her the idea for decorating

Naina – wow what an idea

In excitement she wants to give him hi5 but I ignores it ( Karan doesn’t have allergy in my story)

Naina – Ok so bye we will submit the work tomorrow.

When she was leaving

Karan – Can I drop u as it not save it’s too late ( he remembers his promise but he don’t know that he promised to this Naina )

Naina – No thanks it’s ok

Naina leaves while going to her home she was looking for a auto but ends up reaching an area full of drunk people

Person 1 – O baby doll kaha ja rahi ho

Person 2 – humai bhi la jalo

Naina ignores n tried to leave but the man stops here they crowd around her Naina shouts for help
Karan hears it while passing from there

Karan – Who is shouting for help I guess it’s Naina

Karan reaches the place Naina sees him she shouts for help

Karan gets into the flashbacks he runs back holding his head

Karan to himself I can’t run like this I should leave the past I couldn’t fulfill the promise to childhood Naina but I can save this Naina

Karan somehow goes there n then

Person 1 – Abay tu kon hai jal nikal yaha se

Karan – ladkhi ka hath jod

Person 1- Nahi tum kon hotai ho mujhe order daine walai

Karan – Mai iska dost ho

Naina becomes happy hearing this

The drunkens still don’t let Naina go n then Karan beats one by one
He gets his flashbacks

Karan – tum meri sonakshi ko laija okai ha

Naina was shocked what is he speaking about

Karan beats them they run away

Karan a bit angrily- I said u ri8 it’s not Save I will drop u but u don’t want to listen me

Naina – but..

Karan – No but come with me

He holds her hand n takes her to the car there was silence in the car Naina breaks the silence

Naina – Can I ask u something

Karan doesn’t replies

Naina – Ok I will say y don’t u have. Girlfriend

Karan felt angry when she asked this

Karan – 😠it’s none of ur business

Naina to herself – Kitna akdu hai

Naina – btw yeah sonakshi kon hai

Karan has tears in his eyes after hearing the name he keeps quiet

Karan – Tum yeh kyu puch rahi ho

Naina – kyuki tumne es naam ko do baar liya hai

Karan doesn’t reply n leaves Naina at her home

Naina thinks while lying on her bed I am so excited di is coming tomorrow but she remembers karan

Naina – i need to know his past .

Next day

Naina gets a call from her di

Naina – Hi megnah di

Megnah- hi cheeku

Naina – Aap kaisi ho di

Megnah- mai dik ho voh actually mujhe tumhe kuch batana tha

Naina- ha bolo

Megnah- Naina mujhe pyaar ho gaya hai

Naina – wow di y didn’t u say me before btw who is my jiju

Megnah- Naina yath hai Hamare neighbors kunal n ur bodyguard

Naina feels sad hearing this

Megnah- cheeku kya hoaa tu naaraz kyu hai .

Naina- di mujhe aapne bodyguard ki yath agayi

Megnah- Aww cheeku

Naina- Aacha yeh godu jiju se pyaar kaise hoaa

Megnah – Voh hum dono same college mai thai aur

Naina – bass di mai samaj gayi vaise jiju ko purpose kiya

Megnah – No if I come there only then I can do it

Naina – it means jiju is here

Megnah- yeah I have to wait

Naina- Aww so sad u have to wait di

Megnah- Stop teasing me when its ur turn I will tease u .

Naina – let’s see till then . Ok bye di

Precap- Rishab gets a call n then he throws some marbles on ground in front of Naina . Naina was about to fall then……….

So guys I hope u liked it . Plss do comment below bad or good . N Sorry again for posting late .

  1. Very interesting. Maybe now Nairan will know that Karan is Naina’s bodyguard and Karan is fulfilling his promise to her. Meghnal said the same thing to their sibling. So sweet. I also really want to know who this sonakshi is more than naina I guess. About the precap, it has to be Karan who is going to catch her NOT rishabh.

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Thank u reading my story u will soon know who is sonakshi

  2. Rosie25

    Precap is interesting I think karan holds naina

    By the way I loved it Sumayya love u 😘💖

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Thank u so much

  3. Jiya09

    Nice episode sumayya!! Really wanna know about sonakshi! Precap is also good! Waiting for the next . Keep going!

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Thank u for loving the story I guess Sonakshi’s truth won’t be that much interesting but I hope next upcoming episodes will be

    2. Sumayya.shaik

      Thank u for loving the story I guess Sonakshi’s truth won’t be that much interesting but I hope next upcoming episodes will be interesting I hope u like them

    3. Sumayya.shaik

      I guess Sonakshi’s truth won’t be that much interesting but I hope next upcoming episodes will be interesting I hope u like them

      1. Sumayya.shaik

        Sorry by mistake I posted twice sorry 😐

  4. Resh

    Wow!!! Yippee!!🎉! They will get to know soon! Naina’s bodyguard! Yay!! I’m jumping with happiness!
    I hope Karan saves her…. you are literally fab Sumayya!!! Love you loads!!😘❤️️

    1. Sumayya.shaik

      Love u too for the Love

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