Nairan – “I promise to be ur bodyguard 4ever ” epi2

Hi guys I m here with my another episode. Hope u all like it .N thank u again for the Love n Support .

A girl around her is seen sleeping in her room peacefully. But she wakes up due to a knock on her door
Maid -Naina madam ….. get up plss it’s ur time for going to college.
Naina – Ah tik ha . Mai abhi aati hu. ( guys sorry if any wrong spellings because I don’t know to write Hindi English)
Naina takes a photo from under her pillow
Naina – Good morning handsome . Today also I will reach before u reach the college. She kisses the photo.
Naina gets ready n comes down in a happy mood but suddenly she becomes angry seeing her cousin Kriti there .
Naina – Good morning papa n mama .
Mehta-Good morning beta .
Sharda -Good morning beta .
Kriti- Aray Naina tum nai Mujhai good morning wish nahi Kiya .
Naina didn’t reply .
Sharda -Aaj kal tum bohot jaldi college chalai jati ho.Do afto se tum jaldi jarahi ho kya ho gaya hai tumko.
Naina – kuch nahi ma . Acha mai galti ho . Ok bye
Kriti – Es Naina ko ho kya Gaya hai .

At college
Naina reaches there n hugs her friends .
Naina – Today also I reached before him .
Riya- yeah yeah I know as usual now I can see him .
Suddenly someone enters the college on a bike
Naina – voh a gaya

The boy on the bike removes his helmets all the girls there smile looking at him . He was our dashing Karan .
Naina – yaar y is he this hot . Mai melt ho jati ho yaar . ( Naina loves Karan but she never knew that it is her bodyguard)
Riya – Ha Ha tu hi nahi balki es college ki sari ladkiya melt ho jati hai .
Naina- Shut up yaar . He is just mine .
Riya – ziyada ud ( I mean fly ) mat. Dharti par aja. Voh to Teri naam bhi nahi janta. Vaise strange hai na etna hot honai kai bat bhi uskai pass ek bhi girlfriend nahi hai . Tu sun rahi hai na mai kya bhol rahi ho .
Naina was lost in her dreamworld she was just staring at Karan .
Riya- Naina …Naina
Naina comes out of here dream world n says
Naina – Girlfriend to mai hi banuggi uski.
Riya – Uff tera kuch nahi ho sakta
Naina then thinks for a second that Riya is ri8 even her being hot he doesn’t have a girlfriend leave girlfriend he doesn’t even talk to girls strange.
Naina n Riya leave for class

In class Naina keeps on staring at Karan n Karan doesn’t even notice her . ( btw guys Naina doesn’t know that Karan is her bodyguard as he never told his name to her n they never met before) Naina try’s calling Karan but it goes in vain . So she writes a letter n throws it towards Karan but master catches it .
Naina – oh shit . She hits her head
Master – Naina . Can I know what are u doing n u stand up pointing at Karan
Karan gets shocked
Karan – yes sir
Master -If u two love each other carry on ur love story outside the class not inside the class . ( he said it. because he read the letter in which Naina wrote ” Ur so cute I love u )
Naina felt happy inside
When Karan was going to speak Naina stoped him
Naina – Ok sir . We will make sure .
Karan felt angry on Naina n the whole class starts laughing at them .
In canteen

Naina was going to canteen but suddenly someone holds her from back n takes here to an empty class n locks the door .
Naina- leave me ……
Karan leaves Naina
Naina – tum
Karan – Ha mai . What’s ur problem ha I didn’t disturb u or do anything bad with u leave that I don’t even know ur name then what was all that drama in class u insulted me in front of the whole class.
Naina – voh actually….. he stoped Naina
Karan – n y did master say that I love u or u love me haa .say na damn it
Naina – Voh he said that because… she was hesitating she knew his angry I didnt want to say him that she loves him
Karan gets angry more as she was not speaking up he pulls her closer by twisting her one hand behind her back . They were facing each other they were so close . Naina breathes heavily.
Naina – leave me
Karan – No I won’t till I know my answer
Naina – some questions have no answers n I don’t find it necessary to say it to u n plss leave me it ‘s hurting me . She starts crying due to her twisted hand .
Karan leaves here suddenly when something strikes in his mind like a flashback he holds his head . He starts shouting
Karan – Sonakshi I will save u
Naina becomes shocked by hearing that name
Naina – Karan what r u saying
Karan comes back to his senses
Karan – shut up don’t ask me anything and I am warning u be away from me n don’t talk to me.
He leaves from there leaving Naina shocked .

At night

Naina – kon hai yeh sonakshi? Aur voh kyu uska naam lai raha tha? Mujhai uska future pata lagana padaika.

At college

Naina was scared to talk to Karan because of his anger but she knew he had a good heart ( her bodyguard in childhood ) Naina goes behind Karan but she hides when he turns back .

Suddenly Karan disappeared from the sight of Naina

Naina searchs him but someone from behind holds her hand. She was a bit scared to look back thinking of his is the one .

Precap – Naina was shocked by seeing him holding her hand.

Guess who will be the person catching her hand u may all have guessed it .
My ff is kinda small I guess but I try to make it longer sorry guys if it’s till now short .So I hope u liked my epi today .Plss do comment . Bad or good ?

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  3. Wow! Its really good yaar. Keep going and always update soon. Eagerly waiting to know karan’s past. ?

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  4. Resh

    You are amazing! Just loved the episode! Such a lovely episode..❤️ Go ahead! I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode! Very interesting, yaar!

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