NaiRan OS – P Y A A R K A M A U S A M

P. Y. A. A. R. K. A. M. A. U. S. A. M.

It was an usual afternoon at the Chauhan house. When Nand Kishore, Sandhya, Kunal, Meghna were busy in their office, Khyati shifted to college campus, Nirmala in the temple, and Daadaji out for a visit at his friends’, Naina was carrying on with her IIT books. Only Karan was feeling so bored inside those four walls having nothing to keep himself busy. Since he made friendship with his roommate, loneliness was quite a boring thing in his life. He became the little boy who just waits for any company to play with him.

“I am getting so bored.”, Karan closed the novel he was reading and left it on the nightstand.
“Whaat ? Karan Singh Chauhan is feeling bored ?”, Naina stopped her own work and turned back to face Karan. “The man who is used to spending his life alone in his closed room, is bored right now ?”
“Naina !”, Karan faked anger. “You know it very well how everything has changed. First I used to do so much being alone. Now I don’t even want to remain lonely, since you and I have become friends.”, he walks to Naina’s working table.

Naina got touched and closing her books, she decided to spend more time with her dost.

“Alright ! Then what do you want to do ?”
“Let’s go outside. I mean, shopping… No no, no shopping.”
“Why not shopping ?”
“Heard that shopping is the biggest enemy of guys.”
“Hmmm?!”, she frowned her brows.
“Now don’t get angry. Let’s go and eat some ice-cream. You asked me to take you out that day na ? But I refused. So why not today?”, his excitement rang in his tone.
“Chalo then! Let’s have some good ice-cream. Never say no to ice-creams.”, the young lady stood up convinced.

Both got downstairs and reached their driver when they were suddenly stopped.

“Karan! Naina! Are you going somewhere beta ?”

They turned their head to fall on their smiling mother coming from the temple.

“Mah, Karan was feeling bored so we just decided to hang out a little bit.”
“I see. Be careful, it seems to rain late this afternoon.”
“But mah, it’s being so sunny. And don’t worry. We have our anokha dost with us na?”, Naina teased Karan.
“HAHA very funny. You will see when you will feel its importance.”

Naina chuckled discretely.

“Anyways… Bye mah.”, Karan looked at Nirmala.
“Have a good day both of you.”

Both smiled at her and the driver opened the door for them.

“Always keep smiling both of you.”, the mother, thinking, waved at her two children who got into the car.

“God Naina, how long will you take to choose one flavour ?”
“Wait Karan, let me decide.”
“And my ice-cream is now melting Naina.”
“Then take another one. That other day’s is also to be taken na.”, Naina smiled looking at him.
“Madam, please make it fast, we have some other customers to serve also.”
“Bhaiyaa, you are suggesting so many good choices of ice-creams that I am quite confused. Don’t worry, I will make it right now.”

The confused child was looking very carefully at all the flavours and counted one by one, while Karan, though he was impatient to taste his dessert, deep inside, couldn’t miss to admire the childish nature of his young wife.

“… Eeny meeny miny moe. YAAY vanilla one.”

Karan smiled widely whilst seeing her other side, the one of a little girl she still was. He was kind of an admirer of her beautiful and innocent curve and never missed to adore it while appearing.

“Karan, don’t you want an other one ?”

She turned her face towards Karan and noticed he was lost somewhere.

“Karan!”, she shook his shoulder to wake him up.
“Huuh? Yeah… I mean, no thanks. One is enough.”

She smiled again and taking her ordered ice-cream, both went to sit on a table on the terrace.

“Are you sure Karan ? We can have a seat inside also ? It’s being so hot outside”
“No that’s ok. Let’s go on the terrace.”

Both were busy in a casual friends’ conversation having their cold dessert. Something they haven’t really had yet except those short exchanges, since their first meeting, organising the elder siblings’ romantic date. It was not a happy and successful first meeting of them, and nothing was indeed good between both of them even after marriage. The friendship deal was the actual first moment both even smiled at each other. It then helped them believe and confide to each other, but it was not enough. Both needed to get to know about each other, and this seemed to be the moment to share everything.

“Do you know ? Mumma always used to tell us how nice Papa really was. And whenever she used to say anything about him, there has always been one smile of pride of having had him in her life.”

Karan listened to her carefully.

“The absence of a father was never felt because mumma was everything for Di and me. But I still wished we spent more days with him.”, Naina looked quite emotional.
“How old were you when…?”, Karan hesitated to finish the question. He realised it maybe was not something he should remind her.
“I think I was not even 4, and Di 6. We were really little actually.”
“But honestly, Sharda mah is really someone fantastic and courageous. I mean, the way she raised you and bhabhi is outstanding. Hats off!”
“Mah is no less. She also raised you very well. And mothers are always the best in us.”, Naina defended her saas.
“You are right. Mah is everything I could have asked to God. And Kunal bhai is indeed good at everything. Studies, sports, work… Khyati is also doing good. But me…”
“Karan! Being good is not only about ambition, but also as a character. You are just someone who remained closed inside darkness because of some reasons. But, not only me, we all know how amazing, sweet, well-mannered you are as a person. You always think about others before yourself. Even regarding your disease, you fear to touch anyone because you are scared that someone will get affected by it. I mean, not everyone will be such kind-hearted.”

Karan couldn’t believe his ears. The number of times Naina has been praising him, he always gets amazed that someone he just met recently, came into his life unwillingly, could see so much of best things in him.

“Whatever you might say Naina, I am just a “naalayak” for dad.”
“Papa is just angry you couldn’t become someone through studies, that you stopped everything. But I am sure you are still able of much more. We just need to bring that confidence out of you.”
“Thank you for always being a supporting pillar Naina. I could never forget this.”
“OH OH! One important rule in friendship : never say sorry nor thank you.”, she laughed.
“Ok, sorry.”, he reacted. “Wait! Oops.”, both laughed together, sharing a sweet moment. “Naina, I think without you, I would have never got to be the man I am today. Will you help me increase my confidence and make me a better person who could achieve something ?”
“There isn’t even the need to ask that.”, she smiled at him.

Suddenly they got interrupted by a loud thunder and both looked up at the sky. Some raindrops fell on the floor playing a rhythmic melody.

“Oh no! Mah was right. How the weather suddenly changes. Unbelievable!”, Karan opened his umbrella fast and ran to take shelter inside the little cottage of the shop.

However, the feeling was not shared when a big curve was little by little appearing on Naina’s lips, who followed Karan’s steps and stood next to him. She slowly forwarded her arm out while he looked at her confused. The water drops falling on her palm, the smile got bigger and her second hand joined the game. Meanwhile Karan was giving a fearing reaction to her act, she just enjoyed playing. She decided to step out when his umbrella stopped her way.

“Naina what are you doing ? You will get drenched, and then have a cold.”, Karan sounded concerned.
“UFFO Karan! It’s just a rain. It’s not going to kill me. Don’t tell me that you even fear of it ?”
“Huuuh… no. But I don’t like rainy weather.”
“And do you know something ? This is my most favourite one.”, she smiled widely.

Naina walked under the rain, and inch by inch of raindrops falling, she was wetting her body and clothes. Some falling on her face, her eyes closed by themselves and her heart was fully living the happiness. She stretched her arms letting her soul get free in that sukoon, taking a deep breath.

“Karan, come na! This is really so cool.”, Naina looked at Karan who was escaping each droplet.
“You remain mad always, don’t make me become like you.”
“Mad ? Me ?”, Naina was staring at him, her round fists against both her hips, and her shaped brows frowning.
“Yes, you.”, a grin appearing on his lips.

Angry, Naina turned her back facing it towards Karan. He felt her anger and he knew he had to console her. Otherwise she would remain there forever. Quite ziddi, isn’t she ?, he thought.

He opened his umbrella and once sure he was covered and able to walk not getting wet, he reached her location while she stayed back towards him. He got quite closer to her to be ready to convince her.

“Acha. I am sorry yaar. I didn’t mean it, really.”

Suddenly, the lady’s face turned back to him, both now face to face, each pair of eyes looking at each other, or perhaps lost into each other. If attracted or in love, it could be what people mean “eye-lock”, but for them, it was one moment of eye meeting…, right no ? *confused*

“Sorry. And now let’s go inside.”, he held his right ear seeking forgiveness.

However, she still didn’t seem to get convinced.

“If you are scared, then go. I am not coming for now.”, she stretched her arm out.
“Naina, what are you doing ?”, the naughty woman sprinkled water on his face and he shook under the umbrella.
“Karan, it’s not every day that we are going to enjoy the fresh weather.”, she ran out of that little shelter and again drenched herself under the rain.

The young lady, forgetting her being the daughter-in-law of Chauhan house and that they were not alone there, fully enjoyed dancing with the rain. And she laughing was one beautiful scenery for Karan. If there was one who had a prettiest smile after his mother’s, – her smile was for sure the most precious for him – then it was his special friend. That one curve could define her better than 1,000 words. It was simplicity, beauty, adorableness, positivity – something that he hasn’t seen ever around him, not even in his family. And since she took a step into his life, it has changed a lot. A lot means, a lot.

“Naina, I think we must go back home.”
“I think yes.”, the child felt satisfied of the moment.

A while later …
“I swear, if you don’t come o… ATCHOUM!”, Naina covered her mouth and nose with the little towel she had to dry her hair. “Karan make it fast!”
“Okay alright … Naina, I told you that you were going to get a cold.”, Karan came out of their attached bathroom.
“I am fine. But now let me change fast. Otherwise, I will really have a cold, like you say.”

She closed the door behind her leaving an amused Karan in the room.

“Pagal!”, he slightly smiled at her cute madness.
“Karan, where is Naina ?”, Nirmala entered in the scene with two cups of hot chocolate held on a tray.
“Freshening up.”

A sudden sneeze on the other side of the door caught the mother-and-son duo’s attention.

“Poor girl! She got fully wet. I guess this was not the correct day to eat ice-cream.”, the mother heart worried. “Here some hot chocolate for both of you. Have it!”

She left the tray on the table and went out. But her last few words didn’t leave Karan’s mind. Indeed, it was a very bad decision to eat ice-cream. And it was not as if he was not aware of the rain to come.
Naina came out changed and a towel on her head, and fell on Karan quite upset sat on the bed.

“Karan?”, the concerned friend asked.
“Mah brought some hot chocolate. Drink!”, he didn’t seem to want to look at her.

Her eyes suddenly fell on the tray on the table and noticed the two mugs, both full.

“And you ?”
“I am fine. I don’t want it.”
“Why ? I am not going to continue my “day with my friend” drinking hot chocolate alone.”, she went towards the table.

No response.

“What happened? Why are you quite upset ?”, Naina turned her face towards him and sat on the chair.

The hesitation in his voice confused her. He seemed to be very well few minutes ago. What could have struggled him in a single moment?

“Tell Karan. I am you friend right ? You don’t have to… *atchoum* ”

She again sneezed and this time, it really mattered more to Karan. He stood up and reached Naina as fast as possible, which made the young lady surprised.

“Naina, you…. you ok?”

He went to touch her forehead but something stopped him. He ran to his drawer and took out one pair of his transparent gloves. He had to wear his gloves to even touch her. Otherwise, more than the cold, she might also get affected of his disease in plus, and that was his biggest fear.

“Naina, Naina are you ok ? Tell me!”, he finally checked her temperature, having worn his gloves.
“Karan, I am ok. Don’t w….”
“Naina, I am really sorry.”
“Why are you sorry Karan ? I told you na, that I…”, Naina was quite surprised.
“It’s all because of me that you are unwell.”, Karan took out the frustration he has been stocking in himself for a few minutes.
“Why are you accusing yourself ? It’s me who got drenched, not even listening to you.”
“But it was me who took you out right ? And that, to eat ice-cream. I am so sorry.”

She looked at him worried while he stands up on his legs.

“I always made your life hell.”
“Don’t you dare say anything about my friend ? I won’t forgive you for that.”

He bent down on his legs, standing next to her.

“Karan, you did nothing. You don’t have to excuse yourself for this. I wanted to enjoy, and not listening to you, I went under the rain. Now stop blaming yourself for that ok ?”, she held his covered hand. “Otherwise… I… I will stop talking to you.”, she looked back straight, arms crossed, faking anger.
“Meghna bhabhi is so correct.”, she faced him curious at him smiling. “You are seriously a drama queen.”

And the two friends got back their moods to normal mode laughing.

“Now come and sit here, and let’s enjoy mah’s hot chocolate, before it gets cold.”, Naina pointed out the chair in front of her to end their left-behind “friendship moment” talking and laughing with each other, alone in their own space.

Hey guys! Firts of all, thank you so much for opening the page, and thanks again for reading till the end. Here I came with my first work on NaiRan. I have written some stories before but it was quite long ago so I kinda lost my writing. So just read and do tell me what you feel about (positive and/or negative). And that’s how I could encourage myself to write more.
Thanks for reading once again guys! Keep commenting and telling your views.

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