Nairan: The Everlasting Love – Episode 6

hi guys sorry for the late update, so here’s chapter 6! don’t forget to comment what you think about it!

naina and karan are eating their food
naina thinks to herself
naina: “i’m glad karan is changing more & more for me”
naina looks over to karan & sees him eating his food & smiling at him
naina smiles back
karan: are you happy with your food?
naina: yeah
karan: then why are you taking so long to finish it?

naina giggles
karan: what?
naina: i was just thinking of the old karan & this new karan
karan: what do you mean?
naina: the old karan wouldn’t even start a conversation with me & just look at you now
karan chuckles
karan: its all thanks to you naina, you’ve changed me
naina smiles
after a few minutes they left the restaurant
in karan & naina’s room
naina came out from the bathroom while brushing her hair

karan is sitting on his bed admiring her
naina looks over to karan & walks towards him & sits down
naina: karan i need to tell you something
karan: what is it naina?

naina: maasi maa is making you loss your confidence karan, she’s-
karan: enough naina, just stop critising maasi maa
naina: you know what let’s leave it, youre angry & i dont want to ruin your mood
naina turns of the lights
naina: goodnight
karan looks over to naina
karan then thinks to himself
karan: “what’s up with naina nowadays tho”

karan then lies down & looks at naina
karan: goodnight!
the next morning
karan got up & sees naina isnt next to him
karan: i guess she’s already gotten up
after a few minutes
karan goes down & sees naina preparing breakfast
karan starts admiring naina
naina looks up to karan & signs him to come eat

karan sits down & smiles at naina
naina was about to serve karan food but maasi maa interrupted
maasi maa: good morning karan
karan smiles
karan: morning maasi maa
maasi maa: good morning naina

naina hesitantly answered
naina: g-good morning maasi maa
karan looked on as naina walked away
karan thought to himself
karan: “what’s naina hiding? she seems different..”
after a while in karan’s room
naina was organising her books
karan came in and looks at her

karan thought to himself
karan: “how do i get naina to tell me what’s going on?”
naina went to the bed & was tidying it
karan walks over to naina
karan: naina, what’s wrong?
naina turned towards him
naina: what do you mean?

karan: dont play dumb! i know something’s bothering you!
naina looked on & turned away to continue tidying the bed
karan: naina i’m asking you a question
naina: and i dont have an answer
karan: why?
naina: because there’s nothing wrong
karan let out a sigh

karan: listen, you can tell me anything right? i’m your best friend
naina: i will if there’s something wrong, okay?
naina’s phone beeped
karan looked at naina’s phone suspiciously
karan: who’s that?

naina looks confused
naina: why are you asking?
karan: i’m just asking
naina checked her phone
karan: give me your phone
naina: what why?
karan: just give
karan grabs naina’s phone

naina: but why??
naina pulls the phone back
karan: naina!
naina: karan!!
naina & karan continued pulling the phone aggressively & they finally lost balance
karan: nainaa-
naina: ahhh-
naina shuts her ears as karan falls on top of her on their bed
karan then gently looked at naina as sje does the same
karan thought to himself

karan: “oops..”
they both have an eyelock (tu pyaar hai plays)

to be continued…

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  1. AbrahamEzra

    It was so cute. Pls post asap

    1. Hey! R u a keralite? I too luv Nivin n nasriya. …..

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    It was a cute and nice episode.Post ASAP.

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    Karan understands Naina really well? Awesome chapter… Post soon??

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  6. N abt d epi…its fantastic! !!!!

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    really fantastic..l loved the whole scene…it was so cute?? soon

  8. Minerva

    Wonderful episode. The understanding and bond between naina and karan is truly amazing. The conversation at the dining table followed by naina’s disappointment of karan was indeed lovely. Her actions and deeds towards sandhya’s wish has truly confused karan. Nevertheless, hope for the truth to dawn upon Karan soon letting him see the true face of his Maasi maa..

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