Nairan: The Everlasting Love – Episode 5

hey guys i’m back with chapter 5 & here’s the story! hope you like it & please do leave your feedbacks in order for me to do better in the future! hope you like this chapter!

At the dining table
Karan comes to his sear which is opposite naina
karan stares at naina thinking what had happened a few mins ago
nirmala: karan beta, why are you standing? come & sit
karan: okay maa
karan sits down while looking at naina & blushed
naina looks at karan & chuckled a little
after a few mins, naina gets up
naina: karan after you’re done eating, please come to your room..
karan: sure
naina smiles & walks away
karan watches her as she goes up the stairs

In karan & naina’s room
naina is organising karan’s medicines
karan comes in the room
karan: naina
naina turns around and smiles
karan blushes
naina: cmon it’s time for your medicines
karan smiles
karan: thanks for remembering naina
naina smiles back
after taking his medicines
karan: thanks again naina
naina smiles and sits next to him
karan looks on
karan: anything you wanna say? *while smirking*
naina giggles
naina: so you’ve figured it out huh? so i’ll come to the point! karan i want you to work
karan’s smile disappeared
karan gets up
karan: you can ask me to do whatever you want but not that
naina: but why karan
karan: bc i’m useless, i can’t even dona simple job, maasi maa even told me that i dont have to work & she told me to stay away from things i dont like
naina thought to herself
naina: “maasi maa is just making him fear more..”
naina: karan, what maasi maa said was wrong
karan looked at naina
karan: what??
naina: i said maasi maa is-
karan: i know what you said. & what you said was wrong. how could you insult maasi maa like that?? do you know how much she means to me??
naina: i know how much she means to you but.. the question is how much you mean to her karan?
karan: are you suspecting maasi maa’s love for our family??
naina: no i’m not karan, just listen-
karan: ENOUGH!! *karan shouted*
naina looks on scared

karan: you’ve crossed all limits by critisising maasi maa again! i don’t want to talk or hear anymore things about her! i trusted you naina… i really did
karan looks on sad and naina starts crying
naina walks out of the room and karan closes the door and lay down on his bed
naina cries against the door
maasi maa walks towards her
maasi maa: you really thought karan would take your side huh?
naina: what are you talking about?
maasi maa: since you asked.. for starters i hate this family
naina looks on shocked
maasi maa: and i dont want you to do anything to ruin my plans naina! i’ll be watching you closely, if you do anything i dont like, you’ll regret it!
maasi maa walks away
naina: you’re wrong maasi maa, i wont let you do anything to my family & best friend, you’ll see! my best friend will start supporting me soon
meanwhile at karan’s room
karan: wow these medicines are working great! naina is really great!
karan flashes back to him shouting at her
karan: perhaps i was too harsh on her…
naina opens the door
karan looks at naina with regret as she walks in the room
karan thought to himself
karan: “i have to make it up to her somehow!”
karan: um naina
naina turns around with an emotionless expression
karan looks on regretful
karan thought to himself
karan: “she must be really sad, i don’t see my naina’s happy face at all..”
naina: yeah?
karan: do you want to go out for dinner?
naina looks curious
naina: why all of a sudden?
karan: i.. um
naina: is it to make me feel better?
karan: yeah.. *while scratching his head*
naina smiles
naina: it’s okay karan, i’m fine
karan: no you’re not naina! you’re coming whether you like it or not
naina: but karan-
karan: please naina
karan looks on sad
naina: fine i’ll come
karan’s frown suddenly changed into a smile
karan: really? you mean it?? thank you naina!!
naina smiles

After a while
karan is putting on his suit
naina comes with his gloves
karan turns around and smiles
karan: thank you!
naina smiles
karan is putting on his bow tie & suddenly stops and starts smirking
karan looks at naina
karan: uh naina?
naina: yeah?
karan: can you help me with my bow tie?
naina looks on doubtful
naina: you don’t know how to put it on?
karan: nope *while smirking*
naina comes closer to karan and helps him with his bow tie
karan then placed his hands on her hips gently and smiles
naina stops and looks at karan
they both shared an eyelock for a moment
naina blushes while karan smiles
naina: a-all done
naina then went away from karan while blushing
karan kept on smiling and walked out with naina
karan thought to himself
karan: “today i’ll make sure you’ll have the best time with me naina!”
karan smiles
At the restaurant
karan held naina’s hand and guides her to the restaurant
karan: come on!
naina smiles
waiter: how many people sir?
karan: a table for 2 please
waiter: no problem sir, your names?
karan: it’s Mr karan singh chauhaan amd miss naina-
karan stops his sentences and looks at naina and smiles
karan: sorry please write it again, its Mr karan chauhaan & Mrs naina karan chauhaan!
karan and naina smiles at each other and blushes
waiter right this way sir!
karan: thank you!
karan holds naina’s hand and brings her to her seat
karan and naina both sat down
karan started admiring naina while placing his palm on his face
karan: you look.. really beautiful naina
naina blushes & smiles

to be continued…

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  1. Yeah yeah o love this jodi thnx for writing

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    It was awesome. Pls post the next one ASAP

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    i am so in love with your ff.. 🙂

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    It was really an awesome episode.Upadate the next one ASAP.

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  7. Minerva

    No words to express the huge rush of blood in my cheeks right now. This episode has surely broken all cuteness records until now. The episode, as it goes without saying, was truly magical and lovely. Karan’s ways of convincing naina were seriously so amazing. The date was completely unexpected and greatly fantastic. His words were seriously so magical and have cast a spell upon me right now.
    Sandhya’s words can surely make my head burst someday. I really await the unravelling of her true face and display of her true colours. Awaiting the scene where karan can see maasi ma’s true face and can identify her in the wrong. Fantabulous storyline amd great concept..

  8. Nila

    superbbb blushing part

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