Nairan: The Everlasting Love – Episode 4

Hi everyone, i know there arent many of you who are reading but i just wanna say to the ones who did, thank you so much! & here is chapter 4, hope you like it!

Naina looks on worried
karan looks on concerned
Karan: hey what’s wrong?
Naina: it’s just that i feel bad for papa
Karan walks towards Naina
Karan: i know you do. But don’t worry he’ll be out in no time
Naina looks on sad
Karan: you know what?
Naina: what?
Karan: we’re going out for ice cream
Naina: now?
Karan: what do you mean ‘now’? Didn’t you wanted to go before?
Naina: yeah but –
Karan: na na na! No buts! Just get ready!
Naina smiles
Naina: okay!

At the ice cream place
Karan: did you really had to make me wear the gloves?
Karan looked on annoyed
Naina: yes then how am i gonna touch you?
Karan blushed
Karan: i… i don’t deserve this, Naina.
Naina: cmon karan, that was just a competition!
Karan looks on sad
Karan: no naina, that’s not what I meant
Naina looks on curious
Naina: then what did you meant?
Just before karan could answer, the waiter approached them for an order
Karan & naina ordered their ice cream & were eating it
They spent time talking about themselves and their childhood
Naina: and then meghu di made sure that boy never bullied me again
Karan: wow bhabhi was always there for you huh?
Naina: she still is
Karan: i didn’t have anyone
Naina: well you have me now
Naina placed her hand on karan’s hand
Karan was shocked to hear those words
Karan looked at naina and they had an eyelock
Karan then looked away sadly
Naina: what’s wrong karan?
Karan looked depressed
Karan: don’t ruin your life with me naina.. i dont deserve someone like you. Having you here is already too big. You deserve so much better. You’re a topper & me? Hmph I’m useless
Naina: who said so karan? Do you know how talented you are? Especially with your guitar. You’re so caring towards your family too & you said I’m a topper right? So what? That isnt my whole identity karan. You just have to use your talent for something & then you’ll realise you’re not a nobody but a somebody!
Karan holds naina’s hand
Karan: naina
Naina: yeah?
Karan: where do you get so many advices??
Naina: *facepalm*
Karan laughs
Naina: are you even serious?
Karan: nope
Karan continues laughing
Naina smiles
Naina’s phone rings
Naina: it’s vishal bhaiya
Naina: hello bhaiya
Vishal: hi cheeku I have some good news
Naina: what is it bhaiya?
Naina: omg bhaiya are you serious?? This is great news!
Vishal: alright cheeku see you later. Take care!
Naina cuts the call
Karan: what’s the good news?
Naina smiles
Karan: naina I know you have a nice smile but can you tell me what’s the news?
Naina giggles and says
Naina: karan vishal bhaiya just said he has a found a cure for your allergies
Karan looks shocked
Karan: really??
Naina: yup!
Karan: wow this is like the second best thing that has happened to me
Naina: really what’s the first?
Karan: our friendship.
Naina blushed and smiled to the ground
Karan gazes at her smile
Karan: i guess we’re done here, let’s go home!

At karan and naina’s room
Naina: karan
Karan: yeah?
Naina: here are the medicines
Karan smiles
Naina: it’ll take about 3 months for you to fully cured so I’ll make sure you take them on time!
Karan nods
Karan: I’m gonna tell maa about this
Naina: I’m sure she’ll be happy
Karan: yup, happy to know she has the best bahu ever
Karan and naina smiled at each other
Karan then goes out to see his mom
After a few mins
Karan comes in the room
Karan: naina-
Karan looks confused
Karan: where is she?
Karan then heard a sound coming from the bathroom
Karan: what the-
Karan ran inside the bathroom
Karan: who’s there? *karan shouted*
And then he saw naina wearing a towel
Karan’s face turned bright red
Naina hides herself with her arms & blushed
Karan covers his eyes
Karan: i.. I’m sorry! Why didn’t you lock tge door?
Naina: I did. I just unlocked it but went inside as i heard a bucket fell
Karan: alright just hurry up & change. We need to have dinner
Naina: alright..
As naina walks she accidentally slipped on the floor
Naina: woahh-
Karan: naina!!
Karan managed to catch naina on time but he fell together with her while placing his arms on her hips and head
Karan got up a little and stared at naina
Naina was blushing
Karan then immediately got up & helped her too
Karan: I’m sorry..
Karan then walked out shy and hitting the back of his head
Naina looks on shy as he walked out
Karan then thought to himself
Karan: “i hope naina washes her hands.. & how am I gonna look at her now without picturing what happened just now?”
Karan: *facepalm*
Karan: get a grip karan! She’s your wife! It’s not wrong
Karan smiled
Karan: or is it…? *karan looked embarrased

To be continued…

Btw guys after this chapter I’ll update once a week, hope you enjoyed reading this! I promise future chapters will be better! Lots of love!

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