Nairan: The Everlasting Love – Episode 3

hi guys very sorry because the last chapter wasn’t long enough & i just wanna say thank you for the lovely comments, it means a lot to me.. now on with the story…

naina & karan are sitting side by side on their bed smiling at each other
karan: it’s time to sleep naina
naina: but i’m not sleepy
karan: *facepalms* here comes the stubbornness again
naina roles her eyes
naina: karan, i’m really okay
karan: i know that, but you’ll feel better if you take rest. we have a long day tomorrow
naina: fineee *while staring at karan*
karan smiles as naina goes to her side of the bed
karan: goodnight
naina: night!
karan turns off the lights
the next day…
karan was putting on his shirt
karan: naina! hurry up!
naina: just a sec

karan’s phone rings
karan thought to himself
karan: “why is maa calling?”
karan picks up the phone
karan: hello?
naina comes out from the bathroom & took karan’s umbrella
naina: i’m ready let’s go!
karan: pack your things naina, we’re leaving!
naina: why what happened??
karan: papa has been arrested along with kunal bhai
naina: what??
in the chauhaan’s car
*naina starts crying*
karan looks at naina concerned
karan: it’s okay naina, everything will be alright! pls dont cry!
*naina wipes off her tear*
naina: it’s not just that karan.. i’m thinking about kunal jeeju & meghu di. i wonder what di’s going thru without me now. and also papa, how are we gonna help him karan? *naina cries more*
karan takes out a tissue box & hands naina a tissue
karan: i’m sure maasi maa & dadaji will help them by the time we reach home
As time passed by, naina & karan reached jaipur
the car stops & naina runs into the house
naina: meghu di!!

naina runs into meghna’s arms & cries
meghna: cheeku! i’m so glad you’re back! *while crying*
naina placed her hands on meghna’s cheeks & says
naina: di don’t worry! we’ll find a solution to this
karan: bhabhi dont worry we’ll get kunal bhai out!
karan goes to his room
naina: di have you eaten? come let me feed you, i know you wouldn’t eat anything
meghna cries & hugs naina
after a while naina comes in karan’s room
naina: karan!! where are you?
karan was tuning his guitar & he turned to naina
karan: what’s up naina?
naina: i know why jeeju got arrested
karan looked curious
karan: you do?
naina: yes! karan! papa is dealing with black money!!
karan looked on shocked
karan: what the hell??!
naina: even i am as shocked as you karan
karan: so there’s no way to get him out?
naina: it’s gonna be hard but for kunal jeeju it’s gonna be easy as he’s not involved in the case
karan: at least we got one good news
karan rolled his eyes
karan: btw naina, how did you know abou this?
naina: i was talking to dadaji about this & he told me!
karan: alright then
karan continues tuning his guitar
naina looks on smiling
naina: karan
karan: hmm?
naina: will you teach me how to play the guitar?
karan looked on surprised

karan: you want to learn?
naina: yeah can you teach me?
karan: sure but not right now i’m really busy
naina raised her eyebrows
naina: busy? with what? *while smirking*
karan looked on annoyed & said
karan: don’t mock me!
naina & karan laughed

to be continued..

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  1. Titli

    Hii.. its just aww.. i read your previous chapters.. i loved all of them.. pls post soon..❤️?????

    1. Nairanlove

      thank you hun ?

  2. Threemaimai

    awesome…. i love it post soon… and i would be delighted if you set a goal to the story coz i felt something was missing apart from that your ff is super 🙂

    1. Nairanlove

      a goal? idg you

      1. Threemaimai

        story line dear… it doesn’t matter after all i am just giving a suggestion 🙂

  3. Superb

  4. very nice dear,loved alot

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  6. Minerva

    Stupendous work of magucal wordplay. The episode was interesting and intriguing at the same time. The news of kunal and nandkishore’s arrests is surely shocking and surprising. I just cant believe the fact that the father’s wrongdoings have befallen the son in such a way that both of them are in prison now. The conversations between naina and karan were truly cute and adorable. Looking forward to more of such nice updates..

    1. Minerva

      *magical wordplay.
      Sorry for the error.

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