Nairan: The Everlasting Love – Episode 2

meanwhile at the chauhan house..
maasi maa is sitting on her rocking chair while she rocks it back & forth looking tensed
maasi maa thinks to herself
maasi maa: “this is not good, karan is getting closer to naina as each day passes! i can’t let that happen, i won’t let naina change him.. all my hard work for 25 years will go to waste!”
maasi maa got up & walked towards her cupboard & opened it, she looked on sadly with tears in her eyes
maasi maa: don’t you worry, i’ll not let karan change that easily. the chauhan’s don’t deserve it

time passed by really fast & it was soon night at dargah
naina was brushing her hair in the hotel room
karan walked in & saw her standing & looked concerned & angry at her
karan: naina!
naina turned around and looked confused
karan: why are you standing up? your leg is injured & it’s gonna get worse
naina: karan it’s okay, i’m fine!
karan: no you’re not, you’re just crazy that’s all! now come here!
karan used his umbrella to lead naina’s hand to the bed
karan: sit down!
naina: but karan-
karan: shhh no buts, just sit down *while placing his index finger on his lips*
naina looked on annoyed & sits down

karan sits on the floor & wears his gloves
naina smirks
naina: someone has started wearing his special gloves again i assume!
karan stares at naina while applying the oitment
karan then looks at naina
karan: i’ve told you this before & i’m telling you again that i don’t deserve the gloves but… i’m only doing it for you right now
naina looked on admiring karan, while he smiles at her gently
naina pushed a stran of her hair behind her ear and asked
naina: you’d really do anything for me? *while blushing*
karan looked at naina
karan: of course i’d do anything for you! why would you even ask-
karan then stopped his sentences & started blushing as he looked at naina
naina was also looking at karan with the same expression as him
they both have an eyelock (tu pyaar hai plays)

after a while karan breaks the eyelock & looked down to naina’s foot to continue treating it
karan: o..of course i’d do anything for you. you’re my best friend, naina!
naina smiled as karan does the same
karan finished treating naina’s foot
karan: all done!
naina: thanks karan *naina smiles*
karan smiles at naina
karan: you’re welcome & now it’s time for bed!
naina: yes boss *naina playfully salutes to karan while smiling*
karan chuckles

to be continued

guys please tell me if the story is good enough & tell me if it needs to be longer or shorter, thank you!!

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  1. Threemaimai

    i wish if it could be much longer than thiz… keep writing… I really enjoying your ff 🙂

    1. Nairanlove

      so sorry, bc i was rushing & i promise you the next chapter will be longer!

  2. Devihaa

    Hey Dr…It’s super yaar… But pls do write a little bit more…

  3. Wow..superb..waiting eagerly for next episode..plz post soon

  4. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Its nice but it will be good if it’s longer…

  5. nice epi really loved it.continue soon.for me ahl don’t know,because mine also is everytime short….ya but l would say,pls make it long because it’s easier to read than write ???

  6. Minerva

    Amazing one. Sandhya’s dialogues are really intriguing and exemplify her mysterious character. Her words surely depict her evil nature and varied attitudes.
    Karan and naina’s flow of words was exemplary in all aspects. Their conversations transport me into a utopian world and make fall in love with them over and over again. I really tend to flow with the emotions and get mesmerised by their wonderful words and hope for them to go on forever. Their expressions after karan’s statement of doing anything for naina is just adorable and extremely cute. The emotions and dialogues were wonderfully composed and presented in a meticulous way.

  7. I’m loving it… Plz don’t stop it… I want to read more n more n more…..

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