Nairan: The Everlasting Love – Episode 1

hiii guys i’m new here, hope my fanfic is good enough, this fanfic is about nairan from ek shringaar swabhiman!

Karan & Naina are currently exploring Dargah
Naina: Ooh karan look! jalebi! Can we buy some?
Karan smiles gently at her and nodded
Naina was so delighted & ran towards the shop to buy her jalebi
Karan: Naina!! Be careful! you’re gonna-
naina turned to her back while she was still running & tripped on a rock
Naina: ouch!
Naina squated down as she’s in pain

Karan: Nainaaa!
karan ran towards her and sat down next to her
Karan: does it hurt badly?
Naina: yeah, my foot feels numb
karan: can you walk?
Karan asked worriedly
Naina: I don’t think so.. *Naina looked on doubtful*
Karan thinks to himself
Karan: “oh gosh what am i gonna do now?” *karan looked on worried*
Karan: i can’t lift you or else you’d catch my disease..
naina: you can wear your special gloves karan!
karan: i didnt bring them naina
naina: i did
karan looked on shockingly as naina reached her bag to get karan’s gloves out
karan: why did you bring them? *karan asked angrily*
naina: why? for you of course.
karan: naina.. i’ve told you this before that i dont deserve it or anything else..
karan then thought to himself

karan: “i dont even deserve you naina” *karan looked at naina sadly*
naina: why do you think like that?
karan: because i made you lose in the competition
naina takes a deep breath
naina: karan. it was just a competition, we joined it to have fun. it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about being there & participating in it together with me til the end, & i’m so proud of you for it!
karan looked on shockingly & thought to himself
karan: “she’s… proud of me?”
naina: so will you wear the gloves? *while smiling*

karan: i dont know naina
naina: okay fine, i’ll walk on my own then
naina was about to get up but then..
karan: no.. no! naina wait!

naina sat down & smirked
naina: yeah?
karan: fine! you win! i’ll wear the gloves, you don’t have to walk..
Naina smiled while karan puts on his gloves
karan: you ready?
karan looked on concerned

naina nodded
And not even a minute, karan lifted naina up like she was light as a feather & gazed at her
karan was lifting naina up & still gazing at her as naina was smiling at him
naina: what?
karan kept looking at her with a smile & not uttering a word
naina: karan! what are you thinking about??
karan smiled

karan: i was just remembering the time i called you badtameez
naina: and..?
karan raised his eyebrow
karan: i was thinking i should’ve added “stubborn” to your nickname
naina rolled her eyes

naina: haha very funny
karan chuckled
karan: & not forgetting sarcastic too
naina blushed & said

naina: i kinda get your point karan…
karan chuckled once again and placed her on the bench
karan: wait here
naina: where are you going?
karan: i’m gonna look for search for some ice packs, what else do you think?
naina smiles
karan: and also not forgetting your jalebi
karan smiles
karan: i’ll be right back!

naina: karan!
karan: yeah?
naina: thank you
karan smiles

karan: don’t mention it, just remember that i’ll do anything for my best friend
naina blushes & smiles
karan runs to the shops to get some ice packs while naina admires him from a far

To be continued…

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  1. Hepsibha

    Super yaar nice start

  2. Threemaimai

    AWESOME….. welcome to swabhimaan ff… I really like the start hope it flows nicely… 🙂

    1. Nairanlove

      thank you so much

  3. superrr epi Kara’s car towards naina WS sooo cute waiting for next post dear

  4. Devihaa

    Hi Dr….It’s toooo amazing….Do continue..

  5. wow nice start… loved it

  6. Minerva

    Magnificent concept and unique storyline. This episode was seriously awesome and intriguing. Naina’s antics and words are really cute and adorable. Karan’s care and concern is portrayed in a beautiful way. The story has endeared to me immensely and is plain awesome. Its really mood-lifting to read a wonderful piece of art as this. This was beyond any expressive words for sure..

    1. Nairanlove

      you have no idea how much this means to me, thank you so much! i really hope i don’t disappoint you! lots of love! ❤

  7. Fantastic starting..keep writing dear.

  8. Nila

    Amazing start

  9. superb episode,l loved’s fantastic ????

  10. Girl u rock….. Well defined emotions… We can even feel them….. Good start…. Loved it…… ??

  11. This fan fic is one of the most amazing one I’ve read this is just amaaaaaaazing ??

  12. Awesommme!!!!! Loved it too mych excited for the second part

    1. Nairanlove

      it has already been posted! go check it out

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