Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi – Episode 9


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So here we go
Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi
Episode 9

Karan was numb after listening to Naina.
Her words were continuously echoing in his mind “Karan I am going to die” “These wishes are my last wishes” “Death is joking with me” all these words made Karan restless

He holds her shoulders
Karan – Naina please don’t joke tell me that you are just joking
Naina – No Karan it is not a joke it is a biggest and most bitter truth of my life.
Karan heart broke,he don’t know why but he was able to feel Naina’s pain his heart was too paining.

For the first time any death news made him very sad.
Meghna and Sharda came there took Naina with her Kunal noticed that pain in Karan.
Kunal (In his Mind) – I know that you love Naina, and Karan you are the only one who can help her you are just one who will make him agree to treat Naina by your love for Naina. He smiled weakly and left that place.

Karan too left and went back to his place
Karan was sitting in his room in complete darkness and thinking about Naina.
Karan – What is happening to you Karan??? Tu kabhi aisa nhi tha.
When she laughs my heart laughs, when she is near me why do I feel that my whole world is near me? When she became sad my heart pains why???

NK – Because this is love Karan, You love her
He entered in the room and turned the lights on
Karan – I don’t know if these feelings are love so yeah my these feelings are true.. I love her..
NK – go son and complete all her wishes

Karan – smiled and nodded, I’ll give her all the happiness in this world we will live our whole life in the remaining time.
Next morning Karan went to Naina’s place

Naina – Areyy Karan you…. Tum yaha kese
Kunal Meghna and Sharda too came there.
Karan touched Sharda’s feet, Kunal and he shook hands and he said hi to Meghna
Karan – Actually I want a permission from you Naina.
Naina – Permission??? Karan do you have fever

Karan(innocently) – Naina stop joking I am serious
Naina – Ohk ohk bolo
Karan – I want to help you in completing all your remaining dreams
Naina (sadly) – No Karan.l,Tum mere liye bohut kuchh kr chuke ho pehele hi but not now. I don’t want to trouble you much

Karan – U told me about your illness now once listen to me
A flash back is played with Karan’s voice
I had a small family My Mumma, My Papa, My Daddu and me we were happy family
That my birthday was there

I played with mumma daddu but I don’t know that day why my father was sad that complete day he did not uttered a single word but at night he spoke he played with me gave me so many gifts but at midnight 12 o’clock my life changed some goons came and killed my whole family they shot them in front of my eyes I got scared and hide under a bed… I don’t know why that they did so but I was not able to save them… M vahi uss bed k niche chhupa rha kuchh nhi kiya unhe bachane k liye… Kuchh bhi nhi

Naina hold Karan’s hand her eyes were tearing up but still she had a smile on her face
After 7 years with NK’s help I killed that goons and came to know that they were not the real culprit real culprit was my masi maa Ms. Sandhya Singhania she was my mother’s best friend and my father’s business partner but that day she cheated on my father and made whole propertyand business in her name I found her and killed her too because I need the revenge unko maarne k baad socha now I will be able to sleep comfortably now but still I wasn’t able to sleep but when I met you helped Raaju I slept peaceful! Why this happened??? Naina bolo…. Naina first hugged Karan
Kunal, Meghna and Sharda all have tears in their eyes.
They broke the hug

Naina (smiled) – Kyoki that 10 year old child is still their under the bed… He need a hand who will make him out of that darkness by holding his hand
Karan – will you hold my hands and help me to come out of that darkness.
Naina laughed and nodded in yes

Karan too smiled
Meghna (in her mind) – Finally my cute sister got a hamdard in her life
And she smiled.
Kunal (in his mind) – Now nothing will happen to Naina.. I have to talk to Karan.
He will Save Naina…… Everything is going to be Normal….

Hope you like it Sorry for any mistake please guys comment on this and tell me weather you like it or not

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  1. super waiting for the next episode….:-):-)

    1. Arushi

      Thank you so much Amina?❤?

  2. Superb dear..nairan care towards each other..and nk he is really great in your ff..waiting for next episode..i didnt liked it…i loved it

    1. Arushi

      Awwwww!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment jissu love you keep reading ? ? ❤

  3. Its awesome

    1. Arushi

      Thank you so much Anaita

  4. oh..oh..oh…it was really awesome….l rally loved it…keep writing…????

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Seyal for your support ?❤?

  5. Tamihna0808

    I’m sooooo late! This was absolutely brilliant! ??
    I really loved the way NK supported Karan and told him to go to Naina, such a cute scene!
    Karans story was so heartbreaking! This whole story is really unique and I’m enjoying it so much! ?
    Kunal and Meghnal are so happy for Karan and Naina! ?
    Continue soon girl! Loads of love ❤?

    1. Arushi

      No Tammu you are not late even today I m late I am too quiet busy today…. Thanks for ur sweet cmnt Tammu love you keep reading ? ? ❤

  6. Minerva

    Really magical. The unhindered flow of emotions and lucid wordplay was indeed magnificent. Reading about karan’s past has made me contemplate on the importance of our loved ones in our lives and how their absence can mould us into better human beings and can also push us into the darkness. Its really painful to relive karan’s life and naina’s perpetual end. Nevertheless, its good that they have found their solace and ‘humdard’ in the form of each other. Each one of them is sure to understand the other and help share whatever strifes and glories life has to offer..

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Minerva U are super super super sweet I have no words to thank you.. You always appreciate me in such magical words I love it Thanku so so much for your kind support…. Now we will look how they are going to help each other…. Love you keep reading ? ? ❤

  7. Minerva

    Additionaly, I also would like to state that nandkishore’s character and words here are absolutely marvellous. Eventhough he had once led karan to the wrong path, I am sure that his present actions would overshadow his past and would allow him to let karan be guided into a world of righteousness and goodness with the company of naina. It would be great to see the ten-year old kid who is still hiding under the bed turning over a new leaf and writing a new destiny for himself and his life. He would surely emerge as a enlightened human-being very soon and help people awaiting their death come out of their reverie and take in whatever life has to offer.

    Acceptance with a smile – is a lesson exemplified and embodied by this story.

    1. Arushi

      Yupp I too love NK’s Cheracter he is quite positive but still he is a goon he always Treat Karan as his son… Yeah once he took Karan to the bad path but wd have to remember that he is a goon so he just did his work… Now Karan is going to understand the price of a life with Naina….. Thanks for ur motivation nd support love you keep reading ? ? ❤

  8. hi didi where is the 10th episode

    1. Arushi

      Hii Amina I haven’t posted it yet…. I’ll post it soon

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