Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi – Episode 8

So here we go
Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi

Episode 8
5 days passed smoothly it was morning Karan was getting ready then he got a call from an unknown number
Man – You are Karan
Karan – Yes! Who are you????
Man – Actually I m speaking from Manipal Hospital
Man – yes…. Actually we got an unknown dead body of a lady and last call was made to you she died because of heart attack on a road
Karan thought Naina called me 10 minutes ago, No she can’t be Naina
He was broken

Karan – I am coming in 10 minutes
He had tears in his eyes he was driving in full rage he was very scared from
He reached the hospital he was trembling he was just praying to God – for the first time in last 15 years he remembered God
He entered the hospital his eyes were filled with tears, he went to Reception
Karan – I am Karan, around 10 minutes back you called me and told about that body
Receptionist – oh yes sir I am really sorry sir, Come with me

They went in a dark room where all the dead bodies are kept
Receptionist – Please look at her and identify her sir
Karan’s hands were trembling our goon Karan who used to kill people without even thinking once his hands were shaking and his eyes were tearing
He encouraged himself and looked at the body….. He was shocked when he saw the body Shanti Kaki
Karan – Shanti Kaki…..
A flash back played in his mind

In morning Shanti Kaki called him
Karan – hello
Shanti – Hello Karan its me Shanti Kaki
Karan – Arey kaki aap!! Why you called me any important work
Shanti – Why??? Can’t I call my son
Karan listened the word son and became very emotional he remembered his mother

Karan – Son??? (Emotionally)
Shanti – you don’t want me to call you son
Karan – No nothing like that you are like my mum you can call me anytime Kaki
Shanti – Woh aaj mera man kr rha tha tujhse baat kr ne ka…. I want to say you thanks… Karan what you did for me was just priceless my own son left me alone Thank you so much Karan
Karan – Kaki you only said that I am your son a son can do anything for a mother so please don’t say thanks

Shanti – Ohk my son… Now I’ll talk to you later I have to go to Market
Karan – Ji.. Bbyee
Shanti – Bbyeee Beta
Call ended… Then Naina called Karan
FB ends….
Tears rolled down to his face
Karan – how will Raaju react? What will I say to Naina

He cried and called Naina
Karan – Naina
Naina – Karan kya hua? You are ohk na? Why si sad what happened tell me
Karan told Naina everything
Naina didn’t utter even a single word
Karan – Are you ok
Naina – No response

Karan – Naina????
Kunal came and saw Naina in such a state he really became tensed
And then he finally noticed the phone in Naina’s hand he took the phone and reads the Name Karan written on it
Kunal – Hello Karan!!! What happened
Karan told everything to Kunal
Kunal – oh no… Ok wait we are coming to hospital
Karan – Yes please come fast

Naina came back to her senses and informed all this to Raaju
Raaju broke down after listening the news of departure of his love
They all went to the hospital and collected the body then at cremation ground
Naina was sitting away from the place of burning the body and clicking the pictures… And started for searching her diary but didn’t found it Karan saw all this and became angry on Naina actually he was in the grief of Shanti Kaki and he remembered that Naina’s wish to save a life,
He came to Naina and thrown her Dairy towards her

Karan (angrily) – What do you think of yourself hn, you always keep smiling and joking always , sab ko jeena sikhati ho now look at the death isko joke suna sakti ho!!!! What do you think our life is for completing all the wishes of your diary… No Naina.
Naina understood his pain for Shanti Kaki
Naina (smiled lightly) – Karan you know what you are a good person you are not bad
Karan – No I am bad I am very bad I am not good (he said sadly)

Naina – 1 baat aur bataun.. I can’t joke with this death because death is joking with me… I am suffering from a disease which can’t be treated and I am going to die soon and these all wishes are my last wishes
Karan shocked and remembered all the points when Naina said that she doesn’t care about her life….. Tears rolled from his eyes…..


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  1. Ooooo so sweet yaar.

    1. Arushi

      Thanks for the compliment

  2. Sorry yaar mai kuch or rikna chati thi per kekhi kuch orr.
    This was the best.
    Yaar kise ko koni me bohat taklif hotte.
    It feel like i cant tell it.
    Bass yahd kahati ho ke
    You are tooo good….

    1. Arushi

      Thank you so much Maira irem…. Hope u’ll like next episode too ??❤

  3. Tamihna0808

    Oh my gosh.
    This was just.
    ??? Kaki is gone! I genuinely feel so sad right now. She called Karan her son and then she left! Aru, this was absolutely amazing. Karan getting angry at Naina was so real and the way she just stood there listening to Karan because she knows how he’s feeling was just too good!
    Nainas dying.
    Karan is heartbroken, now his goal will be to fulfil her wishes. I can see it! He will show and give Naina everything! This is going to be so good ? I wonder what wish he’ll fulfil first ?
    I want NK to meet Naina, that’d be really interesting!
    Seriously Aru, you write so well and each time it gets better, even though absolutely brilliant! So much love and respect for you!
    Love you! ❤?
    Continue doing an amazing job! ????

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Tammu for such a sweet cmnt ?… Yeah our Karan was really sad ? but know finally he is going to get his aim now he will be Naina’s hamdard and Naina will be his hamdard ahhh I am really very excited how will you guys will react to upcoming track… Naina’s first wish to be fulfilled by Karan hmmmm wait till 10th chapter you will get to know which wish is going to be completed and how…. Hope u’ll like that
      LOVE YOU TOO ?❤?????

  4. shailaja banthia

    Its same like ek villan movie right

    1. Arushi

      Yeah it is like Ek Villain…….. U like it???

  5. Minerva

    Intensely emotional and heart-touching. The episode was truly enrobed with numerous emotions-expressed and unexpressed. The death of shanti kaki has surely broken karan and helped him realise that he too is a human being. The way he reacted after getting the call and following naina’s revelation is just priceless. This embodies his greatly humane nature and beautiful heart. Reading about shanti kaki’s death and the reactions of naina and karan on the same has filled with immense sorrow and grief. Nevertheless, the fact lies undenied that this was surely one of the best pieces of fiction.

    1. Arushi

      Awwwww…. Thank you so much Minerva your words are truly magical…. Yupp not only human being a good human being… Thanks 10000 times u are supper sweet I am supper happy after reading your comment please please please keep reading nd supporting me ?? ❤

  6. Superb dear

    1. Arushi

      Thank you so much jissu

  7. very heart touching episode… ?

  8. Arushi

    Thanks disha

  9. really amazing updt dear loved it filing sad for raju…heart touching story dear

    1. Arushi

      Thanks aysha….. ???

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