Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi – Episode 4

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Yes guys I forgot to mention Raaju ji is an old man and a good friend of Naina

So here we go (hope you will like it)
Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi
Episode 4

Naina was sitting on the back of the Jeep with Raaju and she was continuously speaking Karan was smiling looking at them.
Finally in ship and then back to Goa (their home)
Karan went back to his place and Naina at her place

At Naina’s Place
Naina – Meghu di where are you, Maa, jiju please come out fast
Meghna – What happen Chiku??? You are alright na
Naina – Yes di I m fine
Kunal – So why are you screaming like this
Naina – Jiju look who is here
Kunal had a smile on his face looking at Raaju
Kunal – Raaju kaka aap
Meghna and Kunal touched his feet, Raaju put his hand on their heads
Raaju – Always be Happy
Sharda – Aap theek toh h na??? Aap bhahar kese aaye??? I mean your son prisoned you in that house na
Raaju – Just because of Nainu
Sharda – Nainu???
Raaju told everyone about everything happened in that farmhouse
Naina tried to hide from her mother and Meghu di and started running away from them
Meghna – Naina ki bachhi!!!! Wait
Naina – Di Naina ko pakadna mushkil hi nhi Namumkin h
They were running all around in the house Kunal was laughing looking at both the sisters and cheering up her Saali
Sharda was too smiling looking at them but she was too worried for Naina

Sharda (angrily – pretending to be angry) – Naina wait and come here
Naina can do anything but cannot deny her mother’s order
Naina – Mumma I know that you are angry with me I am really sorry
Naina looked at her mother and gave a sweet innocent smile to her
Sharda – If anything..
Naina kept finger on her mother’s lips
Naina – Mumma but nothing happened
Sharda ( she had tears in her eyes) – Naina u know na how much I love you
Naina – I know maa, par you too know na ki..
Sharda cuts her words
Sharda – ki you have really less time to complete all your dreams
Naina smilingly nodded
Kunal – and you love your dreams
Meghna too had tears in her eyes, Sharda hugged Naina
Meghna too joined them and hugged her sister and her mother
Kunal – I’ll too join you three (he said innocently)
All three beautiful ladies laughed and Kunal joined them in their hug
Raaju smiled looking at them and his eyes filled with the tears of happiness
They broke the hug
Sharda went to Raaju ji
Sharda – are aap aise kya khade h… Ur room is ready go and get some rest day after tomorrow is your wedding
Raaju – Ji…. (He was about to go but stopped suddenly) are Nainu I want Karan to in my wedding too
Naina – Ohk I’ll try to get him
Raaju nodded and left
Everyone went back to their respective rooms

Naina in her room call Karan
Karan – Hello
Naina – Hello, Karan Naina hear
Karan – Yes
Naina – wo actually… Woh Raaju…
Karan – Naina speak it yaar.. Yeh woh!!! What is all this
Naina – Raaju want you to come in his marriage
Karan – Ohk I’ll be their
Naina – Itni Jaldi maan gye… Mujhe toh laga u’ll scold me first as always
Karan – Tum kitna bolti ho yrr….. I’ll be there no arguments now
Naina – Smiled.. Ohk then see you byee
Karan – Bye
Call ends
Karan was thinking about Naina the time he spent with her, first time when he saw her eyes the time when she asked for help, how she laughs, how she talked always – Miss Later Pater
He smiled while thinking all this and slept peacefully with the same smile on his face….


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  2. Ff was really good and keep ur idea of writing ff based on the story of ek villian..but u check the songs of ek villian it completly suits on NAIRAN..specially Banjaara song

    Love from,Goa

    1. Arushi

      Thank you so much sneha I was thinking the same even I have put a special song in next part though hope you will like it

  3. Tamihna0808

    Aaaaw! Loved this so much! The three women and Kunals hug was super cute! ? Yaaay Karan will be at the wedding? I sense outfits coming soon ?? Cannot wait for what you have planned for us, you really write well! Keep up the awesome work! Loads of love ❤?

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      Thank you so much di yeah an outfit is going to come I guess in chapter 6 hope you will like it Love you keep reading ??❤

  4. Minerva

    Frankly speaking, I havent watched Ek Villain until now but thanks to your writing, I am able to watch the visualries without any hindrance. The story is indeed lovely along with all its wonderful dialogues and actions. All the episodes were truly beautiful and amazing. The storyline is highly intriguing and has kept me utterly confused. Karan’s character is stupendously portrayed amd described along with naina’s happy go-lucky attitude. Awesome wordplay and superb presentation of a myriad variety of emotions.

    1. Arushi

      Awww, Thank you so much Minerva. It really means a lot to me when you guys comment so sweetly on it I really feel good. I always have a huge smile on my face when I read all the comments love you keep reading ? ? ❤ ? ? ? ? ? ✌

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    Loved d later pater Ninu

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