Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi – Episode 2


So here we go
Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi
Episode 2

Karan was mesmerized for the first time by someone but he ignored that and left that place the girl with pretty eyes saw him leaving she followed him.

Girl (running behind Karan) – Wait, Areeee listen ohhh Mr. Goon
Karan look behind and stopped he looked at the girl, OUR BEAUTIFUL NAINA WAS LOOKING AT HIM WITH HER HUGE PRETTY SMILE HER EYES WERE SPARKLING WITH HAPPINESS AS SHE GOT SOME TREASURE…… Karan was lost in her beauty and looking at her smile he remembered something and a flash back played in her mind in which he was playing with her mummy and then someone killing her he came back to his senses

Karan(Rudely) – What happened??? Why are you following me???
Naina (Laughed) – Wowwwwww I really need this anger only
Karan – What???
Naina – Hii I m Naina… I need your help
Karan (Shockingly) – What my help…. Oh Madam I am not a shopping guide or something
Naina – I know that you are a Villain, Kisi ko kidnap krna h
Karan looked at Naina Confusingly
Naina (continue) – I’ll give you Money na
Karan doesn’t say anything and left
Naina – Bada ajeeb h yrrr, Kaam toh m krva k hi rahungi…
She smiled

She followed him and reached a park where a cricket match was going on Karan went to his boss but gate guards doesn’t allowed Naina to go in.
Naina (to Guards) – Are he knows me let me go in
Guard 1- No
Karan was inside with his boss who was looking cricket match.
NK (Karan’s boss) – Why Karan You always put you life in danger??? Ur life is very important to me, You are like my son. But now I m happy that you are fine. Karan don’t search death everywhere search for a aim which will help you live.
There Naina started shouting for Karan
Naina – oh Mr. Goon.. Listen I need your help… Mr. Villain listen na Please
Karan saw her and angrily moves towards her
Naina (to Guards) – See he knows me, he is coming
Karan came to Naina and hold her Arm tightly and took her to the corner
Karan – What do you think of yourself, You even can’t think what can I do with you.
Naina smiled at Karan – wow now I am 100% sure that you are the only one who can do my work, Yes U r the one
Karan – Ayeee listen I m not going to do any work for you
Naina (with her cute puppy face) – Please Don’t say no… Vese bhi Lakshmi ko naa nhi karte
Karan was about to say no but suddenly NK’s words of finding an aim came into his heart and he said yes, Naina hugged him happily
Naina – Thank you so much, U really don’t know ki tumne kisi ki life pe aaj kitna bada upkaar kiya h, Thank you so much
Karan nodded and left from there
Karan (in his mind) – Why did I say yes??? It was not my mind’s decision, so why???
He decided to ignore all these thoughts

Next day they were in a ship
Naina – U toh know my name na,but still I don’t know your Name, What is your name??
Karan (rudely) – Karan
Naina – Ittna Sadu… Can I ask you something
Karan – hm
Naina – Why u Villains are so Sadu
Karan gave her an angry look
Naina – Ok ok don’t tell…. itta gussa hone vali kya baat h.
Karan (in mind) – Kitna bolti h

Finally they reached their destination
A Farmhouse with so many goons outside…

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  1. Manvinahar

    wow! loved it…

    1. Arushi

      Thank you so much

  2. Just fantastic

    1. Arushi

      Thanks for your support

  3. Tamihna0808

    Aaah! So good!?Can’t wait for the next part! Such a smashing job with this part, seriously enjoyed it! I can imagine very angry Karan and Naina just talking away ? continue soon! ?❤

    1. Arushi

      Thanks di… You are just ?awesome, Angry Karan and Naina talking away happens usually in Swabhiman too they really look too cute…. I’ll post next part at the same time (b/w 6-7 pm – Indian Standard Time and it will be public – I don’t know when? but yeah I’ll post it on the same time daily) Thank you so much di for your support???❤??

      1. Tamihna0808

        You’re very welcome! ? and I can’t wait! ?

  4. Hi this whole story was like ek villain na.
    And i need one help.
    I want to write a ff , but i don’t now how to make a id.
    Please help me na pleassssse.
    Thank you .

    1. Arushi

      Hi yes my story is like ek Villain…. Now u want to make an id ok so first of all click on the first menu option(on the top of the page with white background nd Black text saying ‘MENU’) there r many options one option is register click on that follow the give ur details (required) after that open ur mail id (registered) u’ll get a mail from open that mail there will be a link click on that ur Id will be activated… Hope this will help…. Start ur ff as soon as possible I m waiting for it Eagerly…

      1. Thanks yaar.

  5. wow !!nice story…. m very excited for the next part… ?

    1. Arushi

      Awww thanks Khwaish…

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