Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi – Episode 14


So here we go
Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi
Episode 14

Vishal – No I’ll not treat her. I’ll not treat anyone, I can’t treat anyone, I am dangerous I just took everyones life away.
Karan – But Vishal!!
Vishal – No but…. Leave
Karan – I know that you lost your love your wife Khyati, my Naina is my love you are the only one who can save her, Please help us Vishal, please help me Vishal. Tum Naina ki jaan bacha kr 1 nhi 5 jindgiyan bachaoge.
Vishal – Just stop all this nonsense, Jab m apni wife ko hi nhi bcha saka toh tumhari Naina ko kese bachaunga.
Karan – Tum nhi bachapaoge (He smiles) voh toh vese hi marne vaali h.
Vishal – You know what I used to love khyati as much as you love Naina. But I swear in front of Khyati’s funeral no one will die just because of me.
A flash back is shown
2 years ago
A marriage scene
Khyati the bride in Red and Vishal the groom in Shervani, in Mandap, everyone was showering flowers on the beautiful couple.
Pandit ji – You both are soul mates from today
Vishal and Khyati looked at each other and smiled.
At Vishal’s Place

In the bed room Vishal carry Khyati in bridal style and put her on the bed. Khyati smiled looking at Vishal but suddenly she fall unconscious.
Vishal – Khyati!!! What happened get up.
He sprinkled some water on her face she got up.
Khyati – I think I am very tired.
Vishal – Yeah I think you should rest.
Khyati smiled but still she was feeling very weak so she slept on Vishal’s arms. Vishal too slept
Next Morning, Khyati was not feeling better so Vishal asked her to undergo some tests.
Tests results came and their life shaked completely Khyati had a Terminal Heart disease.
Tears rolled from Khyati’s eyes.
Khyati – Vishal!!!
She hugged him
Vishal – Khyati don’t cry, I’ll not let anything happen to you, I promise, I’ll treat you, You know na that I can treat you. We will fight and nothing will happen to you.
They broke the hug.
Khyati smiled weakly.
Vishal started her treatment, she was recovering, but a dark day came.
Vishal (to nurse) – Get these medicines, they are last stage medicines after that my Khyati will be fine.
Nurse – Yes sir.
Nurse brought all the medicines written by Vishal.
Vishal started the treatment but Khyati’s condition started to get bad, Vishal was confused, Khyati’s condition worsened. And she died, Vishal was shocked. He cried then only Nurse came
Nurse – Sir, I think we should return these medicines to pharmacy back.
Vishal looked at the Medicines and found that those medicines were wrong.
Vishal – these are not those medicines which I told you to get for Khyati.
Nurse – No sir they are the same medicines which you told me.
She gave him a the same paper with the same medicines written on it, Vishal was shocked.
Vishal – I killed her, It was my mistake. How I can do such a big mistake.
He cried

At Khyati’s funeral ceremony
Vishal – Khyati I promise I’ll not treat anyone from now because I am not a responsible doctor, even I am not a good husband, I took your life.
He cried….
Flashback ends.
Vishal – Dekha I am a murderer, I murdered my wife my Khyati.
Tears rolled from Karan’s eyes.
Karan – I know this time you will not do anything like that. Please once for Khyati.
Hope so by doing this you will be able to forgive yourself for Khyati’s life, Please do it for Khyati’s sake.
Vishal (closed his eyes) – Khyati (Khyati’s soul) came in front of him and smiled
Khyati – Vishal save her life. If they meet I’ll feel we met, Please save her life. Please unite two lovers.
Vishal nodded and tried to touch his Khyati but she disappeared.
Vishal opened his eyes.
Vishal – ohk I’ll treat her. You both will unite. I promise……


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  1. Minerva

    Intensely emotional and absolutely spellbinding. This episode has surely enraptured my senses and cast a spell upon my being. The magic of this story is truly wonderful and brilliant.
    Vishal’s words and his memories of khyati pained my heart in every single way possible. It’s just heart-wrenching to see the bold and jovial vishal in such an avatar. His curses and expressions of guilt shook me up from the very core.
    Nevertheless, I am grateful to karan. Grateful for loving naina, grateful for his care for her, grateful for the ways in which he convinced vishal and grateful for the change in perspective and amvitions he brought in my life. The gem of a person that is karan is truly rare today. His words of love can surely crush even the mountains of earth and lead supernatural powers (here, khyati) to bow to him and assist him in every way possible.
    Need I say more?

    1. Arushi

      Awwwww Thank you so much Shivani for such a good comment, I just Love the way you appreciate us (all ff writers).
      Yeah it is really painful for me to write Vishal’s Cheracter in such a way but I have to because my story demands this, in upcoming chapters you all will get to know more about Khyati (hope you will like it)
      Karan is super cute he is best for our Naina, his convincing power are really mind blowing (I loved writing his parts and his character is superb) yeah he is purely a gem. And Khyati is going to be the most sweet Cheracter of the story(hope you will like her)….. No you don’t have to say more because I am already on cloud 9 after your comment as I always say that your comments made my day always… Loads of love ??❤

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    It was such an emotional episode.Vishal’s story made me cry.Karan’s love made everything possible.That’s true love.I am really happy that Vishal agreed.Please tell me that you r not ending this ff soon.Because it’s like an happy ending story.Please post Asap.Loads of love.

    1. Arushi

      Awwww really I am really sorry for making you cry but still I am happy to know that my story really had such a potential to make someone cry. Yes he finally agreed. True love….. Nak

      1. Arushi

        True love ? – Nairan… No I don’t haven’t such plans at this moment…. I am not going to end this soon… I’ll post next part soon

  3. Awesome. There is something fishy. How can the medicines change
    . someone is behind this. Post asap

    1. Arushi

      Yaaay you got… Shhhh but don’t tell it to any one ??.. Ohk wait for next chapter u’ll find everything… Thanks for cmnting

  4. Hi arushi…superb..i are really fabulous..vishal khyathi scenes were superb..karans effort for his naina..ok and what about your result dear.

    1. Arushi

      Thank you Jisu… I loved writing that part too. Karan loves his Naina more than his life he can fo anything for her… My result it will come after 3 – 4 days because of hc order now cbse had to give us grace marks that’s why I m quite happy ?… Thanks once again

  5. the epi was so touching, u just rocked it.vishal’s past was wonderful,l’m feeling sorry for vishal,l just loved the whole part???

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Seyal… Yupp it was quite sad but I loved writing that part… Loads of love ?

  6. Tamihna0808

    Omg! I think wanna cry! ?????
    This was mindblowing! I love how you added Khyati to Vishals vision. It was truly wonderful. I and everyone else absolutely loved it. You’re talent, the way you write and what you write is truly remarkable! Aru, I don’t think these words will do justice for what you’ve written. I know it will only get better and I look forward to it! Thank you for writing this beautiful masterpiece! Loads of love from your Tami ♡
    Love you so much ?❤

    1. Arushi

      Tammu please don’t cry I am really sorry for making you cry. Thank you so much I too loved that part when I was writing it I wanted to add something which you guys love to read so I added this scene. Tammu these words really meant a lot to me. Thank you so much. You are really very kind thank you so much for being so kind…. You are my Tammu ???? loads of love from my side too. Love you too ??

  7. hi arushi how r u sory
    for not commenting science so many days….tody I’m cementing .fantastic updt sad for vishal karan naina khiyati …next updt sooon

    1. Arushi

      Hi ayshakhan Don’t be srry yrrr I know that you are reading it I am happy that you like it. My next part is up hope that you like it… Loads of love ??❤

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