Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi – Episode 13

Guys my friends told me that it’s the best chapter till now, so please comment and tell do you feel the same????

So here we go
Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi
Episode 13

Next Morning Naina wake up and saw Karan was standing in front of her she smiled looking her he smiled back at her
Karan – Hurry up!!! Naina we have to leave
Naina smiled and nodded
She got ready
Karan and Naina left, they were on a hill where peacocks used to come and dance
Naina was walking behind Karan, Naina falls unconscious Karan ran towards her
Karan – Nainaaaa… Kya hua

Naina (smilingly) – time aagya h
Karan (Angrily) – chup… Nothing will happen
Naina smiled, Karan hugged Naina and took her to the hospital in his arms (in bridal style)
Karan was standing outside the Naina’s room, Doctor came out
Doctor – She is quite weak, today we saved her but she has very less time
Karan was standing numb, doctor’s words were echoing in his mind
Karan – Can I take her to home
Doctor (nodded) – I’ll get the discharge papers

Karan nodded
Naina got discharged and they all went back to home
Sharda and Meghna took Naina to her room
Karan – Kunal, I need Vishal’s address
Kunal nodded and gave Karan Vishal’s address
Karan left

In Naina’s Room
Naina – Mumma I don’t want to live here now we will leave from here, We will go to bade Mama’s home
Sharda (Shocking) – What???
Meghna – Cheeku tu yeh kya keh rhi h???
Naina – yes di, we will

Kunal listen all this from corner of door
Sharda – But why Cheeku???

Naina – Mumma I can’t love him. I can’t let him to love me. His life will get spoil (Tears rolled from her eyes), Mumma I don’t have right to love someone.
Sharda and Meghna’s eyes were too filled with tears, they knew that Naina love Karan, when she used to be with Karan she used to smile and laugh, not for showing someone but it was a real smile
Sharda fall in deep thought
6 months ago
A fb played
Naina was in her college

1 day she was hanging out with friends and get unconscious they took her to the hospital
After multiple tests they came to know that Naina has very rare heart disease all family members were shocked, Naina too came to know about her condition
That day she cried a lot and ripped last wish of her diary
Naina (crying and ripping the page) – I can’t ruin any life, I can’t love someone, I can’t….. Cried, her tear drops fell on her diary
Meghna and Sharda cried looking at their cheeku’s condition…

Sharda – Cheeku everything will be fine don’t cry
Naina – Mumma, why are you giving me false hope, I know this disease can’t be healed..
Meghna – Cheeku, please control yourself. Your crying will not heal you.
Naina – Yes di you are correct, I will not cry I will live my remaining life like a party, I will complete all my wishes
She wiped her tears and smiled painfully

Flashback ends
Meghna – maa!!!
Sharda – No answer
She shaked sharda, Sharda came back to her senses
Meghna – Mumma…. What happened???

Sharda – Nothing, Naina pack your bags
Meghna and Kunal gets shocked
Sharda and Meghnal left the room
Kunal – Maa, why did you agree to Naina

Sharda – Naina, don’t want to ruin Karan’s life! It is not truth.. The truth is that she doesn’t want Karan to go back in his old life, she doesn’t want him to get back in that darkness again, Karan’s happiness will give Naina Happiness, I will do anything for Naina’s happiness.
Meghna – But Mumma Naina’s happiness is with Karan only and Karan too will not be able to live without Naina, their happiness is with each other
Sharda – Lekin kab tak Meghna, 1 din, 2 din ya jyaada se jyaada 1 mahina.
Kunal – Maa if Karan is able to Make Vishal agree then.

Meghna and Sharda were shocked after listening to Kunal
Meghna – Kunal what are you saying
Kunal – I told Karan about Vishal, voh gya h Vishal k pass. I know his love is only one who can save our Naina’s life.
Meghna – Hope so

At Vishal’s place

Outside Vishal’s house
Karan (to himself) – Today I can’t loose, I will make him agree to treat my Naina…
He went inside
Karan (to Vishal) – Can I come in
Vishal (Lil rudely)- Yes!
Karan – Actually I need your help, I want you to treat my Naina
He gave him Naina’s reports
Vishal – No… I’ll not…



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  1. omg!why vishal is neglecting karan’s pain..but our karan is not the one who could be easily neglected,he will make vishal ready for naina’s treatment,sure l believe,superb episode ??

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Seyal, Yeah he is the one who can never be neglected… Yeah he will make Vishal agree, please wait for the next chapter because it will has some more twists and a small glimpse of upcoming suspence…… And yeah I want to say that you too write really well but due to busy schedule I never got time to comment but I always read that and love it…. I’ll try to cmnt on next part post it soon and keep doing your amazing job ??❤

      1. thank u arushi,l’m very happy that u enjoy my story,it’s OK if u can’t comment,but keep reading

      2. Arushi

        Yeah I’ll read it always because it is really awesome….. Keep writing

  2. Snehasat

    Omg Arushi!!ek villian is one of my favourite movies and it is not easy to recreate a blockbuster and ensuring the audience like it!!u have chosed the right movie script dear!!keep writing and dont worry for comments der r many silent readers who r busy so they cant comment

    Keep writing arushi…and waiting for nxt epi…i m thinking will in ff u will do just like ej villian like will naina die in this…will der will be someone like ritesh deshmukh in this ff

    Omg!! Plzz post soon yaar

    1. Arushi

      Hey Sneha I too love Ek Villan, Thanks for your positive feedback and motivation, don’t worry my story is going to be lil different and yupp my story is going to have a Villain but he/she will be lil different from the real story hope you will like it…. You too keep doing your fabulous work I really love it… Thanks obce again ❤??

  3. Shruthy

    VISHAL YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS! You can’t remain rude man. ?
    I hope Karan will be able to make him understand. Karan’s love should win. ❤️??

    1. Arushi

      Yeah, don’t worry Shruthy everything is going to be ok Karan’s love will win there are some reasons, that’s why Vishal is behaving like this please wait for next chapter hope u’ll like it…. Thanks once again

  4. Minerva

    Accept my offerings of admiration and gratitude arushi. You are bound to…
    This episode was seriously wonderful and magical. Each and every worded phrase or statement was an absolute masterpiece. The conceptualisation and presentation was well beyond the ordinary. A complete work of miraculous art…
    The emotions and feelings upheld in this episode were the best depictions of a mortal life ever seen. Naina’s breakdown and subsequent confession was immaculately portrayed. The consolation and comfort offered to her by her family is truly amazing. The promising start of this episode led me to expectations of something happy and gay but the surprise I got was just the absolute opposite. This episode was surely one of the best emotional rollercoaster rides I have ever been on and the experience surely took my breath away. Every gasp of breath I am taking right now is demanding dr. vishal’s agreement and decision to treat naina. My lifeforce has surely been enraptured by the magic created by this story….

    1. Arushi

      Awww!!!! I am highly obliged… Thank you so much Shivani your comments are always a great motivation for me. Just Love it. I just always try to write something that connects with my readers I am really happy that you guys like it yrrr seriously your comments made my day. Yeah mu friend told me the same that she felt that Vishal will agree but if there is no suspence in the story then how will you guys like it… Please wait for the next chapter and keep reading my work and start writing your one fast ??… Loads of love ? ? ❤

  5. Tamihna0808

    Vishal will agree! I can feel it! He has to ? such an emotional chapter! I loved it ? keep up the great work girl! Loads of love ❤?

    1. Arushi

      Yeah he will but how??? You have to wait for next update ?.. Yeah it was an emotional obe but I know you will love next episode….. Loads of love from my side too?❤?
      Post your one soon… I am waiting for it

  6. #nairanlover:-)

    It was an emotional episode.Hope karan makes vishal agree.Loads of love.

    1. Arushi

      Thanks #nairanlover:-) yeah he will make him agree but you have to wait till next update
      Loads of love ? ? ❤

    2. Arushi

      Thanks #nairanlover:-) yeah he will make him agree but you have to wait till next update
      Loads of love ? ? ❤
      Keep reading

  7. Arushi?you rocked it as always.. sorry for the late comment..i read it yesterday but cant this will also like ek villain…i mean is naina will die??hope vishal agree…whatever i love your ff…and one thing too…post next chapter soon..plz

    1. Arushi

      Thank you so much Jisu….. Aahhhh don’t worry about commenting I happy that you read it and like it too…. As I told everyone before my story’s end will be lil different there will be a Villain but with lil twist in srory so don’t worry about it, I’ll try to post next part soon… Actually tomorrow is my result so there is lot of tension going on hope everything goes well…. So I’ll definitely try to post next part soon

  8. AbrahamEzra

    Why is he behaving like this yaar. His wife is dead right then he is aware of that pain. Her family also love her. Then y he want to give the same pain to them. This is so cruel. And I know karan will go to any extend only to save her. Hope everything will be fine soon.

    1. Arushi

      Don’t worry pooja, you will came to know it soooooon why Vishal is doing all this… I know that you will like it…. Keep reading dear… Loads of love ??❤

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