Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi – Episode 12


So here we go
Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi
Episode 12

Naina was happy after watching the underwater world,On the way Naina was driving the car and Karan was sitting next to Naina, Karan was thinking about the Vishal
Karan (in his mind) – How will I make him ready for Naina’s treatment. How??
Naina – Karan what happened?? Kya soch rhe ho.
Karan – Nothing Naina!!! Just thinking about your next wish.
Naina nodded (thought) – Why Karan is lying??? Itni tension.
They reached home. Naina ran and hugged Meghna
Naina – Didu you know it was quite big, so many fishes………..
Karan was listening to Naina and he forgot about Vishal and started smiling at Naina
Naina saw Karan smiling at her
Naina – What??? Why are you smiling at me like that
Karan – I am happy because you are happy
Naina smiled
Karan – Ohk now I’ll leave
Naina nodded
Karan left the place and went back to his place
Karan – Guru
Guru – ji Karan Bhaiya
Karan – Sun, I need ur help
Guru – Ji Bhaiya
Karan – Yeh 1 aadmi ka address h Dr. Vishal naam h mujhe har information chahiye iske baare m…
Guru – Ohk Bhaiya
Karan – Aur haan…. Bina kisi maar peet ke

Guru – Ji
Guru left…. NK saw all this from far he entered in the room
NK – Karan, (he entered smilingly)
Karan ran and hugged NK
Karan (while hugging) – She can live her whole life….. (Karan broke the hug and holds NK’s arms) she will live
NK (smiled at his son’s happiness) – I am happy for you Karan, finally u find a reason to live
Karan – Not only one reason I have a lot of reasons… Naina, Naina’s wishes, Naina’s love, we both….. Nairan
NK smiled
Karan – But I have to make Vishal agree for Naina’s treatment….. How will I do that
NK – Tu karega…. Naina k pyaar kliye you have to do…. I know u will do that
Karan nodded
NK – Pta h iss pyaar m bohut takat hoti h… Tere pass voh takat h
Karan nodded confidently
NK left the room
At Naina’s place
Naina was lying in the bed and thinking about Karan and had a big smile on her face
Naina thought how Karan is trying to fulfill her all wishes (her butterfly wish snow wish, underwater world wush) his smile, his happiness, how he cares for Naina (When he saved Naina from sun light)
Naina – I know Naina it’s Love but how can I love someone specially Karan… I can’t give him so much of pain…. I can’t… tears rolled from her eyes…. I… I can’t ruin his life….
Kya tujhe ab ye dil bataye
Tujhpe kitna mujhe pyaar aaye
Aansuon se likh doon main tujhko
Koi mere bin padh hi naa paaye

Yoon rahun chup, kuch bhi na bolun
Barson lambi neendein so loon
Jin aankhon mein tu rehta hain
Sadiyon tak wo aankhen na kholun

Mere ander khudko bhar de
Mujhko mujhse khaali kar de
Karan had Naina’s recent test report with him after looking at the reports
Karan too had tears in his eyes he was worried about Naina’s health
As he has very little time to make Vishal agree, Naina’s reports said that Naina had just few days of her life left….. Tears rolled from Karan’s Face
Karan (Thought) – I’ll save you Naina kuchh nhi hoga tumhe…. I promise
Kyonki Tumhare bina m jee nhi paunga….
Jis shaam tu naa miley
Woh shaam dhalti nahi
Aadat si tu ban gayi hai
Aadat badalti nahi..

Kya tujhe ab ye dil bataye
Tere bina kyun saans na aaye
Aansuon se likh doon main tujhko
Koi mere bin padh hi naa paaye

Mere ander khudko bhar de
Mujhko mujhse khaali kar de (x2)

Haathon se girne lagi
Har aarzoo har duaa
Sajde se main uth gaya
Jis pal tu mera hua (x2)

Kya tujhe ab ye dil bataye
Kyu teri baahon mein hi chain aaye
Aansuon se likh doon main tujhko
Koi mere bin padh hi naa paaye

Mere ander khudko bhar de
Mujhko mujhse khaali kar de (x2)

O o aa o..


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  1. AbrahamEzra

    It was so emotional. Hope karan will be successful in making vishal agree. Post asap

    1. Arushi

      Thanks pooja… Hope Vishal agree soon (Even I don’t know when ???) I’ll try to post next part soon

  2. Hi arushi..i think i didnt commented on previous part..but trust me i read that and loved that verymuch…i was little busy with my exam so i didnt commented..and todays episode..loved it..naina realizes her love ..superb

    1. Arushi

      Hi Jissu I am happy that you like it yeah finally Naina knows her love for Karan hope everyone gets fine soon ❤

  3. Tamihna0808

    ❤❤❤❤❤ I loved it! I swear I imagine such an adorable Karan just staring at Naina as she smiles! So lovely! Cannot wait for the next part! Loads of love ?

    1. Arushi

      Thank you so much Tammu.. Yeah even I imagined the same (he will look cute)… I’ll try to post next part soon loads of love

  4. Minerva

    Intensely emotional and lovely. The episode was really touching and greatly magnificent. The words about naina’s approaching death and her short life ahead is wrenching my heart up now. Karan’s immense zeal and determination to get her cured has surely made my day now. His words and actions show his immense love and concern for her which is really magical.
    Naina’s statements about her love and her short life are surely making my eyes well-up now. I really hope for some happiness and joy to come her way soon. She really needs some support in the form of karan to make her hope in the reality of life. She trulu deserves all the glories and mirth of the world.

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Shivani for your amazing cmnt as always ? your cmnts made my day it is super sweet thanks again loads of love ? ? ❤

  5. really loved the epi,but wasn’t able to comment,sry??

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Seyal…. Don’t worry yrrr

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