Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi – Episode 11

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Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi
Episode 11

After playing with ice Naina was super happy Karan MeghNal and Sharda all were too happy to see Naina Happy
Sharda – Naina go and get fresh.
Karan – Yes go fast and get ready we have to go somewhere.
Naina – where

Karan – Areyy you go na
Naina nodded and went inside Meghna and Sharda both went inside the kitchen
Kunal and Karan both were sitting in the living room
Kunal – Karan can I ask you something??
Karan – Yes please
Kunal – Do you love Naina
Karan (stammered due to hesitation) – wh…. What??? What are you saying Kunal. Me and Naina!!! No nothing like that
Kunal – Don’t lie Karan I can see this in your eyes
Karan – Kunal!!! Woh actually yes. She is the one jiske wajah se m jeena sikha hun 1 insaan ki jaan ka mol pta chala h
Kunal smiled at Karan’s confession.
Kunal – Do you Know about Naina’s disease
Karan (Nodded) – 1 aise bimari jiska ilaj nhi h
Kunal – Treatment h
Karan (Shockingly) – What???
Kunal – Yes even Naina doesn’t know about that
Karan (smiled) – Iska matlab meri Naina can live
Kunal – Yeah but……

A pause
Karan – What happened
Kunal – Sirf 1 hi h jo iss bimari ka ilaj kt sakta h and he said no
Karan – But why?? Does he need more money.. I’ll give him how much he wants
Kunal – No Karan….

His Name is Doctor Vishal he was the only one who was specialized in this disease but one day he lost his own wife Khyati due to same illness he used to love his wife a lot but…. Me Meghna and Maa we all tried to make him understand but every time results were negative
Karan – I’ll make him understand he has to agree otherwise I’ll kill him
Kunal – No Karan this time you will not use your gun this time you have to use your love for Naina
Karan nodded – he will treat my Naina… I’ll make him agree
Naina came down and saw Karan and Kunal talking
Naina – Jiju Karan aap kya baat kar rhe ho
Karan (excitingly) – woh Naina

Kunal holds Karan’s hand
Kunal – Areyy we were talking about your surprise….. I mean to say Karan is going to take you somewhere na
Naina – Areyy koi merko bhi toh batao

Karan – To complete your another wish
Naina – Seriously… Wowww…. Oh shit I forgot my camera M lekr aati hu
Naina left
Kunal – Karan iss bimari ka ilaj successful hoga ya nhi voh Dr. Vishal manenge ya nhi hm kuchh nhi jaante isliye I don’t want to give Naina any fake happiness
Karan nodded
Naina came down
Naina – Chalo Karan
Karan – Yes let’s go
They left… Kunal smiled

Karan took Naina to a beach
Karan – TO SEE UNDERWATER WORLD…. and smiled.
Naina too smiled
Naina – Yaaay I m very excited Chalo Karan She holds Karan’s…… Karan smiled
They took a boat and went in between the sea
Naina spotted some dolphins
Naina – Karan look at them

She laughed looking at the Dolphins after 5 minutes they both jump into the Water they were swimming Naina was playing
She took Karan to a place full of fishes Naina was trying to tease some fishes by racing with them like a child Karan laughed looking her Naina played with the fishes Karan used the camera (cameras used under water) and clicked so many pictures of Naina with fishes and finally they came out of the water and smiled looking at each other…

Karan thought – Naina now I’ll make sure that this smile never leaves your face…. Always stuck with your lips….. Now you will live your life Naina your complete life……


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  1. Wow arushi

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Maira ❤?

  2. Minerva

    Absolutely stunning and lovely. Karan’s efforts and the family love showered on naina were seriously so wonderfully depicted. Kunal’s ways of getting karan to confess his feelings were just so magical and marvellous. His subsequent revelations that naina could be cured and karan’s excitement on the same gas surely shown a light of hope somewhere in this dark sky of gloom. Wishes and prayers that karan can help vishal get over his loss and make him ready to treat naina.
    The fulfilment of naina’s wish was beautiful in all aspects. Her antics and words were supremely cute and adorable. Karan’s decision to make her smile always is a tough one for sure but I am convinced that his love can help him conquer any peak and overcome any obstaxle in his quest for the well-being of naina..

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Shivani for your amazing cmnt… I think you should start your own ff you are super amazing… So sorry for short reply but I am really busy so please forgive me. Thanks once again for

  3. AbrahamEzra

    Beautifully written. I loved the nature of naina. She is so cute and loved the way karan cares her. Pls post asap

    1. Arushi

      Thanks AbrahamEzra.. I’ll try to post next part soon

      1. AbrahamEzra

        U can call me as Pooja only. That’s my name

      2. Arushi

        Ohk pooja

  4. Tamihna0808

    I loved it! ?
    Love how you cooperated Vishal and Khyati in the FF. I’m sure Karan will now make Vishal realise that he needs to get Naina get better!
    Cannot wait for the next part! It’s a long wait but we’re all very excited for it! ?
    Loads of love for you Arruuuuu ?❤

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Tammu.. Love you ? ? ❤.. I’ll try to post next part soon

  5. woooo?….all episodes are going really good n making readers excited to read more n more?….i really liked today’s episode….the way u used to write is really amazing….LOVE NAIRAN….??

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Khwaish ??❤

  6. woooo?….all episodes are going really good n making readers excited to read more n more?….i really liked today’s episode….the way u used to write is really amazing….LOVE NAIRAN….??

    1. Arushi

      Thanks disha

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