Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi – Episode 1

Hey guys I m Arushi… I m new here.. I m going to write a different story here hope you all will enjoy it,I m going to to convert Nairan’s love story into Ek Villain’s story… Love Story of Guru nd Aisha in Nairan’s style…. With Arushi:s special touch, HOPE YOU ALL WILL LIKE IT PLEASE GUYS DO COMMENT ND TELL ME WEATHER U LIKE IT OR NOT WEATHER TO CONTINUE IT OR NOT
So here we go
Nairan – Ek Love Story Aise Bhi

Episode 1
A goon (Karan) is threatening a boy with a gun in his hand!! On the 9th floor of a under construction.
Karan – I’ll not leave you…. You betrayed me
Boy (in scared tone) – Please please let me go, For god’s sake leave me I’ll never do that again.
Karan (smiled wickedly) – Leave you for god’s Sake Hahahahaha!!!! Ok you pray to your god let’s see will he save you or not.
Boy’s mother too came there
She fell on Karan’s feet
Mum – Please let my son go
Karan kicks her
Karan – Ohoooooo now this melodrama, ok I’ll not kill your sob with this son.
He throws the Karan, The boy got relieved and smiled and her mum too smiled happily .
Karan – Don’t be happy, I said that I’ll not kill by this gun
Boy’s Mum became tensed her smile disappeared she picked up the gun thrown by Karan and Shoot at Karan, but all went in Vain none of the bullets even touched Karan. After seeing all this Karan became angry and Pushed the boy fell down directly on Ground floor’s ground
Mum – Sunnyyyyyy (she cried) God will never give you any happiness all happiness will get vanished from your life you will too lose someone special.
She went down nd cried looking at her son’s dead body. Police came their and Arrested Karan, Karan left from their

In police station
Karan was in lockup some police men were torturing him for telling truth but he was silent at the same time he saw a pair of beautiful eyes who were staring at him, he was lost in them, then some man came and get him bailed
A girl was standing over their with the same beautiful eyes and she was fighting for a woman who was tortured by his husband for the media was all around her only her eyes were visible Karan left from their but for the first time he mesmerized.

That’s it for this episode guys I hope u’ll like it I promise if u’ll like it next chapter will be much larger than this one

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    1. Arushi

      Yes I’ll post next part soon… May be tonight at the same time

  2. Shruthy

    Well this was something short and sweet! ? So Karan is mesmerised by Naina’s naina, not even knowing who she was. ☺️
    Waiting for the next part. Post it soon. ?

    1. Arushi

      Yess Karan is mesmerized for the first time by Naina’s naina…. I’ll post next part soon

  3. It was fantastic
    Please update soon

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Natasha I’ll post soon

  4. It was great
    Please update soon

    1. Arushi

      Thank you… I’ll post next part soon

  5. Please post next part
    The story was nice
    I like it , no i love it….

    1. Arushi

      Thank you so much… I’ll post next part soon

  6. Manvinahar

    it was nice but dont tell me that at the last naina will also die like shradda kapoor

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Manvinahar don’t worry my story in starting will remain almost same as Ek Villain but my climax will be quite different.. I hope you will like it

      1. Manvinahar

        thank you so much

      2. Arushi

        No need of thanks yrr


    1. Arushi

      Ahhh Thanku so much Shree. EK VILLAIN is mine favorite too…. Don’t worry my starting will be same as Ek Villain but my climax will be quite different…. I hope you will like it

  8. Tamihna0808

    This sounds so interesting! I love shows inspired by films and this FF will be so good, I can feel it! ?? Awesome Job Arushi! Can’t wait to read more ? continue soon.
    Welcome to the Swabhimaan fan page! Loads of love! ?❤

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Tamihna dii.. I really love Your ff… I m a silent reader Aarzu nd me we both are good friends and love your ff I even love Aarzu’s ff but she is going to end that soon. So I Have decided to start a new one hope you will enjoy it.. Love you

      1. Tamihna0808

        Aaw! Thank you so much! ? I heard that she will end it, I’m very upset that she is ending it but I know she has her reason in doing so?. I’m really happy you’re starting your FF, I look very forward to reading it! Thank you for the love! ?
        Love you too! ?❤

      2. Arushi

        Don’t be upset di Aarzu promised me that she will help me, She will choose all outfits for me because I love her outfits she will give me Ideas, so please don’t be upset

  9. Really nice yr…… I wish hame aage bhi asi story padne ko mile…. and I know u definitely make a new one….. and congrats….??❤

    1. Arushi

      Awwwww Thanku so much Arpita… Hope u’ll like it further

  10. Luved it arushi hope u will continue this series

    1. Arushi

      Thanks Sachi…. ? ? ? ?

  11. luv it ??hope u will continue this ☺

    1. Arushi

      Tysm… ???

  12. Dam sure this will be amazing story ❤❤ # good job??❤❤

    1. Arushi

      Awww thanks… ????

  13. Simran keswani

    Nice story

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