“NAIRAN”-bezubaan ishq (Part 4)

Guys,thx a lot for ur love and comments on the previous chapters..hope uall will love this chapter
Naina wakes up and embraces karan
She remembers previous day incidents
Meghna comes
Meghna-oops!!wrng timing

Naina-nahi di!!
Meghna-r u okay?is ur hand okay?is it burning?
Naina-no di!its okay..i have just changed the plaster(i hope this is thebright wrd)
Naina and meghna have a small talk and meghna leaves to prepare breakfast
Karan wakes up and sees naina struggling to pin her dupatta
Karan comes to help her
(he wears gloves)
He silently takes the dupatta and pin

Karan-i do!!
He does it and they have a silent romance wala eyelock
And suddenly khamoshiya song plays aloud in kyati’s room

At boondi
Vishal tells everyone the incident
They get worried
Sharda calls karan
Their eyelock breaks
Karan-yes sharda maa,yes naina is f9 and is here
Naina takes the phone

Mom-daughter talk for 8mins!!
Karan-done!!now lets eat!!
They go down and the family love starts i.e. chit chat and jokes(i dont wanna drag the ff )

At evening
Khyati,meghnal and nairan are sitting in the lawn
Khyati-bhabi and naina bhabi can ask something!
Both said yes
Khyati-tell something about ur childhood?ur bff?
Kunal-good idea..even i want to know

Meghna-my best frd was always cheeku!!
Meghna-relax!her name is mitali we still in touch!!our frdship is of 12 years
All looked amazed
Kunal-and u sali sahiba?
Naina-my best is

Meghna interupts
Khyati-kunal-karan–a boy!!
Naina-yes,our friendship is of 18 years!!

All-what!!18 years!?????
Naina-yes..he was my best frd,he was staying in neighbourhood when i was 3 years old we met first time!!he used to sprinkle his life on me…and he had a single mom!!
Kunal-wherez he now??
Naina-he has become a businessman now…i dont know where is he!?
Karan with a frowned face-but why?!isnt he ur bff?

Naina-we didnt talk since marriage!he doesnt pick my calls
He is hurt that i didnt tell him anything
All get sad and karan had question in his mind..
They talked and went to their rooms

At boondi
Sharda gets a call
Sharda-hello,who is this
Caller-hi,sharda maa
Sharda-who is this
Caller-ur samosa chor

Sharda gets happy and calls vishal..

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And i know it is really very small but the nxt will be long!!

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  1. Wowwww….waiting to see jealous karan
    Awesome update….post soon

    1. Snehasat

      Thx dear..i m having fun writing about jelous karan..well a big twist is coming with the new entry

  2. Threemaimai

    oooo new entry, sounds interesting 🙂

    1. Snehasat

      ?ya..it is interesting and a big twist
      Hope u will like it

  3. wow super se uper dear .tody I read all part very part was just amazing countinu dear soooon

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot aysha(i love this name!!)
      Ur comment is really motivating.

  4. Superrrrrrrrr

    1. Snehasat

      Thx shabnam…thx alot

  5. Superb…kartik entry..may be he loves naina right??want to see jealous karan…ok post soon

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot dear…..
      U will see jealous karan..and u r gonna love it ..promise!!

      Lets see if he loves naina or not

  6. Minerva

    Beautiful chapter. The lines regarding naina’s well being and karan’s care of her which he showed through his small acts were indeed lovely. Meghna’s dialogue at the beginning of the story was one of the most magical things in this story.
    Kunal’s eagerness and zeal to know about meghna’s best friend along with his words and expressions were absolutely priceless. I am actually in love with this marvellous side of karan’s life. His reaction on knowing about naina’s best-boy-friend was plain amazing. Its good to know that naina’s friend of yore has finally got in touch with her through her mother. Awaiting a stupendous Karan-Naina-Kartik (KNK) track…

    1. Snehasat

      Minerva..i m love with ur comments
      It truly motivates me to write more amazing for readers like U!!thx for such a long comment???

      KNK-love this name!!
      KNK track is gonna be for a long time and a big twist is coming with his entry

  7. Is kiku karthik who may be coming back in naina’s life ……is it a love triangle between kartik naina and karan??? Update asap

    1. Snehasat

      U r smart Priyamvada!

      Yes,kiku is kartik
      Love triangle!? Its SUPRISE!!

      Thx alot for reading

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