“NAIRAN”-bezubaan ishq (Part 7)

Guys,i dont know how but my 7th chapter got rejected??but i have made minor changes

Chp 7-
Morning at 6pm all the elders reach home and khyati sees them coming..
I have something to tell
She then tells everyone what happened last evening
Nirmala-naina-meghna are his childhood frds
Dadu-yeh to accha hua
Nk-lets go and fresh up
Sandhya-ok..come lets go

They all meet up for breakfast
Naina Meghna were serving
Kartik comes down with a dashing entry wearing ankle lent trousers,black-white stripped t-shirt and a black blazer with aviator sunglasses with a titan watch(i hope u can imagine??)
Nk stands up
Kartik-mr.chauhan plz sit
Kartik-no lekin..pls
Kartik sit beside karan

All say goodmorning to him
Dadu-we didnt knew u r our bahu’s frd
Kartik-i m not their frd..i m meghna di’s brother and naina’s bff
All laugh
Sandhya-oh god!!this means now our deal will happen more nicely
Kartik and naina look at each other
Naina-woh masimaa..
Kartik-sandhyaji,i never bring my personal matters into professional matters..
Kunal-u r eeally honest!

Kartik-so karan!?what do u do?
Karan looks on
Naina-karan tell na,of u wont tell i will
Naina-karan is a music composer and a music teacher and is currently working on his career
Everyone look on
Nk-so,mr.malhotra r u coming to office
Kartik-i will handle office from home

Nk-can we do that!?
Kartik-and what!?being a business tycoon..i have to go with the time..
They all leave
(i hate dragging story so i will come to point)
They all enjoy kartik’s company alot but somewhere karan was a bit insecure
Naina was running here and der and kartik was chasing her
Kartik-stop!i said stop!
Naina-try try…
Naina hides behind karan

And their chase stops when kunal comes from office
Kartik-karan,kunal i wanna tell u both something LADIES PLEASE!!(telling them to leave)
Kartik-i have a plan,why shud only the ladies work?this time lets suprise them
Karan-say clearly

Kartik-i mean cant we make breakfast for them tomorrow
Kunal-thats a good idea
Karan-lets do it
Karan-but who will guide us?i know only the basicsKunal-mr.perfect means ME!!
karan-haha!!big joke!!now be serious
Kartik-i will!!i know to cook all type of food

Kunal-u r indeed PERFECT!!
Kartik-take this 3 glasses of milk and give it to nirmala aunty,meghna di and cheeku .
Karan u go and give this to aunty i will give to cheeku and jeeju u…
Kunal-yaya!!meghna..i knw
Karan-why dont u give bhabhi,kunal bhai give to maa and i to naina.
Kunal-bcoz u r ma’s fav.now go
They give the milk to all three women(the milk had sleeping pills in them so that they wake a bit late)
Karan goes to his room and finds naina feeling dizzy

Karan-it must be the pills
Naina-karan ..that milk..
Saying this she faints and falls in karan’s arms
He makes her sleep and smiles at her

Next morning
The men’s prepare the breakfast with a lot of hardwork?
Naina wakes up and sees the time and gets up and gets ready meanwhile she also thinks where is karan !?
She goes down and finds the breakfast table ready and sees nirmala and meghna coming down together
Naina-have u both done it?
Meghna-nirmala-No..have u??

Naina nods no
They ask Dadu
Dadu smiles and signs them to look behind
They look behind and find karan,kartik,kunal in the shahrukh khan pose
They laugh
Sandhya,nk,khyati come down and get suprised
Karan-all sit,we will serve
Nirmala-whoz idea was this?
Naina-let me guess it is 102% kartik

Karan was serving naina orange juice
Kartik-karan,pass that juice
Karan-but its naina’s juice
Kartik-naina likes guava juice so i told
Naina-its ok
Karan-no no..take

Khyati-i cant believe bhai’s made this
Sandhya-me too
Kartik-cheeku,take this poha!! naina used to fight with all for maa’s poha!!
Khyati-kartik,u know so much about naina bhabi,it seems like u r her husband not karan bhai!
All look at her shocked
Sandhya smirks

Nirmala looks at khyati angrily
Nk-i m sorry mr.kartik
Kartik-no prb
They finish their breakfast and go


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  1. Fantastic update…karan jealous.hmm..yaa i can imagine namish in that attire..really like him verymuch…about current track of swabhiman likes verymuch..nainas support for karan and karan care for naina..nairan shouldnt seperate..i loves meghnas charecter too..as a sister she doing right..hope meghna understand importance of karan in nainas life..but the current track is very intresting

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot Jis123
      I m glad u liked the attire
      Actually i asked to know ur opinions and even i agree with ur thoughts

      Loads of love

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    The episode was awesome.Naina lying in karan’s arms was a very cute moment.Hope kartik will not make a rift between Naina ànd karan.The current track is going really good and I have seen that Naina and Karan will come little close.I don’t think so Meghna will keep them away.Loads of love.Post Asap.

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot #nairanlover:-) ..i want to see something like that in the show.. I m like too too much eager for their love story to start ??i mean(yaar,115 epi completed now toh start
      Kartik will create a rift!???? (LETS SEE)

  3. wonderful part…keep writing ???

    1. Snehasat

      Thx Seyal..

      Loads of love???

  4. Minerva

    Wonderful episode. Kartik’s actions and words gave a new light and direction to this already-enlightened story. The way in which he teases the sisters and seems to know everything about the young Ms. Naina Solanki is meticulously presented. His antics can surely liven up any dull day and present people with a new reason to enjoy life.
    Karan’s insecurities and doubts regarding KAR-INA’s closeness were wonderfully worded and portrayed. Karan’s behaviour towards kartik truly depicts his heartfelt love and care for his better-half.
    Nonetheless, the breakfast for the chauhans held up too many surprises. The decision made by k^3 to surprise the Grehlakshmis of the house by giving them.a dose of sleeping pills and treating them to a breakfast made in a male-dominated kitchen was really sweet and marvellous. It was a well-deserved treat to the beautifil ladies of the house.
    The conversation on the dining table was a true turning point. Kartik’s mention of naina’s liking of guava juice and naina’s view on the same was just lovely. Khyati’s statement was in reality a shocker for the family as well as a great setback to karan. Subsequently, kartik’s query about karan’s proffesion and naina’s reply to it was greatly amazing. In all, the scene was an absolute success.
    Awesome wordplay and creative presentation..

    1. Snehasat

      Minerva u r such a SWEETHEART
      Hope i dont get diabetics after reading ur comments!!(BAD JOKE)???
      thx for such a long comment dear
      I never thought anyone would read it so ncely
      Ur writing is really beautiful..i m glad u liked the breakfast scene..i m on top of the world after this comment

      Loads of love?

  5. lovly update whole part was too amazing ..current track going is sooo gud …lovd ur updat

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot Aysha for ur comment
      I m so so happy u loved it
      Thx for ur opinion

      Loads of love??

  6. Awesome epi…loved it…
    I dont watch the show … I like their pair

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