“NAIRAN”-bezubaan ishq (Part 6)

Kartik-karan.. Ab. Kya hua..y r u blocking my way!?
Karan-y R U ignoring naina?what has she done!?i dont know what relation u share with her but i know(he looks at naina)that naina will never hurt anyone ever!!
Kartik-who r u to interfere in this matter!?did we ask ur consult!?
Karan stands der insulted
Kunal tries to speak to kartik
Meghna signs no to him

Naina watches this all and finally speaks
Naina-he is my husband,my best friend and my betterhalf!!he can talk in my matters..he has that right!!kartik from when did u become so rude??kartik u never tried to understand what actually happened!?i know it was ur right to know about my marriage but it all happened suddenly i didnt get time to tell u..i remember our promise and kartik i cant betray my best frd yaar..
Kartik looks at her and feels she is right but what about what he saw that day
Kartik-i..i m sorry karan..i m not like this but whatever i went through is…
Naina,when i was going to abroad u were not talking to me for 1 week.why? Werent u happy for me!?or were u sad that i became more sucessful than u!?

Naina-what!!i was very happy for u kartik..u were achieving ur dreams..y will i be sad!?i was upset bcoz u told about this 25 days before u go when u got the letter 2 months before..u promised to tell me everything but…u didnt so i didnt talk to u. Cant i do this also!?
Kartik-exactly naina,i also felt the same,i was going for studies..but ur marriage was der naina,which marriage happens in emergency!?tell!!
Naina-kartik,pls understand yaaaar …
Karan-u r having a problem that naina didnt tell u about marriage right..fine!i will tell u
Karan-no naina,u r getting punished for no proper reason
Kartik looks confused

Karan tells kartik the full truth except his skin problem
Kartik holds up his head
He goes to naina and folds his hands
Kartik-i..i m sorry cheeku..yaar i ..i..i dd..didnt knew anything like this that lady told me something else..
Naina-which lady !?
Kartik-that day on ur marriage i came to meet u i didnt knw ur marriage. When i saw in bridal avatar i was shocked i asked a women ..
Fb shown

Kartik ask a women why is naina wearing a bridal costume
The women ask him who is he
Kartik -i m naina’s best friend
Women-naina is getting married to her dream guy
Kartik stands der frozen
He watches naina’s wedding with tears
Fb ends
Naina-can u tell the women’s name!?

Kartik-it was…
Khyati-bhai,papa is calling,what shud i tell?
Kunal-tell the guest have arrived he is resting in room and all is f9
Karan-kartik,remember the name
Kartik-ah..ah..it was..urgg..YES!!it was sandhya!!
Karan and all get shocked
Karan(in mind)-but why??

Kartik-cheeku i m really sorry pata nahi gusse mein kya kya bola hai meine tumhe..
Kartik hugs her tight and lifts her up..
Meghna-kunal khyati i have some work plzz come .
They go

Karan is about to go but…
Kartik-karan,thx if u were not der than..
Karan-i did it for naina,she has done alot for me and today i m glad i did something for her..

They all go in their rooms..

Sorry sorry sorry for the short and late update..i am very busy these days..plzz show ur appreciation by commenting how u felt the ff was..nxt update is coming tomorrow
The os competition-all the best arushi and others who r writing ff on nairan and i pray u win…and make our nairan fans proud

Take care
Loads of love??

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  1. #nairanlover:-)

    Hi Di.It was really an interesting or say awesome episode.karan taking stand for Naina made me feel really awwww.Now I think so we will get jealous scene’s of Nairan.The next will be tomorrow I am so happy for that.And yeah hope karan will get to know about Sandhya’s truth.Fingers crossed.Though it was late but it’s ok.Please keep writing such beautiful and interesting episode’s.Sorry if I am boring you.Loads of love.:-):-)

    1. Snehasat

      #nairanlover:-) u r soo sweet!!??ya the nxt epi will be posted today..i m really feeling blissed that u found my ff beautiful and interesting..nah!ur comments never bore me they r LIT!!
      I hope u will like the nxt ff too
      Sandhya will get exoposed a bit later but she will be slammed by karan for nxt few ff for sure

      Loads of love to u

  2. It was so awesome… Loved it
    You are updating tomorrow soo happyy

    1. Snehasat

      O vanisha thx alot dear for ur positive comment …ya i have submitted the article…
      Hope u like it tooo

      Loads of love??

  3. Minerva

    Truly amazing and magnificent. The episode surpassed all expectations amd fulfilled all unsaid whims and fancies. The wordplay and emotional quotient manifested in this story was really incredible. Karan’s confrontation and his questions were just superb. Naina deeming karan as her husband, best friend and better-half made my heart drown in a sea of joy.
    Kartik’s revelations and statements are surely well-conceptualised and presented. His agonies are presented in the best possible way here. Hope that his quotient with naina strengthens in the days to come making us realise the importance of NaiRan for once.
    Nonetheless, seriously superb thoights and creation of magic..

    1. Snehasat

      Minerva,first of all ur english is MINDBLOWING!!??
      ur comment is always the best of all
      And i really appreciate u for commenting on each ff so perfectly and to remove time to comment on the ff’s ..

  4. Superb..stupid sandhya..she spoils everything..in serial also

    1. Snehasat

      Actually yaar ,suchitra pillai is really protraying the role well and i hope karan gets to know about masimaa’s truth

  5. sandhyaaaa…she is so cruel…but l like suchitra pillai,don’t make her this much cruel…but l loved it….

    1. Snehasat

      Sandhya is cruel but not suchitra,i like her too she is soo versatile and seyal thx dear..i m glad that u loved it!!

  6. sandhyaaaa…she is so cruel…but l like suchitra pillai,don’t make her this much cruel..aah,may be for the story it’s needed…. loved it….

  7. sandhiya is a witch…I hat her…nice epi finally problem is solved between naina end kartik …I’m happy

    1. Snehasat

      Thx dear i m really happy u liked it..
      And yea PROBLEM SOLVED!!

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