“NAIRAN”-bezubaan ishq (Part 5)

Ahha!! Here is the chapter..guys plzz comment if the ff is gud..it is really motivating and inspires me to write better,not only me but all the other ff P.S not a command its a request !??

At boondi
Sharda-vishal cme fast
Sharda-kiku,hw r u, why u didnt call us ,why!?and shalini(his sister)and karishmaji?! Hwz she !?
Kiku-i m fine maa,and maa u knw the reason why i didnt call u and mumma and shalu r fine..u tell hwz di,vishal bhai,champ(vaibu) both mama and mami’s and na….
Vishal-what bua,i was in garden vaibu told u were calling me!?
Sharda keeps phone on speaker
Sharda-talk to ur bhai
Kiku-pehchana bhai!?
Vishal-naina ka kiku!?(in excitement )
All three get quiet
Vishal-kiku?yaar after a long time
They chat alot and …..
Kiku-i hv a suprise for whole family
Vishal-kya re!?
Kiku-nah!not now …ok bye ..give all my regards…
He cuts call…
Sharda-i will tell everyone
Vishal-dont tell naina..u knw na about the fight..then dont bua..

At jaipur
Kunal-this is so interesting..tell us more..na karan!
Karan-yy..ya..afterall if naina is so good in frdship..she must be having a great choice of besties!!
Khyati-can we move from kartik etc. Etc…
Naina-i have no prb..its u all who r getting mad over him
Kunal-k k..
They talked and laughed alot…

Naina and kunal were in THEIR rooms….
Karan was going in nairan room
Meghna-karan,pls dont ask naina about kartik..she didnt want to talk about him anymore..she doesnt wants too…
Karan-ok bhabhi..i wont

Nairan room
Naina was setting a bed
Naina-karan do u want water!??
Naina-Y do i feel u wanna ask me something!?
Karan in mind-ask her..no matter what!!
Naina keeps quiet for a second and then laughs out loud!?
Karan-why r u laughing!?what was so funny huh!?what !tell
Naina still laughing
Naina-hahaha….ka.hahh..karan u shud have saw ur face while asking the question i thought it was something important
She again laughs
Karan throws a pillow on her and thwn another with hits naina’s head and then naina hits him with pillow!!the frdship wala fight continues

Karan-oh.ah..ouch!!oh..k i m sorry..chalo meri best frd so ja..
They smiled at each other and slept

At morning
After breakfast
Naina goes out to bring puja saamaan….she informs khyati who ignored her

Naina goes

At home(jaipur)
A courier guy comes
Khyati opens the door
Khyati-yes…whose is it!?
Sandhya-whoZ it khyati
She comes and tells khyati to go she will handle
Sandhya-kiska hai?
Boy-naina karan singh chauhan
Sandhya-(what can it be)give it to me
Boy gives and takes her sign
Sandhya goes to her room and opens the courier aka letter which made her jaw drop!!
She quickly went in the lawn And saw the servant burning dry leaves
Sandhya tells them to leave ..
They go
Sandhya throws the letter in it and smirks and says -naina,ur swabhiman and ur sucess is not coming in ur life now….
I have broken ur stairs to sucess ab swabhimaan…
She is coming in house-
Karan-masimaa,what letter u burnt!?
Masimaa-some waste
Sandhya-u have changed with that naina …u dont trust me anymore
Karan-sor..sorry masimaa

Sandhya’s room
Sandhya in mind- hw did that happen!?when did naina do that!?hw did she get the executive chairman post in the kumar industries!?such a big company!

In letter it was written that naina has been selected for the post and her answer and sign needed..

Then as usual they ate and slept

Nk-i want to tell something to u all something..malhotra industries,one of the best are doing a deal with us,their owner is coming frm abroad and will be staying with us..plzz take care of him..unfortunately i,nirmala,sandhya ji and bau ji r going for my clients wedding
U all with attend him
Nairan,meghnal and khyati agree

At evening
Naina-di,u did the arrangments!?
Kunal-ya…we all did..i hope he is a gud guy
L bring their shoulders up..
Someone knocks at the door wearing a very stylish attire
Meghna-let me open…
All agree
Meghna opens the door while at the same time that person’s sunglasses fall
Meghna thinks that he is touching his feet
She is astonished and says we dont have much differences in age i think.
Person-i can touch my di’s feet anytime
Meghna get suprised and confused


Kartik(kiku)stands up and says i m sorry di!!
Meghna had brough some sweets which were in her hand which fell down
Meghna was having tears in her eyes as she called him her younger bro
Naina-kya hua?karan did u hear the sound?
Karan-haa naina
Kunal-is something wrng der!?7
Khyati-come fast yaar

All go..first kunal reaches
Kunal-meghna what happened?y r u weeping?and who threw the sweets.
which were in her hand which fell down
Meghna was having tears in her eyes as she called him her younger bro
Naina-kya hua?karan did u hear the sound?
Karan-haa naina
Kunal-is something wrng der!?7
Khyati-come fast yaar

All go..first kunal reaches
Kunal-meghna what happened?y r u Meghna-kartik(she whispers)
Karan reaches and looks der
Meghna hugs kartik
Meghna-kiku!!so many months after..
Naina stops der after hearing kiku..
Naina-kiku!?!!no!!!he cant come here
Different thoughts filled her heart and brain…
Naina was frozed near the sofa in hall ..
Meghna broke the hug..
Karan-bhabhi,u know him!?
Meghna-yes!!very nicely
Karan-but ho….!??
Kunal-no more sawaal’s lets go in
They enter seeing naina also in tears
Karan runs towards her
Kartik stands der and looks at naina and has a weird emotion in his eyes,its not anger nor love nor sympathy…
Karan-naina what happen?u got hurt?
Kartik-yes,but no she i got got hurt,my heart got hurt
Everyone look on
Karan-what r u saying!?naina
Naina fell on her knees
Karan-r u kartik!?
Kartik smirks
Kartik-hi,i m kartik malhotra,owner of malhotra industries
Naina looks at him with teary and proud eyes
Kartik-di,can i get my room pls
Meghna stands still
Kartik-i will look for it
Karan makes naina stand while she is weeping
Karan blocks kartiks route
They both share a angry eyelock

Guys the ff was too long so i made it in 2 parts..comment and tell hw it was!?is namish taneja a right choice,do u have a better actor in mind,pls info..

God bless u all!!

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  1. Yaa namish is his do make a love triangle between nairan and Naitik(Naina+Kartik)

    1. Snehasat

      Oh…thx alot priyamvada..i was planing not to do a love triangle but if u want i will do it…..and its gonna be amazing!!

  2. nice…..there are new twists coming up

    1. Snehasat

      Thx sruthi and yes der r new twist

  3. Titli

    Loved it.. post soon

    1. Snehasat

      Thx titli..titli i m really sorry these days i dont comment on ur ff..i m really busy yaar and yes ur ff is one of the best…i ll try to post asap

  4. AbrahamEzra

    NYC. Post asap

    1. Snehasat

      Thz abrahamEzra….i will try to post soon

  5. Nice epi….new twists to come up
    Waiting for next part

    1. Snehasat

      Thx Vanisha..yea twist r coming r coming and nxt part will come soon

  6. You know sneha..namish is one of my favourite actor..so i dont have any problem with your choice..love triangle..episode is nice..waiting for next one

    1. Snehasat

      Jis123 same pinch!!even i like him,he is a versatile actor and suits for kartik role and will look good with naina thx for liking my ff

  7. Minerva

    Marvellous episode. I cannot just analyse it using mere words. It needs so much more…
    Kartik’s characterization and descriptions of his personlality have really intrigued me due to their excessively confusing nature. His dialogues and actions can surely push me into the world of hysterics some day.
    Kartik’s entry in chauhan house can surely turn this story head over heels very soon. Sandhya’s damnation-worthy task of burnung the letter for naina was seriously beyond expectations. Naina’s expressions on seeing kartik and karan’s concern for the same has surely warmed by heart. Nonetheless, I sincerely await some revelations.

    1. Snehasat

      Minerva i would find myself the luckiest person if i meet u once yaar!!ur comment is awesome and hearttouching ….i always write the ff think what will minerva write in the comment!?will she like this scene or not!?love u sis

      1. Minerva

        Hey sneha…
        Are you for real?
        I mean how could someone be so sweet. Your replies are so good and the way you decide to praise my mere thoughts is truly marvellous. I really dont know if I even deserve an ounce of your appreciation but I am indeed very thankful for each word of it. And that last line of yours means a lot to me. Believe me, it truly does..

  8. nice eoi,loved it ?postASAP???

  9. lmean nice epi

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