“NAIRAN”-bezubaan ishq (Part 3)

Lets start the chapter:

Meghna-cheeku,uth na plzz,cheeku listen to ur didu na!
Karan-naina is not replying yet!!
Vishal calls on naina’s phone
Vishal-naina i tried calling u 8 times!!yaar really sorry i couldnt come coz of bua and her school property work..it was really very important…arey u tell hw was it!?CHEEKU!!!srry now plz say something
Karan-vi…vi…vishal bhai,it me

Karan-ha wo…
Vishal-call naina plzz..i have to say srry..is she soo angry that shez not talking to me?
Karan-no vishal bhai..i can explain…(he tells him about everythinVishal weeps and check something on his laptop-call a doctor and yes immediately visit a chemist and ask for a medicine which is used for unconsciousness due to stress
Karan-meghnal–ok…thx vishal!!

Vishal-and keep her hand in cold water
Karan brings cold water and keeps her hand in it..kunal goes to chemist and meghna calls the doc.
Sandhya comes
Sandhya-bhaisaab,Mr.grover is waiting for u..plzz come
Nk-ya..lets go..pata nahi kya drama hai ye!?
Karan-meghna fume in anger and grief
Doctor comes and khyati too
Nirmala-khyati,where were u?

Kyathi-maa,wo…wo..i was in the backyard..
Karan-doc..pls check naina
Doc-naina is ok..give her medicines and dont let her take stress,complete rest!!
Sandhya comes and hears it
EVERYONE LEAVES (except megnal)

Nairan room
Karan-bhai,bhabi u both have been here since a long time..plzzz go sleep
Mehgna-NO!!i will not leave cheeku
Kunal-plzz meghna,karan will handle naina,and u can meet her tomorrow morning..
Karan-bhabhi trust me
Meghna embraces naina and leaves with kunal with tears

Khyati comes in the room and calls karan
And points to naina
Bhai i have to tell u something..

Khyati tells him what she heard
Karan face looks confused
Karan-khyati,masimaa must be talking too someone else
Suddenly naina coughs and gets up

He was wearing gloves
She feels weak
Karans holds her by her arms
Karan-dont get up!!wait..khyati get those medicines
Naina takes the medicine and karan makes her sleep
Khyati goes…
Karan sleeps and keeps the umbrella to divide the bed

At midnight
Naina gets up and cries out in pain
Karan-naina,r u ok?

Karan goes to his cupboard and brings balm and gently puts it on naina’s forehead
Naina-karan i m having a headache , i have not been shot!
Karan-shhh!!stop saying rubbish
They both share a intense eyelock!!
Naina breaks the eye lock
They both sleep!!

Guys,how was it!!?i m really sorry for the delay it was coz of some personal issues..i m sorry..plZ comment and tell hw was it..
Have a good day

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  1. Threemaimai

    nice…. keep up your good work dear 🙂

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot Threemaimai di…glad u liked it!!

  2. Minerva

    Indeed amazing. The thrilling episode right here was greatly superb. Care and concern of the family members for naina was wonderfully portrayed. Karan’s actions and words show his immense friendship-love for naina and were extremely beautiful. I really feel bad for karan who is the unluckiest person on earth right now. Everyone who he believes in and regards as his well-wisher is the one who betrays. Nevertheless, therefore its good that he still hasnt got to the level of trusting naina blindly eventhough I am sure that naina would never dream of doing such a thing. Beautiful conception and presentation. It was a truly wonderful episode..

    1. Snehasat

      Minerva..Minerva,hw can a person be so so so sweet!!first thx alot for a long comment and ur precious time..ur comment shows how carefully u read my ff,which is so genuine! Love u yaar and ur vocabulary as well?

  3. Nila

    nice part lovely

    1. Snehasat

      Thx a lot nila


  4. Nice…plz post next chapter soon

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot dear and yes part 4 is on the site!!check it out and do tell hw was it

      Thx once again


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