“NAIRAN”-bezubaan ishq (Part 2)

Guys,here is the 2 FF,pls enjoy and comment below..thx for ur wishes on previous ff

Nirmala-naina,meghna tomorrow there is a party..woh Nk ji ko bahut bada project mila hai na isliye..
Meghna-party for getting a project?
Nirmala-yes…u both can help sandhyaji in preparations …
Meghna-naina–ok maa..

Sandhya-meghna..u can help in decoration and u naina..plzz help nirmala in the kitchen

Naina-ok masimaa
Meghna-we can start within a hour

at evening
Naina-kaka,mithai taiyaar hai?
Thik hai
Nirmala-jaldi..in half an hour party w will start..Naina go and get ready plzz..meghna is getting ready..u also do fast.
Naina-no tension..i will do all work in a blink
Nirmala smiles
Naina goes to her room

Nairan room
Karan is getting ready..
He is thinking how to talk to naina
Naina comes in..
They both look at each other
Karan ia wearing his suit..that suddenly his button breaks
Karan-Arrey yaar,ab kya karu..i dont even have another same shirt..oh no!!
Naina sees this and brings a box
She removes a needle and thread and goes to karan
Karan tries to move but naina looks at him angrily and he stands der still
Naina quietly puts the button
Karan looks at her and smiles..
Naina is about to go to dress up..
Karan-naina,kuch bolo yaar,
Naina looksnat him and goes
Karan sighs

Meghal room
Kunal-oye topper jaldi ready ho yaar,somebody said right u ladies take hours to get ready ….r u coming !?
Meghna-shut up!!i m getting ready na. …now kunal singh chauhan’s wife has to look the best..it will take time na!?
Kunal smirks and sits on a chair
*Meghna comes*
Kunal get so mesmerized by her beauty..
Kunal hugs her from back and says-u r looking amaazing…and beautiful like always..meghna smiles

Nairan room
Naina comes out
Naina’s outfit-
Karan looks at her and get lost
Suddenly someone knocks
Its Khyati
Khyati-can u both come fast!?guest have come
Naina-lets go
They leave
Down everyone compliment the sisters

NK-thx alot for coming for this party..plzz enjoy
A lady says-nkji,haven’t u done something for entertainment..
Nk-wait and watch
Nk becomes tensed as nothing is done for entertainment
Kunal looks at karan and finds him tensed
Kunal-kya hua karan!?
Karan-cant u let me sit alone!?
Kunal-i was just asking as a brother..bye then
Karan-bhai..srry actually naina is not talking to me from a long time..i shouted at her for no reason
Kunal-say sorry na
Karan-i said bhai..she ignored and went
Kunal-bad!!hey wait..i have a idea!!?
Karan-really!?i dont trust u!!
Kunal pulls him with the help of umbrella
He whispered something and they both smiled
Karan-thx a lot bhai
Kunal-lets starts .

Kunal-ladies and gentlemen’s now here is a song for a special person..
Everyone look at him
Kunal-usse maaf kar do na..

Everyone get confused…
Lights go dim
Karan sits on a chair with his guitar and starts singing humsafar from badrinath ki dulhania

Everyone gets suprised seeing him singing so confidently.

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saanse chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas wahi umrr bhar
Rahunga bas wahi umrr bhar haaye

Jitni haseen ye mulakatein hai
Unse bhi pyari teri baatein hai
Baaton mein teri jo kho jaate hai

Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Baahon mein hai teri zindagi haaye

Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar

Zaalima tere ishq ch main
Ho gayi aan kamli haye

Naina gets emotional…and thinks about their friendship..meghnal look at karan and them they share a eyelock

Main toh yoon khada kis
Soch mein pada tha
Kaise jee raha tha main deewana

Chupke se aake tune
Dil mein sama ke tune
Chhed diya kaisa ye fasana

Oh muskurana bhi tujhi se sikha hai
Dil lagane ka tu hi tareeka hai
Aitbaar bhi tujhi se hota hai
Aaun na hosh mein main kabhi
Bahon mein hai teri zindagi haaye

Hai nahi tha pata
Ke tujhe maan lunga khuda
Ki teri galliyon mein iss kadar
Aaunga har paher

Karan forgets the lyrics…but suddenly someone continues the song..karan gets suprised and looks behind and findsNAINA…

naina-Sun mere humsafar
Kya tujhe itni si bhi khabar
Ki teri saanse chalti jidhar
Rahunga bas wahi umrr bhar
Rahunga bas wahi umrr bhar

They both look at each other
Karan lip-syncs SORRY
naina nods at him
They both look at the audience,bow and go
Sandhya looks on angrily

Sandhya-naina. Enjoy ur happiness then see..ur happiness is gonna go soon .
Nk comes on stage and is telling something about the project
Sandhya calls someone and tells him to be ready
A guy comes in the party wearing a mask and searches for naina
Naina is standing near a table and looking at nk
The guy smirks watching her
He stands behind and places a candle stand a bit near her lehengaa and calls out her name..she turns behind and unknowingly her dupatta falls on the candles fire

A kid notices it and screams-FIRE..MUMMMA FIRE
Everyone looks where
Kunal notices naina’s dupatta

Karan and kunal run towards her
Naina sees the fire and screams-KARAN..BACHAO..PLZZ..BACHAO..AAG

Karan triesnto remove her dupatta which is pinned to the dress while kunal tries to calm down the fire..karan looks here and der and finds a person in mask. Running out..
Karan-wait u moron!!bhai that person..
Meghna-karan leave him..help naina plzz..
Naina is crying
Finally the dupatta comes out with meghna’s help
Karan stands behind naina
When suddenly she falls unconscious..
Karan-nainaa utho naina

Meghna screams-someone bring water
Karan sees naina’s hand burned
They take her to her room and everyone look worried..
Nk-y do u both sisters also ruin my plan every time
Kunal-papa,is this time to discuss this rubbish??
Karan-leave bhai..what will he understand..he is more worried about his party getting ruined ..he cant see naina’s burnt hand..
Meghna-stop it!!karan-kunal naina is not responding..plzz do something..

SANDHYA smirks and calls someone and says thanks our planned work..good job..tume paise mil jayege

Khyati listens to this

So guys,hw was it plzz comment and tell and plzz tell what u want futher…i couldnt add the links of outfits co They were not working ..SRRY. ..have a good day guys

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  1. Sneha…wow..i really really really loved it..karan sing for naina..and his care towards her..wow..really nice dear..i want next episode soon..becoz when i reached bottom of this episode i became sad…really superb

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot dear!!i always wanted karan to sing for her and humsafar song is my fav. Amd suits NAIRAN so…i will soon post nxt epi..if i tell honestly it was totally random FF..glad u liked it..i am planning more of nairan friendship and i m working on meghnal too..lets see what kyathi will do now

  2. oh…..naina hand burnt and karan’s heart just reached the bottom and Kyathi hearing it.time for paying masimaa ??loved it

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot Seyal!!i enjoyed writing this episode alot…lets see khyathi’s nxt step..yaa..masimaa is gonna be exposed but not soo soon…

  3. Threemaimai

    nice thinking…. i was enjoying the whole ep.. keep up your good work dear….

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot threemaimai di!! Glad that u enjoyed it??

  4. Devihaa

    Super Dr…. Keep going ….. Loved it… Totally…

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot devihaa..i will try to upload the epi soon

  5. Minerva

    Beautiful conception and presentation. The episode was truly wonderful and a great read. Kunal’s plan and karan’s execution of it all was seriously marvellous. Karan’s choice of song was extremely lovely and mesmerizing. Nand kishore’s attitude will seriously make me go into hysterics someday. Nonetheless, its good that his actions are making naina and karan come closer. The cute ‘buttoning’ scene was just so good. Karan’s guilt and his way of apologising was truly endearing. I just cannot express my feelings in words right now…

    1. Snehasat

      Oh my!!!ur comment is giving me goosebumps!!ur comments motivate me to write much better everytime..thx alot for reading and replying….thx alot minerva

  6. Superb dear….awesome epi….loved it

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot for replying and reading my ff Vanisha..it feels so good

  7. Tamihna0808

    Aaaah! This was so good! From beginning to end! ?just so good! Can’t wait for the next!
    Loads of love ❤?

    1. Snehasat

      Thx a lot di for reading and replying…its feels like i m on cloud 9 when my inspiration appreciates me !!thx once again

      1. Tamihna0808

        Omg! I’m on cloud nine for being someone’s inspiration! I’ve been so mm busy that I haven’t read the next chapters but I look forward to reading it! Seriously keep up the great work and can’t wait to read ahead! Loads of love ?❤

  8. Nila

    awesome part yaar i like the way karan sang for naina

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot Nila..same pinch yaar!!!!eveni like when karan sang for naina…i really wanna see that happen on ESS once

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