“NAIRAN”-bezubaan ishq (Part 1)

Hey guys,i m sneha from goa and i love watching swabhimaan..inspired from u all i decided to write a ff …hope U all will like it…my ff will show the story after nairan frdship..

At morning,everyone is at dining table and are talking
Kunal-kyati,hwz ur college
Khyati-awesome..i m just enjoying it to fullest
Meghna-and studies
Khyati-uff bhabi!haaa..studies thik chal raha hai
*everyone laugh*
Meghna-i m leaving for office..bye
Kunal-even me..
Everyone leave

Nairan room
Karan was searching for a book while suddenly he falls and screams…
Naina runs towards him.
Karan manages and stands and is controlling his pain
Naina brings first aid but karan says no and puts it own his own..naina sees that karan has applied wrong medicine and trys to tell him that by mistakely a books comes on the way and slips and falls on karan ..
Karan(angrily)-what r u doing?how many times should i tell u not to touch me..why dont u understand that we cant touch each other..i didnt even wear gloves..why r u acting so innocent now??move from my way now!!
Karan-what rubbish!!how can i shout at my best frd for no reason..what she must be feeling yaar!!shud i say srry!!u r disgusting karan!

At dining table
meghna-cheeku,is evrything Okay?
Naina-yes di

Dadaji -i wanna tell u all something..
Sadhya-kuch kaam hai kya bauji?
Dadaji-Sandhyaji is handling eveything very smartly….i mean she is handles karan so nicely,helps us in office and handles the house…so from today naina will take care of karan and needs of him..
Sandhya-no need!!!
Everyone looks on
Sandhya-i mean i can handle..why troubling naina!??
Naina-i dont mind!!i will do that masimaa..Karan..do u have a prblem?
dadu asked every1..everyone were happy except sandhya

Sandhya(in mind)-i leave not leave u naina..i thought that u will leave my path…bit now i will not tolerate u..just wait and watch girl!!

Precap-naina in danger!!!!

So guys!!hwz it..hope u all enjoyed!!? Sorry for short update Plz plz plZ comment and tell me hwz was it!?shud i continue or not!??

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  1. Threemaimai

    hi dear and welcome…. to the swabhimaan ff world… 😉
    your ff start with a awesome way and i like it a lot hope you will continue it

    1. Snehasat

      Thx for ur warm welvome di..i respect u as a mentor and plzz help me in my ff’s…thank god u liked it..i will continue as per the futher comments..thx a lot di

  2. Amazing….. Continue soon

    1. Snehasat

      Thx alot vanisha for ur support

  3. Arushi

    Hey Sneha congratulations finally your id activated….and your story is good keep going girl

    1. Snehasat

      Actually..it took a long time but my account alas got activated..

      Thx for ur support Arushi..

  4. Superb keep writing

    1. Snehasat

      Thx a lot Shabnam..

  5. Devihaa

    Hi Sneha…. Firstly welcome to swabhimaan FF page….And now the story… It’s amazing…Keep writing yaar..
    Loved it….
    Update next part asap…

    1. Snehasat

      Happy that u liked my FF..i have submitted my 2nd FF..hope u all will like it too…thx once again dear

  6. Nila

    hi sneha nice start yaar waiting for next part

    1. Snehasat

      Thx nila..i have submitted the nxt part

  7. Minerva

    Magnificent episode. Your thought or to say the concept is plain amazing. It feels really good to read about the lovely relationship of friendship shared by karan amd naina. Karan’s attitude and words reflect his soft nature and slight inclination towards his wife in a wonderful manner. Naina’s action s are sure to help her make a warm and special corner in her friend’s pure heart. It is going to take some time for sure but I hope for its gradual and steady development throughout. Awaiting such marvellous pieces of writing and great pieces of prose. It is indeed lovely and extremely fascinating..

    1. Snehasat

      Oh Minerva!ur comment is really so i inspiring…ur each word is so true..i m sure u r gonna love the nxt part!!thx alot dear for ur support!!

  8. Wow….superb episode sneha(can i call you that??)continue dear..i am waiting for the next episode..post soon

    1. Snehasat

      Awww…thx alot dear..u r so so so SUPPORTIVE!! u can call me that!!i have submitted nxt part 2 hours ago..lets seebl when they post it…

  9. Hi it’s me tuhashri snehas classmate nice episode well done keep it up , excited for the next episode !!!!

  10. Tamihna0808

    Hey! So glad you’re able to upload! I’m late to the party but I really enjoyed reading it! ? awesome work
    Loads of love! ❤?

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