Naira Ne Bana De Jodi #keesh (o.s) By Aisha

hi everyone,papa ki princess,mama ki ladla,my lovely di`s,my sweet bhaiya`s and my cute little princess!ur reading naira ne bana de jodi co-powerd by aap kuch bhi sochlijiye par haan mere liye toh patanjali kesh kanti hein,kyunki mujhe na omkara ke baal bohot pasand hein iss liye.main soch rahe hoon ke uska smooth,soft,silky baal ke ek he kaaran koi ho sakta hein aur woh hein patanjali kesh kanti.abhi main soch rahe hoon ke main kuch zyada bhol let`s start.
naira singh:- a simple,sweet,intellengent girl.loves her parents so much.
divyanka singh:-mother of naira(i know yeh thodi ajeeb lage ge)loving,caring-mother;and a sweet wife.
vivek singh:-father of naira,soft gentle,kind-hearted,not at all a angry person.loves his daughter and wife.
(a kind information naksh is not naira`s own brother)
one fine day when naira was 5yrs old,on raksha bandhan all the relatives and friends come to their house naira is seen playing with some of her friends.vivek`s close friend manish comes there with his son and wife.vivek keep himself busy talking to manish,and his son sits in a corner looking very upset.naira goes to him and says hi! he don`t reply.then naira looks at his hand she finds that there is not even a rakhi on her hand.she feels so bad.she rushes to divyanka and asks her to give her a rakhi she gives one to naira.naira goes to the boy and says i know why are u so upset because noone tied u rakhi.the sad boy nod`s his head.naira says no problem i am there na!so from today ur my bhaiya,he is in full happiness.
he is our that a new relation ship starts !!.naira is always very attached to naksh so both their families became very close to each other.
now at present naira is big.manish decides to do naksh`s marriage,but naksh loves keerthi and only naira knows about when naksh came to know that manish wants to marry him he go to naira`s parents and his parents and tell`s everything that he loves keerthi from many yrs.
manish do not accept keerthi(because keerthi is a orphan).but naira`s parents said ok!for keesh`s next morning,manish comes to vivek he says i loved naksh so much,wht ever he used to say i never said no,and now he can`t leave that girl for me.vivek says why are u thinking so?he loves her,even keerthi is a orphan.u only said that u did everything for him why can`t u accept keerthi?is there any problem?.arjun dosen`t say anything.
vivek-pls don`t hide anything say wht happened?
manish-vivek!i promised to one of my business partner that i will marry naksh to his daughter.
{ab ayege twist,manish uncle ki business partner ka beta hein tara.yaad hein na aap ko tara naksh ka phela pyar}
vivek-how can u say this?u didn`t even ask naksh once.
manish-i thought that naksh will accept her?but he is changed for the first time in my life naksh didn`t listen to wht i said!now there is no use!
{{saying so manish leaves}}

next morning:-
tara comes to naksh`s house with her parents.tara saw naksh she liked him.when all the elders{the authorities}talk to each other.naira comes there she goes to naksh and asks him who is she?naksh tells her everything.then naira asks manish that she want to talk to tara[ek minute kya rhyming hein na!naira tara!tara aate hein raat asman mein!naira aate hein raat star plus mein]
naira-hello!main naksh ka behen hu!if u don`t feel bad can i tell u something.
naira-actually,naksh loves a girl named keerthi from 2yrs they both loved each other.[tara shocked]i am sry to say,but truth must come out one day.
tara-no problem!i loved naksh.but seeing him for the first time if i loved him so much.from 2 yrs how much they loved each other as a girl i can understand!but how can we stop this wedding,my parents told me that if u like naksh or not pls say yes.
naira-thnks for understanding!i am also thinking the same how can we stop this wedding?
tara-idea![aapko doubt aa sakte heinke tara ko itna jaldi idea aaye kaisi itna dinon se soch rahe hein naira uss ko koi idea aaye nehi tara kya sabko idea`s deti hein shaddi se kaise bhagna,woh toh uss bhagwan ko he pata hona chahein]
tara says her plan to naira.{arey!plan abhi pata chal gaya aapko toh phir baad mein maza nehi aayega,iss liye woh puss puss karenge}
{ab ayege,ek aur twist,mainsh uncle ko pata chalega uss plan ke bare mein.woh plan hein ke tara ke place mein keerthi hoge shaddi ka din,toh manish uncle ko bohot gussa agaya woh naksh ka shaddi kal karna chatein hein,he takes this decision at night}
keerthi came to know about this and she comes to naira`s house she sits there and cries,naksh comes there.
naksh-naira,now everything is over.[he starts crying]
naira-bhai,don`t worry we still have time.
naksh wipes his tears and says
naksh-naira from my childhood u never tried to hurt me or make me feel me bad.and now also.u only say now wht should i do now whtever u say i will do because i know u love me so much and u will never take a decision which will make me sad.
naira thinks for a while and says
naira-toh phir baag jaye yein.
{keesh shocked}
keerthi-naira but i think it is wrong.
naira-it is not a mistake when u love someone and run out of ur house,but if u leave ur house for someone u never loved it is definitely a mistake.
naksh-but where can we go?no!naira,papa is aldready angry on u and ur first it will be more serious.i think so this is the last time i will see keerthi.
keesh look into each other eyes.rok na ruke naina plays:-
Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal hoga nahi
Tujhko dekhe bin main
Mar na jaaun kahin
Tujhko bhool jaaun kaise
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…
Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina…
Haathon ki lakeerein do milti jahaan hai
Jisko pata hai bata de
Jagah woh kahaan hai
Ishq mein jaane kaisi ye bebasi hai
Dhadkano se milkar bhi dil tanha hai
Doori main mitaun kaise?
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…
Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina..
naira-bhai,pls don`t say like that.u don`t worry i will do something.keerthi di tommorow morning u come to my u both go to ur home.
naksh kisses keerthi on her forehead and leaves.

next morning:-
naksh house is full of hurry people are rushing.each and every one are busy in their works,tara is looking vry beautiful in her red lehenga.{{aapko gussa aa sakte hein ke waha naksh ka zindagi ki sawal hein aur ye ladki tara ki lehenga ko describe kar raha hein.par control ha!}}
vivek comes into naksh room.naksh is siting in front of the mirror and is seen crying.vivek comes places his hand on naksh`s shoulder and says
vivek-naksh!iss duniya mein bohot zyada log pyar katein hein!lekin har kisi ko aapna pyar nehi milti there is no use of crying,get ready fast and come out.
one the other hand tara is trying her level best to stop the wedding.naira brings kirti and tell her to cover her face and do not let anyone see her.naira goes inside she sees tara siting on the mandap.she goes inside naksh room she tells her to go at the back of the house and wait there naksh rushes.naira comes out.manish uncle nocks the door of naksh`s room,he repets the same 4 to 5 times but he dose`nt get the reply,he sees that the door of naksh`s room is open.he goes inside and finds that the window of the room is open he peeps out and sees he finds naira talks to naksh and he is shocked to see keerthi there.he si unable to listen wht naira is speeking.
on the other hand,
naira-bhai,there is a flight to amritsar take this ticket and rush as soon as possible.
naksh starts crying.
naksh-thank u so much naira,ur not only my sister but more than my mother.i thought my life is over,i must live without keerthi how can i.thnk u so much naira!
keerthi-thanks a lot naira.
naira-it`s ok!bhaiya no u leave pls.
keerthi and naksh run from there.manish comes out and is in a shock seeing naksh running away.
naira comes inside manish uncle shouts at naira vry loudly
manish-naira,where is naksh?{naira`s reply is just silence}i asked u where is naksh!
naira-uncle!ia m really sry!
manish-sry?i thought u as my own child,and wht u did for me is this!
naira-uncle,u loved naksh so much but never understood him that is why he is not with u!
saying so naira leaves.
at naira`s home:-
naira-papa,r u angry on me?
vivek-no naira!i am not angry on u!but vry proud about u!i am vry happy that my daughter is reason for the smile on someone`s face.
naira-love u papa!

at the airport:-
naksh hugs keerthi and says
naksh-i am vry happy today!we both are become one today and i promise u that i will make u feel happy throught out ur life
keerthi-and i will love u in the same way life long.
Suno Na Sangemarmar plays:-
Suno na sangemarmar ki yeh minaare
Kuch bhi nahi hai aage tumhaare
Aaj se dil pe mere raaj tumhaara
Taj tumhara

Suno na sangemarmar ki yeh minaare
Kuch bhi nahi hai aage tumhaare
Aaj se dil pe mere raaj tumhaara
Taj tumhara
Suno na sangmarmar ki yeh minaare

everything is fine but manish uncle`s family started hating naira,they use to spread many bad rumors about fine day naira came to know this,and there are many nights when she cried only because of this.
hmmm……well gys!if u think u can be life long with ur loved one`s.but must take a risky step.but know wht we will come to know the value of real love when we love someone wit whole heart and he/she leaves us.BTW,myself aisha.pls do comment,like and dislike i will surely accept them.

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