Hey Guys Maryam Back….I know I am not Supposed to be here but what to do Guys I can’t Live without you All…My Dreadful Exams came to a End N I am free For 2 Days than Again I have to prepare for Some other paper of mine.. I Am just Fed up of this..I am free for two Days so thought to write something N Gift our SwaSan a Farewell Gift..
It May be Of Two Shot or More Can’t say….
“Swara” I don’t know what to say, How to Express my feelings to you How to tell you that How much Special you are for me, How to tell You that whenever I look in your eyes I Lost my self there , How to tell you that your Smile means Everything to me.. Words are not Enough to Express My feeling My love towards you Swara.. I just Know that I LOVE YOU….Yes Swara I REALLY LOVE YOU..Not from Today Or Yesterday but From Years. I fall for you for the very first time I saw you..A cute 8 Years old Year Jumping in my mother’s lap. I Still remember our silly fights but they never meant a fight for me but just a chance to talk to you to be close to you. ..I don’t know Swara if you have the same feeling for me.. I just know that my Love for you Is TRUE N EVERLASTING. .Its will never Decrease but will double with ever Passing moment”…
Sanskar Said while Kneeling in front of Swara, looking Directly in her deep black Eyes holding a flower I his Hand..Swara was listening to him silently with Tears in her Eyes ..Wait!! TEARS.Are they the Tears of Happiness _Sorrow_Regret_Pain_Guilt_Nervousness. …??
Swara took the Flower from his hand .Sanskar was Beyond Happy he stood up N was about to hug Her…But….Swara throws the flowers on the Ground N stamps on it continously. .
” I never expected this from You Sanskar. We were Friends …Best Friends. .but Nothing More than that..You destroyed our friendship. .You (choking) ..You Ditched me ..I hate you Sanskar. .I hate You …I thought of you as the most Caring N honest person but You…I never knew that this much wa going on in your mind..You broke our Friendship Sanskar…
she turns her face N Started Walking away Wiping her tears but they were continously Falling ftom her Eyes…
O Re Piya
In Faaloon ka Ye Faisla Kyun
Dil ne mere kar liya
Khud hi na jaane kaise Jiyega
Hoka yeh Tum sa Juda
Main wari jawaa Main wari Jawaa
Satho ki ho Ya Bekasur re
Nadaan is Dil ki hard khawahish ruthi
Sapne hua hai sara chor
Piya O Re Piya,
Piya Re Piya Re Piya
His Deep Brown Eyes Re filled with tears, He fall on his Knees” No Swara Please don’t do this to me I Can’t live without you.. I will Die swara.. Please Swara.
Swara went to her Room N locked her Inside N fall on her Bed Crying Uttering only one thing..”I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR. I LOVE YOU..,I am sorry sanskar..I have to do this I can’t ruin your life. ..
Her sister Ragini who had saw her coming inside the House like a Storm N tears filled Eyes wenter yo her Concerned. …
Ragini: Swara .. Swara Open the door what happens Plz Open the Door..
Swara”No RaginI Plz go from here I wanna Stay alone plz ..
Ragini” No Swara I won’t go until you open the door..What happens Did He say something
Swara”No there’s nothing like this..
Ragini “If there is nothing like this then why don’t you open the door Swara.. I am saying this to for for the last time Open the door Orelse I will never talk to you N I will tell dad About him..
Swara” No Ragini plx. . I am opening it…
Swara Open the Door N ragini Witness A pale Swara with Swollen Eyes Which she is used to..
Ragini ” Oh God swara not Again …Why do you do this to you Why don’t you Forget him N move on Or Forget Your PAST N move on with him..
Swara”No RaginI Neither can I Forget him Nor my Past there is no chance of Moving on..
Ragini”Then are you thinking of living your Life like thud..I won’t let this Happen Swaea…You have to move on..
Swara”How can I move on with Sanskar N my Past both in front of me….
Ragini”If you Love him this much than why don’t you tell him..
Swara “You know the reason ragini then there is no point of repeating..
Ragini”OK fine…but I think you need a change…That is the only way..Why don’t you visit Janki Masi In Australia…She always ask you to come there but you always refuse..I think you should settle with Masi there she is Alone N you can also complete your Studies there. ..
Swara” But Ragini hoe..
Ragini” no ifs N buts You are going …I am going to talk to dad Start your Packing. .
Ragini left the Room..
So how was it Guys….I can’t write more I will be a two shot Or Three shot Story. ..
N thank you so much Kakali For Encouraging me. .I love you Dude..
Then I shall take your leave meet you Guys in the next Shot..Bye..
Take Care N Stay blessed

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  1. Kakali

    Lady Gabbarrrrrr !!!! my witty frnd.. !!! it was awesome.. full of emotions as well as curiosity… waaaaa love it.. !!!
    urghhh u r welcome dear.. !!! Love u.. !!! continue soon.. puut puuuttt.. !! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Maryam

      Thank You so much Kakali….N the Name Lady Gabbar seems so Good from you…Love you dude…will surly continue but it is all based on the comments…

  2. Mahavir

    awesome….awesome…dear…loved it sooooo much post next soon…i ll be waiting for ur next shot….love u….tc

  3. Simin

    Lovely dear

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    Ohh we readers also will nt able to live widout reading ur amazing writing…☺
    Marvellous dear..u nailed it. ☺

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    Awesome dear…it’s emotional with full of suspense…loved it…continue soon

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    post asap……

  9. Tamil

    next part soon

  10. awesome…!!loved it…!!

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    Wow vry nyc…
    Egr to knw d reason n her past

  12. Interesting…

  13. Abirsha

    Maryam its amazing….. Loved it a lot….. Eager to know what is swara’s past…. Post when u get time dr….. Take care…. All the best for ur exams dr…… ?

  14. Simi

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