Nagin tashan turns to love (Episode 2)

Hi guys
back with the next episode ?
I know U r getting borrrrr with my borrrrring episodes ? but kya krrr skte ha….
Sooooo, friends let Start with


As we know that Shivanaya n Ritik both r shocked ??to each other
But Ritik told her to be professional because he don’t wana join his personal Life with professional Life. ??
Ritik – sooooo miss……..
Shivanaya interupt in between
Shivanaya – Shivanaya
Ritik – okkk Well miss Shivanaya can i see ur file.
Shivanaya gives her file to Ritik
Ritik sees the file
Yes he was impressed
she graduated a marketing degree in one of the top universities in California.
So there Is no Chance of Rejection.

Ritik – Well miss… Shivanaya U r selected for my personal. S
Shivanaya Is hell happy???????
N want to celebrate

Shivanaya – Well Mr Raheja
Ooops sorry ??
SIR can i join from 2marrow
Ritik interupt b/w
Nooo miss Shivanaya U Hav too join from today only(with ful of attitute)
Shivanaya Is hell shocked with the behivour of Ritik.
Ritik – btw miss Shivanaya 2marrow we r going to delhi for meeting sooooo don’t get late because i dont Like late commers. Ritik leave.
Shivanaya even did’t get a Chance to speak something.
Shivanaya ————————-pov———————— SIR Ooops mr kharoos suits U more better
Shivanaya left
Went to home
Shivanaya – Mom mom mom
Leela – i m very Happy beta that U r selected ?
Shivanaya – Mom how U no that
Leela – beta i can read episode, i can see ur smile.
Shivanaya – Mom but there Is a bad new ?

Shivanaya – Mom vooo i Hav to go to Delhi for bussines Meeting.
Leela – but
Shivanaya – Mom i know U r tensed but i Hav to goo.
Leela – but how U face ur……….
Shivanaya interupts
Mom plzz dont take their name in front of me
Leela – but beta because of them only today U Hav completed ur studys.
Atleast give them respect.
Plzz mom i don’t wana talk abt that.
Leela – ok beta new U go n Hav Beauty sleep because 2marrow U Hav to go.
Shivanaya – ok mom good night
Leela – gud nite, Hav a sweet dreams ??

Rivanaya went to delhi
N U Were get to know abt wht leela n Shivanaya Were talking abt.

Well Thank U Friends for commenting
I Hope u Like today’s episode
Love u alll???????

Credit to: Sofia


  1. mouni roy fan

    I have actually written many stories of rivanya in my diary but I don’t no how to write an ff so can u please tell me.please………

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