Nagin (tashan, hate or love) episode 2


Hello friends,
Sofia Is Back with the next episode
Thanku guys for commenting
& m very Happy that U Like yesterday episode.
Well As i know there Were some grammaticle mistakes. Sorry for that guys ??????&plzzzz IGNORE that……

So friends todays episode Is based on party…
Ops but SCHOCKING for rivanaya.



Big bussiness man tycon,many rich peoples are there BUT
Rivanaya Is not there, ooooh don’t fell bad guys, rivanaya will come but with a GRAND ENTRY. heheheh?

REHEJA enters luthra mansion
Ankush. L-ooo hello Mr REHEJA
They shake their hands
Dona-helo mrs reheja
Usha-hi mrs luthra
How r u
Dona – good Well m Happy to see u
Usha-yaa long time
Dona – would U Like to Hav some drink
Usha-well yes
Dona – waiter…..come LETS goooo

Usha and Dona excuse us everyone.
(They Were childhood friends)
Arjun reheja – so Mr luthra Where Is our princess Shivanaya.
Ankush luthra – Well Mr REHEJA SAME question i can ask to U allso.
Ankush. R – Well she Is coming
Arjun. L- Ritik Is all coming
Shivanaya ‘s room
A girl is blow drying her hair then she is putting kajal on her eyes and pink lipstick on her lips. Then she wears earrings, palm ring and finally bangles.
A BEAutiful, hot, se*y girl Is standing in STAries she Is Looking DAm hot in black backless gown with the black pencil hells
She Is Looking DAmmmm hot
Ankush. L-there Is she my BEAutiful daughter Shivanaya.
A gorgeous n BEAutiful girl comeing down from STAries.


Shivanaya – nooo
She was not able to balance because of her long black gown but Someone comes n hold her… …
Yes it’s Ritik who saved Shivanaya
Ritik Is mermrised to see Shivanaya As she Is Looking DAmmmm hot.
They share An eyelock. ?
(nagin title song plays)

All r smileing both breaks eyelock.
Ritik – sooooo ms…..
Shivanaya – Shivanaya
Ritik – ooooh ya ms Shivanaya can’t even handle urself If U can’t handle hells so why U wear..
Shivanaya – excuse Me.. ???
Ankush – Shivanaya yes papa meet Mr & mrs rehenja
Shivanaya – hello uncle n aunty
Usha – of baby plzz dont Call Me aunty
Shivanaya – ookkk
Ankush – meet their song Ritik reheja he Is big bussines tycon
Shivanaya – hi
Ritik – hlo
Ankush – Well she Is my daughter Shivanaya she Is model

so guys the party Is going borrrrring so couple come on………. LETS dance?
Go rivanaya dance
Rivanaya – no papa
Ankush & arjun Were forceing them to dance.

Ritik takes Shivanaya’s hand & place it on sholder & place his hand on his back They Start dance on the song…..
nahi jeena tere baaju
nahi jeena, nahi jeena
nahi jeena tere baaju
nahi jeena, nahi jeena (x2)
(tere baaju: without you)

main tenu samjhawan ki
na tere bina lagda jee
main tenu samjhawan ki
na tere bina lagda jee
tu ki jaane pyaar mera
main karoon intezar tera
tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

main tenu samjhava ki
na tere bina lagda jee
tu ki jaane pyaar mera
main karoon intezar tera
tu dil tui yon jaan meri
main tenu samjhawa ki
na tere bina lagda jee

mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
tere dil diyaan raahan
tu jo mere naal tu rehta
turpe meriyaan saaha
jeena mera.. hoye
hun hai tera, ki main karaan
tu kar aitbaar mera
main karoon intezar tera
tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
main tenu samjhawan kee
na tere bina lagda jee
ve changa nahion keeta beeba
ve changa nahion keeta beeba
dil mera tod ke
ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
naal tere jod ke
tenu chadd ke kitthe jawan
tu mera parchhanvaa
tere mukhde vich hi main taan
rab nu apne pawaan
meri duaa.. haaye
sajda tera kardi sadaa
tu sun iqraar mera
main karoon intezar tera
tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

main tainu samjhawan ki
na tere bina lagda jee…
They comes very close to each other
SUDDENLY music gets stop
Shivanaya breaks eyelock.


SHOCKING. hehehhehe????
Well friends that’s all abt todays episode it was little borrrrring but i promise U that upcoming episode will be intersting.
Hope u Like it guys ??
Yes plzz ???????????comment
Love u alll??????

Credit to: Sofia bhardwaj

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