Nafrat Yaa Mohabbat OS (SWASAN)


Hi everyone i am writing for the first time and i m a little weak in ENGLISH so if there any mistake then plz ignore it

First The Introduction Of Characters
Friendz its only a Swasan FF so there are no use of characters b/c all the chacters are same
The Story starts from the day when first time Swara & Sanskaar met each other….
so lets start i hope u all like it
The Day Starts when sunrays falls on a sleepy beauty and she gets irritate by these rays and hide her face in the blanket to avoid them
thn suddenly a girl come and said that its there last day at mumbai and they have to enjoy b/c from tomorrow they are leaving to their respective houses
then the sleeping beauty comes out from blanket and her face is shown she is non other than our SWARA
Swara…. Oh No how can i forgot that today is my last day at my clg i have to do lots of shopping and thing before leaving this city
Priya(SWARA’S Friend and Room mate)……Yah thats what i m telling u from last one hour and u did not pay any atteinsion now lets go becacuse at afternoon u r leaving
Swara…… I will miss u and all these momories spent with u and had tears in her eyes
Priya…..Yah i miss u too
saying this she hugs her and Swara too hugs her back
Then they leave there room n went for shopping and enjoy a lot and meet there friends and teachers

At AfterNooN…………..
its a time when Swara have to leave the Mumbai and go back to his HOME KolKata
She goes towards the airport and sits in the plan after sometime plan landed at KOlKata
and swara come out from the airport and said
She Is looking for a texi then hires th cap and goes towards her house ” GAGODIA MANSION”
let me tell that swra had not informed any one about her plan that she is coming taday
because she wants to surprised her family
On the way the cap stops and driver come down from cap swrara also follows her
Swara……What happend Bhaiyya g????
Driver……..Madam i think there is some techniqal problem let me check

After some time
Driver……Madam i can’t find the problem i have to call mechanic and i don’t know how much time it takes u should hire some another cap n go and its getting dark n this place is not safe for u
Swara……..At this Road how can i find another cap its so lonely
Driver ……..Mam At 30 Min walk u can find a texi stand but u have to walk
Swara……….Ok thanx Bhaiyya G
Driver………..Welcome Madam g
swara leaves she is walking on the road with her luggage then she sees a car coming from opposite side
she waves her hand infront of car for lift
Car STOPS……..!!!!
she goes towards the car and knock at the window of car
the mirror of car get down and a man is shown
Swara…..Can u plz give me lift to highway i will hire a texi and leaves from there please i m comming from airport and at my way the texi which i hired break down please can u give me lift
Man came down from his car he is wearing black blazer white shirt and black pant He is non other than our SANSKAAR>>>>>>>>>>>
He looks at swara from top to bottom

Swara is wearing a white top and blue Jeans
swara is confused that why is he looking at me
Swara….Hello i am talking to u where are u lost(Waves her hand in front of his eyes)
Sanskaar…..I Know the girls like u who first stops the car for help n then make boys falls for u then then get money then play with there emotions n then leaves.
U rreally think that i can belive on ur story (he holds swara’s sholder tightly and looks into her eyes swara’s eyes got teary n she said)
Swara…….Leave me its paining(sanskaar leaves her)
Swara…..what do u think of ur sif Mr Rude And i don’t want any character certificate from u i ask u for lift if u don’t want to give lift to me then why u stop ur car??
Sanskaarwas about to say someting but swara stops him by her hand signl
Swara………U know what u r a really bad and arrogent man who don”t even know how to behave with girl(saying this she move forwards leaving sanskaar behind her)
Sanskaar(In MIND)…..What she think of herself i will teach her a lesson for messing with SANSKAAR MAHESWARI
saying this he also leaves

At 10PM
Everyone is sitting in the hall when suddenly Swara enters the house and secretly goes towards Shekar and places her hands on his eyes and rest of the one gets shocked and happy
Shekar places her hands on her hnds n said loudly
Shekar….. SHONA
he gets up from sofa and hug her all members hugs her
Ragini…….Shona u did’nt tell that u are coming
Somi………..Yah beta if u informed us then we will come to airport to recive u
Dadi/……….Are hatto mene hamari Shona se baat karni h(she see some marks on swara’s sholders)Hy Chorri ey ki hoya
Shona looks at her marks n remember the incident n said…….Nothing dadi its just dress marks
Dadi……..ohhh then its alright now go n take some rest we talk o u tomorrow
shomi….yah Mom is write u go Ragini take Swara to ur room

Ragini…..What happen di why did u tell lie?
Swara…….About what ?
Ragini……These marks are not dress its look like someone hold u tightly tell me truth
Swara……….ok fine n she tells the whole incident(Ragini is shocked to listen this)
Ragini……. I can’t belive di that in this century these kind of people exist
Swara………..Yah n please don’t tell this to anyone in house n close this topic i m feeling sleepy
Ragini …….ok di
Ragini……..Di wake up i have to tell u something important please wake up
Swara………(in sleepy tone)whats the matter Lado ? Why are u teasing me?
Ragini……..Di Today there is a charity function in BLUE STAR HOTEL and we got the invitation
Swara………So what?

Ragini………Di u know there come big stars business men please get up we have to do lot of shopping
Swara……….No i m not goinig u go
Ragini ……….Please di if u don’t come then mom dad not allow me too please
Swara……..Ok its only for u
a pndit came into Gagodia Mansion
Shomi…………Pandit g Come sit
Pandit g………Thanks
Shomi…………Pandit g i want u to search groom for my elder daughter Swara
Pandit………Show me kundali of ur daghter(he sees the kundali n said)Ur daughter will find its soulmate at 12 AM
everyone in the hall are shocked n then a man come
Man………..its me pundit g
Rahul………..Hi aunty
Rahul is swara’s cuzn n he loves swara but swara did’nt show any intrest

Rahul………..anty where is swara?
then swara came
Swarra……….i m here
then they meet
In Blue Star HOTEL
as its a maskurat party so everyone has to wear masks during the enterance all youngstrs are enjoying the party
then swaragini and rahul came swara is wearing red sleeveless gownn golden mask n ragini purple gown n purple mask
evet girl n rahul is wearing black 3 piece suit
as its a charity function n every boy n girl has a num so dj announces the number n that girl has to dance with that guy
sanskaar n laksh are also present in the party
sanskaar is wearing black mask n they begin to dance
they dance very closely after dance sanskaar goes from there
now its NEW Year NIGHT
swara knows that its going to be 12Am

so she goes outside in search of Rahul B/C she thinks that Rahul is perfect for her
after some time she finds a man n she considered her Rahul n place her hand on his sholder n the man turn as there is darkness so swara did not see the face of that man n swara is also wearing mask n the man is also unable to see swara face
Before the man can say anything she places her hand on his mouth and its 12AM the clock sounds n evrywhere in sky the fir work appears
Swara……..We met before many times but i can’t feel this thing which i m feeling write now i want to say that I LOVE U
u know pandit g said that i have find my soulmate at this night n now i find u if i have to live my life in this one moment then i will
Sanskaar………I think u considering me someone else i m not the one whom u r looking for i am sorry saying this he leaves but he turns n say that the man who marry u will b lucky one

everyone is sitting in hall n swara remember the incident n thought i have to find that person
on the other hand in office sanskaar is also thinking about that girl n unable to do work
swara goes to that hotel where function takes place n asks about that man who is wearing the black mask
Recepinist………Mam it is a VIP mask n we dont have any information
she sadly goes from there
In Office
Sanskaar(in mind)……..whats happening to me why am i thinking about that girl countinuosly
he decide to find that girl n he also goes to that hotel
Sanskaar reached the hotel n that time swara is coming from hotel n they both collide n swara was about to fall but sanskaar cathes her
BG Musice
Janam Janam
swara broke the eye look n sanskaar is still loooking at her
Sanskaar……….What are u doing here? i am right about u that u r

Swara………..oh hello Mr Arrogent i m not here to meet u i came hear to meet somone else
Sankaar……….oh really then where is that person whom u came to meet
Swara………..he is not here
Sanskaar…………..Lame excuse
Swara………who the hell r u i m not responsible to give ans to ur question n she leaves
sankaar also goes inside
Sanskaar…………..Can u please tell me about that girl who is wearing red gown n golden mask in last night party
Recep……..Sir she was here some mintues ago but she leaves n she is wearing pink kurti n blue jeans
Sanskaar run outside but cant find swara any where n dishearted

IN shekar’s office
swara came there without knocking n is surprised to see sanskaar there
Sanskaar is also surprised to see here there before she could ask someting shekar came there
Shekar……….Ary Shona what r u doing here? n meet Mr Sanskaar Maheswari our business partner
swara is shocked to listen this
Shekar.,……..Meet my elder daughtr Swara Gagodia
Sanskaar……Hello miss gagodia
Swara(fake smile)……….heloo Mr maheswari its nice to meet u
Sanskar………ok uncle i have to leave bye saying this hhe goes
Swar to her father……….Dad u said that u r doing an important project with Mr Maheswari Can i handle that project please
Shekar………..But u donit have any experience
Swara………….its ok papa i will manage please at least give me a chance
Shekar (confused)…………Ok but be careful
Swara(in mind)……….Now see Mr Maheswari how i deal with Your ego u insulted me now its ur trun just wait n watch

Next Day At project Side
sanskaar is waiting for shekar but he is amzed to see swara there she is wearing white anarkali suit n open her hair
sanskaar is mesmerized to see her in that avatar(look)
Sanskaar……….what r u doing here
Swara…………..Now i m handling this projet
Sawra enjoy his expressions n said
the days are passing n sanskaar falls for swara n they become good friendz
now the project is completed n there is an evening party
At Party
swara is wearing white saree n open her hair n wearing white diamond earings n white bangels in her hands
sanskaar is mesmerised to see swara in that dress
Sanskaar……….u r looking beautiful
Swara…………Thanks n u r also looking handsom
everyone in the party is congratulating sanskaar n swara for there success
sanskaar is unable to take his eye off from swara
after that sanskaar asks swara for dance n swara says yes
the go on dance floor music starts
Teri Sansoo Ki Sanse Hoon Me

Jo hoon To Mein Hoon
Tere Khwaabon Ki Anch Hoon Mein
Jo Hoon To Main Hoon
Tere Hone Se Hi Mera Hona Hai
(sanskaar puts his hand on swara’s belly n she feels his touch n close her eyes he pulled swara more near n they begin to dance)
they dance very closely n lost in eacsh other n song ends they r lost in each other n came back to senses when all clap for them
swara goes toward the bar n order a juice bur she drank mistakely vodka n sanskaar came to know that
Sanskaar……….Swara lets go we have to go
Swara…………No i m not going i have to dance
sanskaar grabs swara b puts her in car n think what should i do
Sanskaar(in mind)………..I can’t drop her at GM in this state n neither i take her to my house what should i do know yah farm house its good idea)
sankaar stops the car in front of there Farm house n it starts rain

Hua Hai AAj
Swara…………Yah rain i love it she gets down from car n starts to dance in rain madly
sanskaar is watching her get mesmerized see her beauty in white saree he goes near her n places her hand on her belly n she turns n hugs her
Sawara………u know sanskaar i felt very strange when i mwith u this feling i felt the first time at new year party n she tells the whole incident n sanskaar is shocked n happy too
Swara………….i don’t know who was that but i love u yes i love u
she goes near her n kisses on her lips n sanskaar is shocked at her this bravery he kisses back her pasoonaitely n they broke the kiss dur to lack of oxygen n she faints in sanskaar’s arm
he puts her n goes inside the farm house n lie her on the bed n see that she is shivering with cold he grabs a shirt of his from wardrope n switch off the lights n changes her dress

swara woke up n see herself in a shirt n became worried just then sanskaar enters the room with lemon water
Sanskaar ……………Good Morning Sweety
Swara,…………..What happened last night
Sanskaar……………..U don’t remember anything
Sanskaar thought to tease her………………how can i tell u what have u did with me don’t u see that shirt i m not so shameless to tell these thing

Swara(crying)………….what did i do plese tell me n start crying
Sanskaar(worried)……..relax swara u didn’t do anything wrong last night u just drunk n i took u here n ur dress is got wet n i changed ur clothes but i trun off the lights i didn’t see anything
Swara…………..are u saying true
Sanskaar …………..yes now go n get ready we have to leave
she goes to washroom n get changed
they leave the farm house n sanskaar drop swara at her house n goes from there
Swra’s phone ring she sees sanskaar salling n picks up
Swara………..Hello sanskaar
Sanskaar………….Hi swara get ready at 7PM we have to go to a meeting
Swara,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but we have completed all the project
Sanskaar………Yah i know but sponsers want to meet us and he cuts the call
Swara(In mind)……….what the hell but i have to go as dada trusts me
AT Evening 7Pm
sanskaar reaches swara’s house n calls her to come out in mean time she comes n sanskaar is mesmerized to see her she is wearing red silk saree

Swara goes near hin……….lets go
Sanskaar came to senses …………yah lets go
there is a deep silence between them
they reached the hotel n goes in
Swara,,,,,,,,why there is so dark
and turns around to see sanskaar but he is not there
Swara(worried)……….sanskaar where r u ? sanskaar????
sudenly lights on n swara is amazed to see decorations, flowers, ballons of heart shap n there is also a cake on table
Sanskaar…………swara u r thinking whats all this i want to tell u something u know that night when u said that u love me that time didin’t know who r u but u stael my heart i try to find u everywhere but i can’t find u but last last night whwn u told me aboud that incident i came very happy
he took a deap breath n goes towards her n starts again

Sanskaar………….i love u will u spent ur whole life with me?
swara has tears in hher eyes n she is very srrprised n nodes her head in yes.Sanskaar became happy n hugs her pasonately
Bg Music
janam Janam
and he goes towards his n puts her hands on her belly n holds her tightly n looks towards her lips for permision swara closes his eyes n sanskaar kept her rough lips to her rosey lips n kisses passonately for long time they broke the kiss when they were out of breath
Sanskaar………….lets cut the cake
the cut cake n made eat to each other n spent quality time then sanskaar drop swara at her house
Next Morning
sanskaar came to GH with his family h asks for swara’s hand n evryone become happy n marriage date is fixed
all the functions happen n finaally Swasan got married
At Night In Mh
sanskaar came into his room n sees swara on bed n goes towards her
Sanskaar…………u know swara i have waited this moment so long n finally it comes
BG Music
Tumhein Apna Banane Ka Junoo Sir Pe Hai

swara smiles shyly.Sanskaar kissess on her forhead n remove her mang tika then her ears n removes earings then he was about to kiss herbut she goes towards window.Sanskaar came from behind n remove her depatta n kiss on her bare back sensaouly n relese his warm breath swara holds the curtain tightly.Now Sanskaar open the doei of her blous with his teeths n swara got more shy n turns n hugs her.Sanskaar also hugs her backn puts her in his arms n lie her on the bed n come on top of her.He slowly remove her all clothes n so does his n kisses her all over the body n cover thereselves with blanket

And thy cosumate there Marriage And lives happily everafter……………….
please tell me how is it n if it is bad then sorry as i have tried first time………………

Credit to: Rosey

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